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Lock Please

Plaguespreader Zombie

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how can any player draw cards if this card destroys the monsters when its activated? or the drawing effect is later on? you need to state when are players drawing..(when this card is activated,although no1 will have any monster.... when a player summons, although that would be overpowered to draw for each monster each time the player summons...... or during some phase?)

and it looks like overpowered being a dark hole that comes back to the deck after destroyed..just to be drawn again

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I would say its something like this:


When this card is activated, destroy all monsters on the field. Then, both players draw cards equal to the number of monsters sent to their respective Graveyards by this card's effect. As long as this card remains face-up on the field, both players can Special Summon monsters with 2000 ATK or more from their hands. When this card is sent to the Graveyard, return it to your Deck.

or something like that :)


I would suggest if you want to keep the returning to the deck part... make it something not very likely.. or harder to do...like...... only when is sent to the graveyard due to the effect of spell cards..or just by traps..or by monsters....or only when is because another field was activated or something like that...

you could pay some points or do another cost too ...


no1 ever listens to this part(what I'm about to say), but the part of "shuffle your deck" is not really used anymore...... just look at cards like gladiador beasts and fullish burial...or armagedon knight.....

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