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the ultimate card(please reply)


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Everything that is wrong.

  • Anybody who knows how to make good cards knows not to make the type Divine-beast.
  • Your OCG is just plain horrible.
  • The card's effect is way too good (overpowered).
  • The name is capitalized.
  • The Card's Level is too high. Nobody [good] makesa level 12 monster.
  • The Image is horrible - doesn't even fit the card (find a pick without a white border).
  • The Card name is Ultra Rare - Very few cards are ultra rare in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG (Trading Card Game)
  • No Image Credit


I suggest that you know what you are doing before you post cards...


I give credit to this post to all the members above who clearly stated these matters, as I just simply added them together.

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