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[DISC] Summon Priest [DISC]

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Bad card. You need to have a huge deck full of Spell cards to even make this card useable....

^I LOL'[email protected]^


Look' date=' It goes like this:

(Note: This was in Wc06)

Summon Priest -> Last Wil -> Rescue Cat -> 2 Ojamas -> Light Hex -> Ojama King.


And from 1 simple Summon Priest.



In the videogame it sucked. Strategies like that were in the ban list.


Nowadays, I guess it could speed up synchro decks and especially DADS.


BTW, this card is going to be released in the new Structure Deck, "Spellcasters's Command"

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I don't know how this is bad... I've already used the JP version...


if you have spells that happen to be useless at the moment, you can always use it for another copy of itself from your Deck and keep doing until you have 3 of them and lets say.. an armagedon knight :lol:

-faster synchro summon

-allure fooder (or vice versa by discarding allure :lol: )

-constantly I find more Spells than Traps in every deck I see


-compatible with some spellcaster support

-Deck thinner

all this by wasting 1 spell card, and if the spell happens to be "Mana Seise", you didn' waste your hand (or ojamagic in other cases :lol: )

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