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Kingdom Hearts: The End of All - Started! Still Accepting!


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[spoiler=Plot]20 years after the Keyblade Masters finish the battle, a new evil is born. This new evil is known as Alliance XV. The leader of Alliance XV is a direct descendant of Xemnas, the previous leader of Organization XIII. Keyblades have been sent all over the galaxy for the new evil Alliance made up of fifteen members, is on a rampage to destroy all worlds and conquer the galaxy. They somehow control both Nobodies and Heartless.





Side (Alliance or Keybladers):

Weapon(s) (Keyblade Max: 6) (Other Weapon Max: 2):



Keyblade Names:

Home World (Doesn't have to be Disney):





Arekkusu - Eternal Zodiac



[spoiler=My Application]

Name: Arrekusu

Side: Keybladers

Weapon: [spoiler=Keyblades] sword-1.jpgkey12.jpgKEYBLADE__ENFORCER_by_victortky.jpgKeyblade__Pathfinder_by_PhoenixTroo.jpgKeyblade_-_Tenebrex.jpgMother.jpg


Forms: Infection Mode, Holy Mode.

Appearance: 089.jpg

Keyblade Names: Normal: Tenebrex and Phoenix (Gold+Black), Holy Mode: Redemption and Bishop (One below Redemption, Infection Mode: Mother and Delta (Futuristic Blade)

Home World: Shinra


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Side (Alliance or Keybladers):Keybladers



Forms:Heartless Form,Shadow Form.



Keyblade Names:Dragons Bane(red one),Key To Heaven(yellow one),Skeletons Head(silver one).

Home World (Doesn't have to be Disney):Radient Garden (Hollow Bastion)

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All accepted except for Solcloud, you can't have Redemption, check my application for the reason why... and btw, we can start!


Arrekusu was walking through the Keybladers new base on Shinra looking around and suspected he was being watched "Hmm... Reno! You're good at hiding but you're not THAT good!" Reno jumped down from hiding and said "Aww, you're no fun Arrekusu." "Pffft, shutup." Arrekusu gave Reno a punch in the arm and then Reno drew his stick "Oooh, got the feeling for sparring do we?" "You know it!" "Well then, BRING IT ON!" Tenebrex and Phoenix appeared at Arrekusu's side and he and Reno ran at each other. Reno fell to the ground "Heh." Arrekusu smiled and helped Reno up "Now get outta here!" Arrekusu said to Reno and Reno said "Ya ya!" Reno said while leaving.

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Name: Doesn't have one, but was given the name Krieg from the Alliance.

Side: Alliance

Weapon: The only weapon he has are brass knuckles for his right hand. These brass knuckles can change form and become other weapons, but Krieg has forgotten the activation words some time ago.

Forms: None as of right now, it is believed his brass knuckles can shift to a keyblade eventually.



Keyblade Names: N/A as of right now.

Home World: Doesn't Remember.


ooc: This guy is actually based of a game I made...

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Side (Alliance or Keybladers): Alliance

Weapon(s) (Keyblade Max: 6) (Other Weapon Max: 2): 2 of theTwo Across Keyblade plus two giant shields around his arm

Forms: none


Keyblade Names: Two across

Home World (Doesn't have to be Disney): THe World That NEver Was

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"*Yawn* I can't believe they always leave me behind, oh well might as well start training.or do some research in The Room of Destiny, yes that is what I shall do."Xocjab said as he went into the room and selaed it shut" Its been awhile now hasn't it, old and forgotten friend" He said to a organization coat that lay on the floor.

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At taht moment something stopped Terra"Sorry for me to interupt but it is so hard to ge tpeace and quiet nowadyas with you knight reambling on. This is your one and only warning Kepp quiet foolish Knight you will know their fate in due time" Xocjab said as he dissapered again.

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