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Destroy the brick wall in everyway possable


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There is a big brick wall. It has 10,000 HP. Try to use anything you need to destroy it.

Everyone has 1,000 HP. Everyone shares the same HP. (we have 3 lives) If HP=0, WE=DEAD D=

Tell me what you will do and I will do the damage. I am the Gamemaster, and I can add outer people to be gamemasters. Sence this is Yugioh Card maker, Ill use cards to cange the tide of the game.


NOTE: THIS IS NOT A NORMAL GAME. This is a team effery. Try to help your team, save your team, and maybe if tveryone attacks as a team it will take more damage. YOU MUST also look on the last page for my newest post. There might be something that is like, YOU ARE IN LAVA! YOU ARE IN A PIT!. So maybe you might not want to attack the wall when you cant.


Ill start.


I will use a knife to cut one of the bricks off.


Wall= 99,999 HP

Me= 100 HP

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Takes out bulldozer and rams the wall.

Good job! -50 HP

The wall falls on you. -25 HP


Pulls out massive amounts of explosives, hires terrorists to set it up. Stands 10,000 miles away as the explosives go off.

Nice try. The wall Activates a sheld.

sheld HP=500


*Gets a massive stampede of lions and elephants to ram the wall down.*

It doesent work on the sheld.

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Stands on the other side of the world and fires an E.M.P. bomb at the shield.

Sheld=400 HP


*Uses magic missle. Magic missle corrupts everything and makes us all speak backwardsly



Throws a temper tantrum and then rams into it with my buns of steel!

Not effective


Umbra's Dark Bow lets out a howl!

Prayer to the Darkness!


Shoots five arrows.




Use a lightsaber on it, then use Force Lightning



I tried farting.

Sheld=1 Hp...


BTW i edited the first post, read it.

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I'll bring Yu-Gi-Oh into this!

*Steals friend's Blue-Eyes White Dragon*

I summon Blue-Eyes White Dragon in ATK Mode, I activate 3 Axe of Despair cards and equip 'em to Blue-Eyes, Blue-Eyes HP: 80. BLUE-EYES ATTACK THE WALL!!!!!!!

*Blue-Eyes flings a brick into my face*

Wall HP: 84,645

My HP: 85

Blue-Eyes HP: 75

I like this game! :)

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