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My good EXODIA-Deck


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Hello,this is my good Exodia Deck please rate,comment and make suggestions!!!





Exodia the forbidden one

Left arm of the forbidden one

Right arm of the forbidden one

Left leg of the forbidden one

Right leg of the forbidden one

3x Destiny hero Malicious

3x Destiny hero Defender

2x Destiny hero Disk Commander(on tournaments Diamond Dude or Doom Lord)


Browww,huntsman of Dark World

2x Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive

3x Emissary of the afterlife





3x Destiny draw

3x Allure of darkness

3x The shallow grave

Monster reborn

2x Hand destruction

Swords of revealing light

Level limit - area B





3x Reckless greed

Mirrow force

Dark bribe

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