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Pokémon: GleamingCopper [support website added!]


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I am a man that needs no introduction... xD, kidding, my ego isn't quite that big yet. Anyway, I'm Faint Brushfire, you may know the username from other forums. This is my ROM Hack, Pokémon: GleamingCopper. The idea of this hack is to completely re-map Johto on FireRed using Gold as a base. However, some maps my differ from Gold and some might be completely new to you! This hack is a mixture of the Gold/Silver you loved and the unqiueness you love today.


I am now continuing this and learning how to script using XSE! Hopefully, my 3-man-team can stay and work on this with me too. And yes, the name has been changed so ignore the logo for now. =P





Hack Name: Pokémon: GleamingCopper!

Hack of: Pokémon FireRed (U)

Hack by: Faint Brushfire





You are an 11-year old boy who lives in New Bark Town. Your older brother left a few years ago to go on his Pokémon Adventure. You haven't heard from him in a while, then one day you wake up to find your peaceful town extremely loud with many reporters outside. You go outside to investigate, and you find out that there is a Shiny Wooper in the river near to where you live. Your brother is also there, battling the Shiny Wooper. After battling it and winning (this is the battle where you learn how to catch Pokémon) he advises that you go and talk to PROF. ELM. You go to visit PROF. ELM in his Lab, where he is busy researching. You select your Pokémon (either Poliwag, Geodude or Mareep) and you are asked to run an errand by visiting Cherrygrove City. There, you receive your TOWN MAP, and 5 PokéBalls. You return home, having completed the errand. ELM advises you speak to your mother. If you don't, when you try to leave the town she will come rushing out and give you the RUNNING SHOES. If you go and talk to her she will also give you them. After that, you set out on your Pokémon Adventure!





-Newly revamped Johto Region, with a lovely mixture of Kyledove's and other's tiles.

-A whole new, thrilling Storyline!

-50 Hoenn Pokémon, 50 Sinnoh Pokémon. They can be obtained after the Silver Conference, however they are rare.

-A new Bank system where you can store Items (banks in nearly every town).

-The return of Team Rocket!

-Much, much more!






[spoiler=New Bark Town]



Notes: The guy that has a red box around him, that you may know as Brenden is posing as the red-haired "???" rival of Johto. I need a sprite of him.



[spoiler=Route 1]



Notes: This looks a bit different, eh? ;) The house you see is a new feature, however it can't be accessed until you've defeated all 8 Gyms. The old man will move away once he sees that you have all 8.







Faint Brushfire: Owner, Mapper, minor Scripter [Currently: Learning how to script using XSE.]

‡Felix‡: Spriter, Stats Editor (redesigner) [Currently: Unknown.]

Hallelujah Haptism: OW Spriter [Currently: Unknown.]


Looking for Staff!~

1 Mapper - Advanced skills are required.

2 Scripters - High scripting knowledge is required.

1 Spriter - High scratching and recolouring skills are a need.




Q: When will this hack be released?

A: When it is. Don't ask for release dates as I'll most likely ignore you.


Q: Why would I want to play Johto again? I've already gotten bored of it.

A: This may be set in Johto, but there a changes from the original. Some maps are different, and some are completely new. Not to mention that there won't be any borrowed scripts in the game.


Q: Man, I need some more Screenshots.

A: Then wait, don't hassle me or any other members of the Staff.



A: Not only is this against the Forum Rules, but it's against my Rules. Flaming will not be tolerated.


Q: Are you gonna put the Diamond Pokemon in it?!

50 Sinnoh Pokémon will be in the game that you obtain after defeating the Silver Conference.




There are many ways that you can support our hack. The main way is to wear a banner or userbar in your signature with a link to the thread so it's popularity goes. However, there are a few others ways such as donating sprites and ideas that you have to us, or perhaps even donating money.













zel - Inspiration after playing Pokémon Shiny Gold. Not to mention that if he hadn't of made Shiny Gold then I wouldn't know about hacking.

DJG (also known as Time) - Inspiration after playing his series, Ruby Destiny. Further inspiration after he supported my first 2 hacks.

Linkandzelda - Probably the best guy I have ever met, thanks so much man. Your help and support is really great, especially from someone of your calibre. Thanks so much again! :D

Rilou 9 - Keeping me into hacking, and supporting me through.

HackMew: Making various tools that are a huge help, thanks! :)

Mitchell - ROM Base.

Alister - Extra tiles.





None as of yet. Keep hopeful!




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Doesn't a re-map of Johto on FireRed already exist?


Well' date=' good luck. =)



There's Pokémon Shiny Gold by zel, which is a complete Gold remake with a few new features. In this however, most of the current Johto maps have edits, and there are also new ones along with a brand new storyline.


Thank you. :)


If you're gonna make it a fully flowing game' date=' i'm in for sure... But, those Graphics look so... Next Gen! XD



This game will definitely be "fully flowing". It will be as action-packed as a normal Pokémon game. And thank you, however I'd suggest praising Mitchell for the ROM Base and those who made the tiles that he used in it. ;)

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Wow' date=' this looks complex as hell.........If there is anything I can do to help you with this, just send me a PM, good luck my fine friend.


The first screenshots look awesome btw.


Are there going to be new pokemon too?



Hacking can seem complex at first, though once you get into it it's just like riding a bike. :) See my other thread, ROM Hacking Discussion for more info. :)


Thanks. :D


I've considered adding new Pokémon, but I've decided against it. As I've said though, there will be some rare Sinnoh Pokémon in the game (yes, Sinnoh Pokémon in a FireRed hack, ;))


Wow' date=' things look too real and nice!

You should work at Game Freak or something, you're awesome!

I can't wait for Downloads!



Thanks very much for the support. :)


There first Alpha could be released soon, it could not be. It all depends on if I can get a decent Scripter to help me out.

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I would help with ideas...

Can do mapping. I have experience with Advance Map. Is fun. Is fun.


Ideas are always welcomed if sent by PM.


Please send me 3 Screenshots of a map you've made with Advance Map. These 3 Screenshots will include:


-Your Map.

-Your Movement Permissions.

-Your Events and Warps.


Any way that I can assist?


Well, what are you good at? Look at the "Staff Needed" section as well as the "Support Us" section for ways that you can help.

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Do you have any idea which Sinnoh pokemon may or may not make an appearance' date=' or will we just have to wait in suspense?



12 Sinnoh Pokémon will be in the game. 1 of them is Darkrai. I'll tell you more as the game progresses, ;)


If I do this, then all the Hoenn Pokémon will remain in the game.


However, I'm considering splitting the Hoenn spaces between Hoenn and Sinnoh, meaning there will be about 50ish of each Region's Pokémon in the game.

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Ok. What emulator will this run on? A GBA emulator' date=' or a DS one?



It will run on any Emulator that can play commercial GBA games. However, I recommend VBA.


This is an excellent idea! I'm not good at any of that stuff but I do fully support.


Thank you for the support, it's great to have. :)

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Ok. What emulator will this run on? A GBA emulator' date=' or a DS one?



It will run on any Emulator that can play commercial GBA games. However, I recommend VBA.



Ok. I was just wondering because the Sinnoh Pokémon.


Not to worry, none of the Sinnoh Pokémon will need a DS emulator to use them. I will get my Spriter to devamp them from D/P/P to FR/LG and then I will insert them into the game myself.

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