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The Night [A Hellsing Fanfic] Chapter 12 up!

.:Abarai Renji:.

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In the name of God, impure souls of The Living Dead shall be banished into eternal damnation. Amen...


Since I´ve started to watch an Anime Serie called Hellsing, I will start on a Fan Fiction about it. You are free to submit character to it, just follow the "Submit A Character" part and I may accept you!


[spoiler=Plot]The place is NYC, in the year of 2030. Several Vampire and Lycan reports throughout the countries have forced the Hellsing Organization to once again interact with the world. Although they are fewer that they were a few years back, they are determined to exterminate the overflow of Vampires and Lycans...by using their own kind against them. Hellsing has begun recruiting several youngsters who has proven themselves to have "special conditions", and they now fight for the Organization.



[spoiler=Submit A Character!(CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING MORE)]Name:

Human Age:

Race(Look in "Allowed Races" for more info):

[spoiler=Allowed Races]Vampire








Hybrid(Like half-man, half-snake or something)


Normal Appearance(For Vampires, do only fill in this form. PLZ use Pic):

Transformed Apppearance(For all the other races. PLZ use Pic):


The reason why he/she joined the Hellsing Organization:




Theme Song:



[spoiler=Prolouge: "My name is Alucard"]The church bells were chiming. It was midnight. A cold, gentle breeze flowed through the streets of New York. Several men and women were buzzling down the pavement to their homes or were off to buy a new hat or a pair of shoes. What they didn´t notice, was a boy looking down at them from on top of a construction site. He was covered in a black coat with a hoodie, which covered his face. He smirked as he looked at them, and two, pearl-white fangs were revealed. He was a Vampire.


"Foolish Mortals..." he snarled for himself, as he continued to stare at them. "All they do is infecting this planet like vermins, and leave no place for us! The supreme rulers of this world! They should CRAWL in front of us and beg for mercy!" as he said that, a woman, also dressed in a black coat and hoodie, landed next to him.


"What is it, my dear Mortimer?" she soothed, as she fondled his cheek. "Are you cranky?" Mortimer shrugged.


"Bah! It´s nothing, Lilith..." he replied, as he looked her in the eyes, and they kissed eachother. "I am just sick of how these mortals are treating Vampires like ourselves!" in that moment, Lilith revealed two fangs, just like Mortimer´s, and she smiled at him.


"You look paler that usual!" she snickered, as she licked her teeth. "Why don´t you and I go for a romantic dinner, eh?" Mortimer smirked with his fangs.


"I couldn´t agree more!" he said sadistically, as he and Lilith turned into black-furred bats, as they screeched and flew off into the moonlight...




A girl, probably 12 years old, was walking in an alley, all alone. Her silver hair stretched down to her legs, as it glimmered in the moonlight. She had a tatooed hoodie, and her hands were wrapped in bandaids. She held her head down with a sullen look on her face, as she stopped and bended down. She sat down on her knees and looked around. The brickwalls were cracked here and there, and the trash cans were overfilled with garbage. Suddenly, a shadow flimmered across the alley, and the girl was scared. But then, as she looked between the trash cans, she saw a grey and black cat sneak out of the gap and up to her.


"Hi, little friend!" she giggled, as she carefully stretched out her hand and stroke the cat´s fur. It purred in delight, as it cuddled up to her. She smiled, as she picked the cat up and laid it in her lap. She stroke it´s fur, and it purred. "You are a cuddly one aren´t you? Hehe!" she asked jokingly. But then, the cat jumped out of her lap, as it raised it´s back hair and hissed. The girl was confused, and a bit scared. Then, she realised that someone was behind her. She looked around, and saw two shaded figures stare at her. "What do you want?!" she almost yelled, as she stumbled up and looked at them.


"What we want......" one of them smirked, as he smiled at the girl, revealing a pair of white, razorsharp fangs. "...IS YOUR BLOOD!!!" he lunged at the girl, who screamed in fear and covered her eyes, as she awaited her certain death. But then, a stabbing noise was heard, and the girl looked up. The boy that was about to attack him had been pierced through the chest by a hand, dressed in a white glove. He gasped in pain, and then, his body turned to ash. The hand was pulled back, as the girl saw another man in front of him. He was more visible, and she could see his blood-red coat, and his black suit was as black as the night itself. He had a red hat over his black hair, and a pair of orange-glassed goggles.


"Don´t worry, little creature..." he smirked at her, as she saw with fear that he too had a pair of fangs. "...they are gone. Forever." he stretched out his hand, but she slapped it away.


"G-Go away from me!!" she yelped. "Y-You´re just like h-h-him!!" the man sighed, and bent down on his knees in front of her.


"Look, missy..." he said. "Here´s the deal. I saver your life, but not for your own good, okay? It was because those two were Vampires...just like me." the girl shivered as she heard the word.




"Yes. They, and I, are Vampires. But...the difference is that those two were just imitations of my noble race! Created artificially, not real, got it?! It´s because of scum like them that Vampires today gets bad reputation!" he grabbed her hand, and helped her up. "You should be fine on your own from now on..." he sighed, and walked away from her.


"Wait!!" she shouted, as the man shrugged and looked over his shoulder. "Can I at least know your name?" he smirked, and turned to her.


"My name......is Alucard!" he replied, as he suddenly dissolved into black smoke and disappeared in the night...


To be continued...



[spoiler=Chapter 1: Hellsing Reborn.]Outside a big mansion, strings of smoke formed into a human shape, and in a moment, Alucard appeared. He dusted off his robe, and stepped into the mansion. His first experience was not an amusing one, as he saw a dozen of kids, about 15-18 years old, hanging around inside the mansion.


"What in all Hell´s name are all the bloody children here?!!" he roared, as he stared at one of the guards. "I DEMAND an explanation!"


"Hey man! Relax!" Alucard stared in the direction of the voice, as he saw an 18-year old boy looking at him. He was dressed in a white suit with black stripes formed as squares, and he had a rose in his pocket.


"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!!" Alucard screamed his lungs out, as he glared at the kid.


"Doarigan..." he replied. "Doarigan Remon. Who are you?"


"Hmpf!" Alucard scoffed, as he ignored him and went straight up the stairs to Hellsing´s office. He slammed the door open and went over to her desk. "HELLSING!! WHAT...in HELL´S name...are KIDS doing in our hide-out?!" Hellsing turned her chair around, and stared coldly into Alucard´s flaming eyes.


"Alucard. I know that his will be a bit......pressurizing on you for the moment, but Hellsing Organizations have but this choice...or letting the Catholics deal with it..." Alucard spat on the floor in disgust and turned towards the exit.


"Pfff...Catholics..." Alucard scoffed, as he went out of Hellsing´s office and slammed the door shut. he looked at the children with disgust, as he walked down the stairs. Doarigan went up to him again.


"I thought I asked you of your name?" he asked sharply. Alucard stared at him, as if his eyes could kill.


"What...about it......PUNK?!" he snarled, but was silenced for a while. He saw that the kid had two fangs in his mouth.


"Because..." he smirked. "I think it´s polite for Vampires like ourselves to know eachother better!" Alucard smirked back. He knew that this...Doarigan was a Full-Blood Vampire.


"Well then......My name is Alucard!" he replied. Doarigan was amazed.


"Wow! Alucard! Hellsing told us about you when she got us here!" Alucard smiled a bit, as he bended down and stared him in the eyes.


"Oh really?" he said with a certain sweetness in his voice. "What did she tell then?"


"She told us that you possessed some wench cop named Victoria!" Doarigan replied. "And she became your servant!" Alucard winced a bit. He remembered when he and Victoria were working together, but since a few years back, he hasn´t heard of her on a long time.


"That is true..." he said, as he stood upright. Then, a loudspeaker went on, and Hellsing´s voice was heard.


"All children are reported to the Training Room! I repeat! All children are reported to the Training Room at once!" she said in a sharp tone, as the children hurried away with guards guiding them. Alucard frowned a bit, as Hellsing herself went by behind him.


"You are a bit harsh, you know..." Alucard smirked. Hellsing just ignored him.


"They are fully capable of defending themselves!" she replied coldly, and Alucard raised his eyebrow a bit. "Follow me to the Training Room, and I´ll show you..." Alucard scratched his head, but followed Hellsing to the Training Room...


To be continued...



[spoiler=Chapter 2: Spectres and Serpents...]Alucard and Hellsing reached the Training Room, which was an empty room with white, squared tiles across the roof, floor and walls.


"To analyze the blood better..." Hellsing said before Alucard had time to open his mouth.


"I see..." he smiled, revealing his fangs. Hellsing nodded, and they went to a control room behind a hidden door, and slammed it shut. Hellsing took up a mikrophone.


"May I have Kevin Stout and Dern Rudberth enter the Training Room? I repeat! Kevin Stout and Dern Rudberth to the Training Room, now!"


Two boys entered the room. One of them was dressed in a black jacket with a black sweater underneath, black pants, and he had a sheath with a handgun in it.


"I like that one already!" Alucard smirked. "He knows style!" he looked at the other. He was bulkier that the other one, bare-chested with a few scars across his chest, and had brown pants. He cracked his big knuckles as he looked at the other one.


"So, you are Kevin, eh? Ahahahahahaaaa!!" he laughed. "You´re going down!!" Kevin shrugged.


"Maybe...maybe not." he replied ironically, and Dern was insulted.


"WHAT?!!" he roared. "Well, I show you to get cocky against me!!" his body began to shake, as he suddenly began to grow larger, his muscles almost out-growing him, and two horns erupted from his forehead. His mouth changed to a mule, and it was muzzled by a small iron cage. His feet changed to hooves, as he stamped in the floor and roared at Kevin.


"A Minotaur..." Alucard sighed. "How predictable..." the Minotaur that now was Dern charged at Kevin, but he just jumped over him and shot a round from his gun into his back. Dern yelped, but quickly regained sense, as he turned around and tried to punch Kevin. He side-stepped the attack, and rushed up to Dern and gave him a hard punch in the gut, which made his fly backwards and crash into a wall. Dern got up, but found Kevin aiming his handgun at him.


"Time to die, freak!" Kevin smirked, as he was about to press the trigger. But then, an alarm was heard, and he stopped.


"That is enough, both of you! Now please report Agas Constentine and Cassandra Levinsky in here, now! Hellsing´s voice was heard through the loudspeakers, as Dern reverted to his Human Form and smirked at Kevin.


"Hehe! Guess you won round one!" he chuckled, as Kevin helped him up. He was quiet, as he and Dern went outside. Alucard was a bit amazed by Hellsing´s new recruits.


"You worked hard to find these brats, eh?" he smirked at Hellsing, and she nodded.


"You bet your worn-out fangs on it!" she replied coldly, as two more entered the room. One of them was dressed in a black silk suit, and her skin was as pale as a ghost. Her grey, silverish hair glistered, and her red eyes seemed to be bleeding on the inside. In front of her was a young, healthy girl, about 17 years old, and she was dressed in a sapphire-green vest with a green sweater underneath. Her skirt was short and red, and her hair was blonde and lifeful. She smiled at the woman, and she just stared at her with an empty look.


"What´s the matter, Grannie?" the girl smirked, as she prepared to attack. "Ya scared?!" the woman did not respond, as she raised her hand. A concussion blast sended the girl flying into a wall, but she quickly got up. "Heh! Not bad!" Alucard was intrigued.


"Let me guess..." he said, as he pointed at the pale woman. "She is Agas..." his finger went to the girl. "...And that is..."


"Cassandra, correct." Hellsing filled in. Agas shook her head, as her silverish hair fondled her face and glistered attractively.


"You will not beat me..." she said calmly. Cassandra was infuriated.


"What?! I´ll show you, hag!" she shouted, as her eyes began to shift. They changed to reptile eyes, and her nails growed into claws.


"Aah! She is a Hybrid, eh?" Alucard said, as he thought he understood.


"No." Hellsing answered. "She is a Gorgon, a Medusa. Although she is young, and have not earned her Serpent Form permanently, as well as she cannot use her Petrification Gaze yet." as she explained, Cassandra rushed at Agas, as she tried to slash her. But the claws went straight through her, like she was mist!


"W-What?!" she exclaimed, and before she had time to react, Agas went straight through her, and she was chilled in to the very marrow of her bones. Her eyes reverted, her nails shrinked back, and she fainted. Alucard was amazed.


"She, however..." Hellsing replied to his amazement, as Agas bended down and panted. "...IS a Hybrid. A Ghost and a Human. She can´t control her powers, however, and needs to rest after using them." Agas straightened herself, as she took Cassandra´s hand and dragged her body out. "Don´t worry about Cassandra. The technique that Agas used only rendered her unconscious, so she should wake up soon."


"Looks like the Hellsing Organization is back in buisness!" Alucard smirked. Hellsing could not help but to smile a bit.


"You are right...as always, Alucard." she replied, as she and Alucard went out the Training Room. "Now take some rest. We all should."


To be continued...


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Something weird happened when I tried to post the character Register in the first post(guess I had too much written already), so I will post the register here.

[spoiler=Alucard]Name: Alucard
Age: Unknown
Race: Vampire
Appearance: [img]http://www.freewebs.com/linktheswordsman/alucard.gif[/img]
Biography: He has been with the Hellsing Organization for as long as he can tell, and he is as lethal as he is handsome! He is hired by Hellsing to exterminate Artificially created Vampires, and is quite rude against newcomers.
The reason why he/she joined the Hellsing Organization: Unknown
Theme Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIIGz1YqMXg[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Doarigan Remon]Name: Doarigan Remon
Human Age: 18
Race(Look in "Allowed Races" for more info): Vampire
Normal Appearance(For Vampires, do only fill in this form. PLZ use Pic):[IMG]http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c158/FMA_Girl101/my%20characters/Kuran_Kaname__senpai_by_amelinachan.jpg[/IMG]
Biography: He was once a normal human. He was the top of his class. One evening when he was going home he encountered a beautiful woman. He walked with her for a while and when he least suspected it and they were all alone, she jumped on him and bit his neck. When he woke up he was already a vampire. Now the only thing that drives him on is the fact that he is stronger now and can kill other supernatural beings.
The reason why he/she joined the Hellsing Organization: Kill Supernatural beings.
Theme Song: [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rYHwYIKiiI&feature=related[/url][/spoiler]

[spoiler=Kevin Stout]Name: Kevin Stout (aka Lone Wolf or Damian Lican)
Human Age: 18
Race(Look in "Allowed Races" for more info): Lycan
Normal Appearance(For Vampires, do only fill in this form. PLZ use Pic):[img]http://fansub.guckies.com/images/BlackCat1.jpg[/img]

Transformed Apppearance(For all the other races. PLZ use Pic):[img]http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj165/Clyde-Aventura/Werewolf.jpg[/img]

Biography: He was just a regular human who exceed in the art of hand-to-hand combat by training in many different martial arts styles. On his way back from one of his class he took a path through the woods to get to home quicker but that's when he was attacked by a Lycan and was scratched right across his body by the beasts claws, he did escaped the creature but that was only the beginning of his problems. he did eventually learn to control himself through training in another woodland area, not long after that a group of lycans came to his house to ask to join the group they were in to help murder supernatural and non-supernatural beings alike but he rejected and they attacked him and his family, he was the the only one to survive the attack and sworn vengence on the one who ordered the attack. he gives his alias name to people he doesn't know or trust. he has leant to use a strong handgun so he doesn't have to use his lycan abilities all the time.

The reason why he/she joined the Hellsing Organization: Vengence
Theme Songs: [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sO_QntXc-c4[/url]

[spoiler=Agas Constentine]Name: Agas Constentine
Human Age: 23
Race: Hybrid (Half Ghost, Half Human)
Normal Appearance(For Vampires, do only fill in this form. PLZ use Pic): [url]http://s264.photobucket.com/albums/ii182/AnimeDeath54321/Gothic%20Anime/?action=view¤t=DarkAnime.jpg[/url]
Biography: Agas is a smart one, some people think shes the smartest person in the Hellsing Organization, but thats there opinion, not hers. she has the ability to change from spirit to body, she has been apart of the Hellsing Organization since it began, nobody knows why she joined.
The reason why he/she joined the Hellsing Organization: Unknown......
Theme Songs: [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idd_92ajjwY[/url]

[spoiler=Rena Valentina]http://media.photobucket.com/image/harpy/Threnody14/Manga%20-%20Guys/Harpy.jpg?o=83

Name: Rena Valentina

Human Age: 19

Race: Harpy

Reason for Joining the Hellsing Organization: to protect the weak from harm

Bio: Rena was a natural born fighter, among the best of the harpies. But she had been traumatized more than enough times over by the death of so many of her friends from an unknown enemy whom she never had a chance to even see, much less fight. While she is driven by her goal to protect others from what had befallen her friends, she is more heavily driven by her lust for revenge against those who killed her friends.

Theme Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4mVA2OHzNc[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Dominic]Name: Dominic
Human Age: 21
Race(Look in "Allowed Races" for more info): Necromancer
Normal Appearance(For Vampires, do only fill in this form. PLZ use Pic): [IMG]http://i233.photobucket.com/albums/ee171/FireMonkeyNinja/Vampire_1.jpg[/IMG]
Transformed Apppearance(For all the other races. PLZ use Pic): This is his Lich Mode, it's like when his powers manifest him. http://sarifus.deviantart.com/art/The-Lich-King-47856604
Biography: By day, he is a flower tender. By night, he is a cold Necromancer. He was born to a poor family in Germany. He cruely killed his parents, and moved away. He learned the dark arts secretly. He is actually a Death Knight. A warrior based Necromancer.
The reason why he/she joined the Hellsing Organization: He had the desire to get stronger.
Theme Songs: [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DC6UtsPa13o&feature=related[/url]

[spoiler=Jacob Marley]Name: Jacob Marley
Human Age: 50
Race(Look in "Allowed Races" for more info): hybrid Ghost/necromancer (which is apparently a race)
Bio: A ancient dead ghost, he reedemed himself for his greed by warning others about thier sins, using the same routine he did in The Christmas Carol.
Reason for joing: God said he will be redeemed if he helped (much to Alucard's annoyance)
Powers: Can summon three powerful ghosts (the ghost of past, present, and future) Future wields a scythe and can manipulate fear and foresight, Present is a Giant who is just as strong as whoever he fights, and Past is a imp who shoots orbs of black energy that make you younger this can reverse Vamparism or Lycanthropey but only if it makes you younger than you were when you were cursed. Marely himself is immaterial but shares every wound his ghosts get.
theme song: [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsiKOJOXMJU[/url]
Apperance: [img]http://images.buycostumes.com/mgen/merchandiser/31175.jpg[/img][/spoiler]

[spoiler=Stephanie McPhilleas]Name: Stephanie McPhilleas
Human Age: 19
Race(Look in "Allowed Races" for more info): Demoness
Normal Appearance(For Vampires, do only fill in this form. PLZ use Pic):
Transformed Apppearance(For all the other races. PLZ use Pic):
Biography: Stephanie is a Demoness with the ability to manipulate and control rose petals, and she is as graceful as she is deadly. With promises of the opportunity to be a Human, she has joined The Catholics to exterminate the Hellsing Organization.
Theme Songs: [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaTe2LO_mMA&feature=related]Fighting Theme[/url]
[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNBrL17_ids]Original Theme[/url][/spoiler]

[spoiler=Powers]Magic(Includes Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Dark Arts(Vampires, Necromancers, Succubi, Demons and certain Hybrids))
Regeneration(Lycans, Vampires, Demons, and Necromancers)
Seduction(Gorgons/Medusas, Succubi and Harpies)
Immortality(Vampires ONLY)
Super Strenght(Lycans, Minotaurs, Demons and certain Hybrids)
Super Senses(Vampires and Lycans)
Flight(Harpies, certain Vampires, Demons and Hybrids)
Mind Reading(certain Vampires, Demons and Hybrids)
Fear Manipulation(Allows the user to warp the enemies minds and make them see things that drives them insane(Necromancers, Demons, certain Vampires and Hybrids))
Ultrasound Screech(Harpies and Succubi)
Bird Control(Harpies ONLY)
Bat Control(Vampires ONLY)[/spoiler]
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Name: Doarigan Remon

Human Age: 18

Race(Look in "Allowed Races" for more info): Vampire

Normal Appearance(For Vampires, do only fill in this form. PLZ use Pic):Kuran_Kaname__senpai_by_amelinachan.jpg

Biography: He was once a normal human. He was the top of his class. One evening when he was going home he encountered a beautiful woman. He walked with her for a while and when he least suspected it and they were all alone, she jumped on him and bit his neck. When he woke up he was already a vampire. Now the only thing that drives him on is the fact that he is stronger now and can kill other supernatural beings.

The reason why he/she joined the Hellsing Organization: Kill Supernatural beings.

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[spoiler=Chapter 3: Shreds Of Blood.]The kids were shown to several rooms, which were quite the same. A double-sized bed, a table and two chairs. The rooms had no windows, and was lit up by a single, naked lamp. In one of these rooms, a boy and a girl were shown inside. The boy was dressed in a black suit with white and black-patterned trims. His blonde hair slightly covered his green eyes, and he held a rose in his left hand. The girl had a black clothing covering her chest that was tied in a tight knot on her back, and a ripped-up, black skirt. Her black hair was hanging on her back, and her brown eyes were fixed on the boy, as if he was about to lunge at her and attack her.

"So...what´s your name then?" he asked, as he stretched out his hand. "I am Dominic."

"Rena...Rena Valentina." she replied, and held his hand. He bent down on his knees and kissed her hand in a gentlemanish manner.

"A pleasure to meet you!" Dominic smiled, as he stood up. Rena noticed a black gash on his hand, as if he had cut himself there by purpose. The black was actually old blood, she knew it.

"You are......a Necromancer, no?" Rena asked, as Dominic sat down on the bed.

"That is correct." he replied, and looked at his gash. "This one I made when I used a Blood Spell on my parents, hehe! Those stupid fools, thinking that I was happy in that bloody rathole of a home! Bah!"

"You killed your own parents?" Rena raised her eyebrow, and sat down next to him. "That´s pretty brave, you know."

"Pfff! I wasn´t brave, I was mad at them! And they were weak, unworthy maggots! It was an easy task to kill them!" Dominic scoffed. He stood up and fingered on his rose. "But...where my [i]true[/i] passion lies...is in flowers. They are like Mortals. Weak, fragile, but in a strange way, irresistably beautiful." Rena nodded.

"I understand." she said. Suddenly, the door opened, and Doarigan was visible.

"Sorry. I must have entered the wrong room." he said, as he suddenly noticed Rena. He could somehow not take his eyes from her, as he felt like never before. It was a warm feeling, the same feeling he would get after having drinked a couple of gallons of fresh, warm blood. But this warm feeling was different. Rena smiled, as she stood up and walked up to Doarigan.

"Hi..." she smiled, as she caressed his chest, shoulders, and finally, his cheeks. "What´s your name? Mine´s Rena."

"D-Doarigan..." he stuttered. Rena giggled a bit, as she suddenly noticed Doarigan´s fangs.

"You´re a Vampire, no?" she asked.

"Y-Yes..." Doarigan replied, as he examined Rena. His eyes glowed red for awhile, as he saw a pair of black raven wings inside her back. "And you´re a Harpy."

"Correct..." Rena soothed, as she let go of Doarigan and went over to Dominic. Doarigan quickly closed the door and went to his and Dern´s room. Dern was surprised as he rushed inside and slammed the door.

"Whoa! What´s up?" he asked. Doarigan was panting heavily, and he looked at Dern.

"N-Nothing..." he replied, as he got up and sat down on a chair. In front of him, a bucket of ice stood on the table. In it was a plastic bag with Medical Blood, and Doarigan licked his fangs.

"Dinner, eh?" he smirked, as he took the bag and punctured it with his fangs, and sucked it dry. He took a handkerchief and wiped his face. "Aaaaaah, delightful!" he stood up and went over to the bed. He laid down and stared into the roof.

"What´s up with you?" Dern smirked, as he took a sleeping bag and rolled it out on the floor. He wasn´t the kind who liked to sleep in beds.

"Nothing." Doarigan replied, as he pressed a button on the bed, and the bed roof went down and closed him in like a coffin. He closed his eyes, and fell asleep...


Next morning, Doarigan was awakened by an alarming noise, as he opened the "coffin-bed" and looked up. The door was flung open, and outside were other kids screaming and running. He quickly got up and rushed out.

"What the hell is going on?!" he yelled as he saw Dern.

"Don´t look at me!" Dern replied. "I think we are under attack!!" suddenly, a group of armed soliders appeared behind them, as they aimed their rifles at them.

"HALT!" they shouted. "By order of the Catholic Crusade, you are hereby ordered to surrender yourselves and turn yourself in for heresy and violation against the Catholic Law 19.7, Book 2, Chapter 132: "To hide and protect a Creature of the Darkness!" Dern just smirked.

"Doarigan!" he said. "Get outta here, and I handle these punks!" Doarigan nodded, as he rushed away. Dern looked back at the soliders. "Let´s play!" he said, as he rushed towards the soliders, and changed into his Minotaur form. He roared at them, as he rammed several of them and pummeled the rest with his massive fists. The soliders blindly fired their rifles, but the bullets didn´t seem to bother Dern, as he grabbed one of the rifles and bended it until it snapped in half. He then grabbed one of the men that was firing at him, and with a loud crunch, he bited his skull clean off and feasted on it. He threw the headless body at them, as they flew backwards of the impact. He rushed through the same corridor that Doarigan had done, and soon found himself in the Main Hall. It was chaotic. Several soliders fired their rifles at Vampires, Lycans, Medusas, Harpies and God knows what.

"HEY! DERN!!" he looked in front of him, and saw Doarigan, as he was fighting several soliders at once. "A LITTLE HELP HERE?!" Dern nodded, as he roared and charged at the soliders, and impaled two of them on his horns. He threw them away, and helped Doarigan pummel the others. Above them, Rena was flying right and left with her pitch-black raven wings, as she dodged the rifle bullets. She screeched and dived down, as she grabbed one of the soliders with her feet, which had grown into talons, and threw him up into the air. She followed up by charging at him and rippind his guts out with her sharp talons, as blood gushed and flowed from his body. She grabbed the torn-up body and threw it at the soliders, and they were knocked off their feet. Suddenly, a sharp gunshot was heard, and everyone silenced. They looked towards Hellsing´s office, and saw Alucard holding his handgun in the air.

"Enough, Catholics!" he snarled, as he put the gun in his pocket. The Catholic soliders were scared. Tehy knew who they were messing with now.

[i]"It´s him!"[/i] they whispered and muttered to eachother. [i]"The greatest blaspmesy of them all! The Darkness Vampire! ALUCARD!!![/i] they dropped their rifles and rushed out of the mansion. Alucard shrugged, as Hellsing went out of her office and looked at the kids, as they reverted to their Human Forms.

"Do you all see now what would await you if we had let you stay the way you were?!" she said sharply. "This world is not what it used to be! You have all been recruited to the Hellsing Organization for one purpose: To help us try and restore the world balance between reality and fiction! You may leave this room now, and fell free to explore the mansion!" all of them nodded, as they scattered throughout the mansion. Hellsing sighed.

"You must know the Catholics by now..." Alucard scoffed. "They will stop at nothing to exterminate beings like ourselves. They are a bunch of crazed Fanatics that spoil the Earth!"

"Indeed..." Hellsing nodded. "The only problem is...that is exactly how they look at [i]us[/i]!" Alucard nodded in reply, as he went down the stairs and leaved Hellsing alone...

To be continued...[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Chapter 4: The Catholics.]The soliders that had tried to assault the Hellsing Mansion had now retreated to an old church, ashamed of the failure of their mission. They opened the giant doors and stepped in. Inside the church, candles lit up the enormous hall, as they flimmered in front of giant mosaiq designed paintings on the walls. The hall was filled with benches that were turned towards an altar in the opposite direction of the doors. There was a bowl of Sacred Water ontop a pedestal, a church organ made of pure gold stood against the wall, and above it was a sculpture of Jesus Christ on the cross attached to the wall. The soliders stepped up to the altar, as one after the other removed their helmets and bowed down before the altar, and muttered a few prayers. The one in the lead removed his helmet last, as it revealed a man with long, blonde hair that stretched down his back, and blue eyes. He bowed down, and crossed his fingers across his chest.

[i]"Messiah be with me..."[/i] he muttered. [i]"God have mercy on our souls, and help us smite the Forces of Evil! Amen..."[/i]

"Amen!" the other soliders filled in, as the blonde-haired stood up.

"Today, we have failed." he said in a sad tone. "But, The Holy Lord has forgiven us for the mistakes we´ve made, and gives us a new chance! For tomorrow, we shall return in greater numbers, and smite the Forces of Evil!" the other soliders cheered and raised their hands in the air. They held Christian silver crosses in them, and they glimmered in the light of the candles. "Now...leave me alone, for I must speak to The Lord myself..." the soliders went outside to guard the church, as an elder man stepped up on the altar. He was dressed in a white monk dress with golden trim, and he walked up to the blonde man.

"Aaaah. Brother Michael. So you have returned?" he asked, as Michael stood up.

"Yes, Father Dernius." he replied. "I am afraid to tell that..."

"That the Forces of Evil prevailed, I know." Dernius interrupted. "The Lord have told me, and tells me to send his apologies to you and your soliders."

"Many thanks, Father." Michael said, as he bowed in front of Dernius. "We will not fail you again."

"One more thing..." Dernius added. "How is the progress on our Operation?" Michael stood up.

"Father Dernius! It is with great pleasure I tell you that it´s almost complete! The ritual circle is written, the stars are almost aligned, and the Holy Water has been gathered! Soon, we shall unleash our TRUE wrath upon the Forces of Evil!" he bowed to his waist, and then walked out of the church. "Soon enough......"


Alucard was in the Shooting Gallery, trying out his old, trustworthy handgun. He had slain many fake Vampires with it, and blasted Zombies to shreds. He was not going to let it go that easily. Suddenly, the door opened, and Kevin stepped in.

"Ooh?" Alucard looked at him. "What do you want, punk?"

"Hmf!" Kevin ignored him, as he pulled a handgun from his belt. The handle was like a normal handgun, but the pipe was enlarged and golden on the end. The black part had the Roman letters 13 written on it.

"That´s a good-looking gun!" Alucard said, as he observed it. A shooting target went up, and Alucard aimed his gun at it. "But is it good enough to shoot with?" he pressed the trigger on his, and without looking at the target, the bullet pierced the target in the middle. He smirked and revealed his fangs.

"You´ll see..." Kevin replied, as a target was revealed for him too. He aimed the gun, pulled the trigger, and in an ear-splintering bang, the bullet ripped up the middle. Alucard was impressed.

"Where [i]exactly[/i] did you get that gun?" he asked, as Kevin put it back in his belt.

"Meh, found it. The handle, that is." he replied. "The pipe is hand-made, and fires a 44 mm bullet." he looked at Alucard. "I´ve heard of you before. You are said to have been here for eternity, if that´s correct?"

"No. Not for eternity." Alucard said. "Just long enough to make this place my home. I have been fighting fake Vampires for an eternity, however."

"I see." Kevin said, as he walked out of the gallery. Alucard had to sit down. He was right. How long has he actually [i]been[/i] here? Two years? Ten? Maybe forty? He just shrugged, as he put on his goggles and went outside. He noticed Cassandra and another girl chatting with eachother. The other girl had green hair, green eyes, and was dressed in a dark green dress with silver trims. She noticed Alucard, as did Cassandra.

"Hiya, Alucard!" she said, as she introduced the other girl. "Have you met Cecilia?"

"No, I haven´t, and I would appreciate NOT to!" Alucard snarled, as he went away. Suddenly, he felt something on his shoulder. Fingers. He looked at his shoulder, but instead of fingers, he saw five snakes holding him. He looked around, and saw the girl named Cecilia holding him.

"Not so fast..." she smiled, as her fingers turned normal. "You are the Darkness Vampire Alucard, right?"

"What about it...Hybrid?" he replied coldly.

"So you knew, eh?" Cecilia chuckled. "Yes, I am a Hybrid. Half human, half Lizardman, or woman, in this case!"

"Hmpf...Just stay out of my way." Alucard went away from them, as he entered his room. It was not so different from the others, and he sat down on a chair. He needed time to think. Those Catholics that had attacked the mansion earlier, what were they after? It must have been something more that just to kill them. But WHAT? He tried to ignore it, as he went over to his coffin-bed, and laid down. A good night sleep should clear his mind. He closed his eyes, and started to sleep......

To be continued...[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Chapter 5: The Mission Begins...]Dominic woke up in the middle of the night, as he had heard someone walk past his and Rena´s room. He sneaked up and looked out of the door. He saw Alucard and Hellsing walking down the hallway, muttering to eachother. He decided to follow them, but not visibly. He muttered a few words under his breath, as he suddenly dissolved into dark smoke and merged himself with Hellsing´s shadow.

"So......the rumours are true?" Alucard asked her.

"Indeed. The Catholics have gone too far if they really believe it will work, though." Hellsing replied. "The Ritual they are using is an ancient one, and is hardly reliable on working."

"But what if they succeed then? Then all of our kind will be wiped from existence!" Alucard said irritated.

"I know, but we should not be too worried about it." Hellsing snapped back. "Besides...the ingredients needed for it are either so rare or so hard to find that it would take them ages to find them!" Alucard just shrugged, but then he saw that Hellsing´s shadow was weird.

[i]"Stand still!"[/i] he sneered to Hellsing, and she stopped. Alucard quickly pulled his gun and fired at the shadow, and it strangely curved itself to dodge the bullet. A black smoke emitted from Hellsing´s shadow, and Dominic stood in front of them.

"Hello there..." he smirked. "What´s this about some old monk ritual?" Alucard put his gun to Dominic´s head.

"Do you rather wanna have a 33 mm bullet tipped with silver from St. Belurius´s Cross in your head?" he snarled. "It´s classified!"

"Okay, okay, man..." Dominic replied calmly. "Geez! And they say that I need to take anger managment courses!" Alucard and he stared at eachother, and a fire seemed to burst around them. Suddenly, someone went between them.

"Hey, you two! Calm down!" it was Rena, who also woke up because of all the noise of Alucard and Dominic arguing. "Now, what is this about?"

"Nothing!" Alucard snarled in reply. "Why are all of you up and running now?!"

"Uh, duuh!" Dominic shrugged. "Helloooo! Creatures of the night? We are use to be up this late!" and quite correctly, Agas, Kevin and Doarigan woke up and stepped out of their rooms. "See?"

"What is it?" Kevin yawned, as he looked at Dominic, Alucard and Hellsing. "What´s going on?"

"Well..." Hellsing sighed. "Guess we have to tell them." Alucard shrugged, as he waved his hand at the kids, signaling them to follow him. They did as he told them, and followed him and Hellsing through the mansion...

==========5 Minutes Later...==========

The kids were shown into a dark room, and Alucard closed the door. A lamp lit up, as it showed a table filled with maps and magazine tabloids. Hellsing pulled up a chair and sat down in front of the table, as she looked through the many maps and tabloids.

"What´s that?" Kevin went over to the table and snatched a tabloid. On it was a picture with a Lycan slaying several pedestrians, and the headlines were:

[i]"Werewolf On The Loose!"[/i]

"Whoah, hehe! Seems like we are on comeback!" Kevin smirked, as Alucard ripped the magazine from him.

"Don´t be so sure!" he replied. "That was just an artificial Lycan! He was not bitten by one, but he was mutated into one!"

"Which means that they aren´t from the Lycan race, correct?" Agas asked, smart as she was.

"Correct." Hellsing said short-termed. "They, and several other creatures like yourselves, are created by chips like these..." she pulled up a computer chip from her pocket, showed it to them, and put it back. "...and they´re becoming quite the nuisance! We need someone to find out where these chips are created!"

"I will go." Alucard said, as he picked up a map. "I´ve met this kinda people before, and knows how to deal with them..." he smirked and revealed his fangs.

"Me too!" Doarigan said. "Vampires gotta stick together!"

"Well, I go too." Kevin joined in.

"I´ll go, but not for your sake..." Dominic said to Hellsing. "...but to kill me some humans and feast on their blood!" Agas sighed.

"Guess I join in to keep an eye on you..." she said. Hellsing looked at them, and nodded.

"Good! You will start with finding the origin of this!" she took up the chip again and threw it to Alucard. He grabbed it, as he and the kids went out of the room, and out of the mansion...

To be continued...[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Chapter 6: Mindless Hordes.]As the six of them were walking the seemingly empty streets of NYC, they gave eachother suspiscious looks. One did not trust the other, and it was quite visible. The only one that dared to speak up was Kevin.

"So, what´s our mission exactly?" he asked.

"To find the source of these chips, remember?!" Alucard snapped back at him. "Gosh! You kids are more slowminded than zombies!"

"Hey! At least we're not all cranky like you!" Doarigan roared. "What's your problem anyways?!" Alucard ignored him, but Doarigan ran in front of him. "Hey! I´m talking to you!!" Alucard took out his gun and aimed it at Doarigan.

"That´s enough!!" he shouted, as he fingered on the trigger. "I´ve had it of you brats! Either you follow my lead, or I´ll blast your brains to bits!"

"What?!" Kevin was a bit scared. "But Hellsing said that..." Alucard aimed his gun at Kevin.

"I KNOW what she said!" he sighed, and put the gun back in his belt. "It´s just that......Never mind! Just shut up and lets finish the job!" as they were about to continue, hordes of zombies appeared around them, and they were armed with semi-automatic rifles. They groaned and snarled at the six of them.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2x2MfXLtxY&feature=related]Battle Theme: Fight On![/url]

"Zombies!!" Kevin shouted. "We´re under attack!" the zombies fired their rifles at them, but they quickly dodged, while Agas turned ethereal, and the bullets slipped through her. Alucard and Kevin pulled their guns and fired at the zombies, killing about a dozen of them.

"No sh!t, Einstein?!" Doarigan roared, as he kicked one of the zombies' heads clean off. Several more zombies tried to attack him, but he dodged and punched one of them through the head, as it turned to splinters. Doarigan then saw an iron bar on the ground, as he picked it up and swinged it at the zombies. Alucard and Kevin landed next to eachother, as they supported eachother´s backs and fired wildly at the hordes of undead. Kevin suddenly came up with an idea, as he whispered to Alucard and he nodded. Alucard took a firm grasp around Kevin´s arm and flinged him into the air, and Kevin fired at the zombies beneath. Half of them were decimated, whilst Alucard fired at those in front of him, destroying the other half. Meanwhile, Rena had problems of her own, as the zombies were holding her down, and restricting her from using her Harpy powers.

"GEDDOFF ME!!!" she roared, as one of her hands turned into claws, and she shredded the zombies holding her. Rena was finally able to release her wings, and she flew up high. Dominic, who blasted the zombies with dark magic pulses, saw her take off and got an idea himself, as he leaped up and head-walked the zombies, and then grabbed Rena´s leg.

"Mind if I take a hitch-hike?" he smirked. Rena looked down at him, nodded, and flew up high. When she was about ten feet into the air, Dominic let go of her and plunged downwards. He muttered a few words hastily, as he suddenly was engulfed in purple flames, and charged like a meteor at the zombies beneath. As he crashed into the ground, a fiery explosion occured, and the hordes beneath him were incinerated. He got up and dusted himself off. "Huh! Easy!" he scoffed. Rena dived down and grabbed several zombies, as she lifted them up and dropped them into the ground, as they splashed on impact. She turned around and unleashed an earsplintering screech, which made the glass windows on the nearby buildings shatter and the zombies were starled. Rena dived down again, but this time she hovered above the zombies and shredded them with her feet talons.

"Now then..." Dominic raised his hand. "Do as I command you!!!" a purple shockwave was created, but it did not hurt the zombies. Instead, they all turned towards Dominic, and he smirked. He had full control over them. "Now! I command you to kill yourself!!" the zombies, dumbfold as they were, obeyed their new master´s orders, as they aimed their own rifles at eachother, and blasted eachother to bits. The others were quite impressed.

"Well, he´s a Necromancer, after all..." Alucard said, unimpressed, as he put his gun back in his belt. "Now we need to get moving!" the others nodded and followed......

==========About 10 Minutes Later...==========

"Here it is..."

Alucard ant the others were standing outside a big, abandoned factory. Alucard kicked the doors open, and they stepped inside. There was alot of containment tubes filled with green goo, and there were humans floating inside. They were mutilated, into the undead!

"Uugh!" Kevin felt like throwing up. "What IS that?!"

"I can tell you..." a sneery voice replied. A man stepped to the side of one of the tubes. He was dressed in a white researcher outfit with a few red stains of blood, and his grey hair was short and light. "I am Dr. ReAnimo, an expert in Bio-Physichs. And as you can see, my experiments is going perfect! I just tested them, you know..."

"So it was YOU that sended those ghouls after us?!?!!" Rena was furious, and was about to shred the man to pieces, but then he help up a silver cross, as she and the others leaned back.

"So this cross thing actually works, eh?" ReAnimo smirked, until someone slapped it out of his hands. It was Dominic, and he held a purple-glowing finger directly above his forehead.

"Too bad it ain´t working on me!" he smirked back. "And now, if I as much touch you with this finger, your nerv system will collapse, and you will die a quick and painless death!"

"N-No wait!" ReAmino yelped. "I can help you, if you want!" he noticed the chip that Alucard was carrying. "That chip! I can lead you to it´s manufacturors! Give it to me, and I will analyze it!" Alucard hesitated, but threw the chip to him.

"You got twelve hours..." he sighed, and signaled the others to follow him. Dominic stood and stared at the Doctor, but then followed Alucard as well. Dr. ReAnimo got to work and began analyzing......

To be continued...[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Chapter 7: A Rose Red Nightmare.]"Wait now just a minute!" Kevin said. "Why did we let him go?! He was the one who sended those zombies at us!!"

"We let him go so that he can do our dirty-work FOR us!" Dominic smirked, as he stroke the petals on his rose. "And besides...those zombies are no match for me! I'm the strongest Necromancer out there!" as he said that, a cloud of rose petals started to fly around them, and formed into a human shape in front of them.

"What's this?" Alucard was surprised. The petals now bursted away from the creature, and revealed a girl. Her hair was pink, and she was dressed in a white dress. Her eyes were pink as well, and she giggled at them.

"Hehe! Hi!" she said. "You wanna dance with me?" the others were either laughing inside, or was deeply shocked.

"Eeeh......what?" Kevin said at last. "You...wanna dance?"

"Yes, silly!" she giggled again. "Well? Don't you wanna?"

"No, why should we?" Alucard snarled, and fired his gun at her. The bullet passed through her head, but the hole was regenerated by rose petals. "What?! No way!"

"Hmhmhmhmhmmmmm......" the girl chuckled creepily. "If you don't wanna dance with me..." the rose petals hovered around her. "...then I will dance for YOU!!!" she spinned in a pirouette, and the petals flied towards Alucard. He was shred to ribbons, and fell lifeless to the ground.

"Alucard!" Rena exclaimed, but then, the girl spinned even more, as the petals, sharp as knifes, charged at them all. Kevin and Doarigan jumped to the side, Rena and Agas flied upwards, and Doarigan conjured a Dark Magic Barrier around himself, parrying the petals that flied at him. He raised his hand and muttered a few words under his breath.

[i]"Nekxeüz...Zrítham...Zakethzü!!"[/i] Dominic´s hand was engulfed in black flames, and he threw a black fireball at the girl. It incinerated her, and she burned up. Dominic cackled, but then he saw that the petals formed behind him, and there she was again!

"W-Wha..." he didn't have time to finish until the girl kicked him hard in the back, as he flied into a wall and crashed. "Dammit!" he groaned, and stared at the girl. "What the Hell are you?!"

"A Demoness..." the girl replied. "I am Stephanie McPhilleas." she snapped her fingers, and the rose petals formed a hand that charged at Dominic. He blasted it with a Dark Magic Blast, but the petals reformed and grabbed him. The hand started to crush Dominic, and he screamed in pain. Stephanie smirked. "Now then......to bring this one to the Catholics!" she chuckled. But then, a bullet sizzled by her, and tore up her left shoulder. "AAAAHHH!!!" she screamed in pain, and looked around. It was Alucard! He was surrounded by dark magic, which gradually regenerated him, and his eyes were blood red. He smirked at her with his demonic fangs and cackled in a creepy tone.

"HEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!! YOU REALLY THINK THAT THOSE STUPID FLOWERS CAN KILL ME?!?!! HAG!!" he shouted menially, as he fired several rounds from his gun. One after the other, the bullets tore holes in Stephanie's body, and blood gushed from her mouth in gallons. When Alucard ran out of ammo, she bent down on her knees, in a puddle of her own blood, and cried.

"P-Ple-Please..." she sobbed, as tears of blood flowed from her eyes. "S-St-Stop it!" Alucard ignored her, as he reloaded his gun and smirked at her.

"You know what?" he cackled. "I don't care how much you beg, you're still gonna die!! You, a Demoness, who serves low-life scum such as the Catholics? Your demonic parents must be turning in their graves, which I put them in!! You're just another low-life maggot that deserves to DIE!!" he fired a last shot, but before it hit, Stephanie was able to surround herself with her rose petals, and vanished into thin air. "WHAT?! DAMMIT!!! DAMMIT ALL!!!" he roared furiously, as Rena and Agas landed next to him. Kevin got up and brushed off his jacket, and Doarigan pulled up Dominic.

"Lemme go!" he sneered. "I can get up myself!" he dusted off his robe and walked up to Alucard, who put on his broken goggles. "So, you truly are Alucard, eh? I was beginning to doubt." he said with a smirk. Alucard smirked back.

"You would be suprised of how much I can do..." he answered, and put his gun back into the belt. "Now, we head back to the mansion and report to Hellsing." all of them nodded, and rushed back to the mansion...

To be continued...[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Chapter 8: A Christmas Carol...]"What?!"

Hellsing was both intrigued and infuriated of the news that Alucard and the others brought her.

"It's true." Alucard replied. "Those zombies, and the other Night Creatures, were created artificially. A doctor named ReAnimo made the zombies, but we still don't know who made the artificial Lycans. We're working on it."

"And this...demoness? Any idea about her?" Hellsing spat out.

"Well..." Dominic stepped forward. "She seems to be allied with the Catholics, which doesn't make any sense at all."

"Blaspmesy!" Hellsing hammered her fists into the table. "A Demoness?! Aiding the Catholics?!?!"

"Yup..." Alucard sighed. "If we only knew how she could be so foolish..."

"I think I know..." a voice lamented. From one of the walls, a ghost walked out. He was dressed in a white top hat, had a white cane in his hand, and around his neck hanged several chains and locks. He had a sullen look on his face, and stared at Alucard. "You should ask me about her." Agas snarled something behind Alucard's back, and looked away from the ghost.

"Hmm?" Dominic raised an eyebrow. "You know him, Agas?"

"I don't want to talk about it!" she snarled. Alucard sensed that this was nothing good.

"Who the hell are you?" he said unpolitely to the ghost.

"One that will help you......if you help me..." the ghost replied. "You're Alucard, no?"

"Yes." Alucard answered short-termed. "And yours?" the ghost cracked forth a smile in his dry lips.

"You should know..." he chuckled, but was reduced to coughing. "Ever seen "A Christmas Carol"?" Alucard raised his eyebrow.

"Marley?" he asked. "Jacob Marley?" Jacob smiled.

"It's good that you remember me." he replied. "Now then, about the girl. Aye, a sad story, really. I will tell you why she joined them...and a bit more, perhaps......"

==========Meanwhile, in The Catholic Church==========

"P-Please......forgive me..."

Stephanie bent down in front of several cloaked and hooded figures, and their faces were covered with white, empty masks.

"Stephanie McPhilleas." one of them said and stepped forward. "You have failed our direct orders more than once this time!" Stephanie was crying.

"P-Please!!" she stuttered. "I-I can try again!" a whip sizzled through the air, and whipped her across the back. She screamed in pain, and bended down on all four. "Aaaahh!!! Please!!" another lash of the whip, and she crawled on the ground.

"INFIDEL!!" said the one carrying the whip. "You will be given ONE......MORE...CHANCE. BRING US THE NECROMANCER!" Stephanie staggered up and nodded.

"Y-Yes s-sir...." she muttered, and ran out......

==========Back At The Hellsing Mansion...==========

Jacob had just finished telling about Stephanie. It seemed that she was a Demon from birth, but began to grow more and more interested in Humans. So much indeed, that she tried to [i]live[/i] as one. But despite all her efforts, she had failed more than once. The reason she had joined the Catholics were that they had promised her to turn her into a human, using their Holy Arts. Alucard spat on the floor.

"Bah! As if they really hope to turn a Demon human!" he snarled. "They will fail!"

"Are you sure?" Jacob asked gently. "For what I have seen, the Catholics have raised in Power. And I think it's fully possible that they've got so powerful indeed, that they can turn her Human."

"Hmpf! Whatever. Our mission is done for now..." he went out of the room. Hellsing sighed, and looked at the kids.

"Dismissed..." she said, and the kids went out. And so, another night was over......

To be continued...[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Chapter 9: A Broken Wing.]Rena and Dominic went to their room, tired and bored. Rena seemed a bit sadder than usual, but Dominic didn't really care. He WAS a Necromancer, after all! But still......

"Hey, Rena?" he asked. "Anything wrong?" Rena looked at him and smiled a bit.

"No, I'm fine..." she answered. She sat down on her bed, next to Dominic's, and looked down on the floor.

"You're sad." Dominic said. "I can tell." Rena nodded.

"It's just that..." she said. "Before I joined the Hellsing Organization, I had a lot of Harpy friends. We were like a family, never straying too far away from eachother. But then, one day......when I got home from a flight...all of them...were dead!" a tear rolled down her cheek. "Natasha......Gürthan...Rieves...all of them! I was so mad, but in the same time......heartcrushed!" she buried her face in her hands and cried. The memories were too much for her.

[i]"Oh great..."[/i] Dominic thought. [i]"Just when I thought I shut her up, she starts sulking! Way to go, skullhead![/i] he leaned over to Rena. "Hey, I'm sorry for bringing it up, 'kay?" Rena wiped her tears and looked at Dominic.

"Thanks..." she replied. Dominic smiled at her, and she smiled back. "You know...when I get sad like this, I think about a song I used to sing...when I was young..."

"Well......Lemme hear it!" Dominic laid down on his bed, and Rena stood up. She took a deep breath, and began to sing:

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4mVA2OHzNc]Rena's Song[/url]

[spoiler=Lyrics][i]~Look at me,
You may think you see
Who I really am,
But you'll never know me.

it's as if I play
A part.

Now I see,
If I wear a mask,
I can fool the world,
but I cannot fool my heart.


Who is that girl I see?
Staring straight,
Back at me.
When will my reflection show
Who I am inside?

I am now,
In a world
Where I have to hide in my heart,
and what I believe in.

But somehow,
I will show the world what's inside my heart,
And be loved for who I am.

Who is that girl I see,
staring straight
back at me?
Why is my reflection someone I don't know?

Must I pretend that I'm
someone else
for all time.
When will my reflection show,
who I am inside?

There's a heart that must be free
to fly
That burns with a need to know
the reason why

Why must we all conceal
What we think
How we feel?

Must there be
a secret me
I'm forced to hide
I won't pretend that I'm
someone else
for all time.

When will my reflection show
who I am inside?

When will my reflection show
who I am inside?

oh, ooh yeah~[/i][/spoiler]

"Wow......" Dominic sighed, as Rena stopped singing. "Amazing."

"Thanks." she replied, a bit happier now. "I've been able to sing it since I was young, but never quite understood it's meaning......until now." she sighed, and sat down in her bed again. She looked at Dominic and smiled. "You're...different from the other Necromancers..."

"Hmm? How?" asked Dominic.

"Well......you're polite...handsome...and has a good hearing for music!" Rena explained. Dominic smiled a bit.

"Well...thanks!" he replied. Suddenly, he felt how he was......attracted to Rena. He didn't know what it was, but Rena looked so......beautiful in a sudden moment. He regained his senses and shook his head. He remembered that Harpies has the Power of Seduction. But he was not going to let his guard down that easily! "Well, goodnight!" he said sharply, as he covered himself with his quilt and pretended to snore. Rena raised her eyebrow a bit, but ignored him and went to sleep.

[i]"Pwew!"[/i] Dominic thought. [i]"That was close! But still...I kinda like her. Maybe......naaahh..."[/i] he closed his eyes, and went to sleep...

To be continued...[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Chapter 10: Alucard Gone Missing...]As everyone woke up, they stepped outside their rooms and met eachother.

"Hi! Morning!" Kevin greeted Dominic. He just shrugged.

"Mornin'..." he sighed. "So where's Doarigan and the others?"

"I think they are awake too..." Kevin started, but in that moment, Doarigan and Agas stepped up. "Oh, hi! We were just talking about you!"

"Hi." Agas and Doarigan replied simultaneously. "So how's things for you?" Doarigan continued.

"Just woke up..." Dominic yawned. He looked at Agas, and remembered how she acted yesterday. "Why do you hate Jacob Marley?" Agas' eyes seemed to burst into flames as she heard his name.

"He was the reason my sister died!!" she shouted. Doarigan and Dominic shrugged, and Kevin stared at Agas.

"What?! Is it true?" he asked in amazement.

"Yes!" she cried back. "Because of all his preaching about redemption, she took her own life, thinking she had gone mad!!" a tear fell through her spectral body. "She was everything to me, and then one day......she's dead! DEAD!!!!" she covered her face and ran straight through a wall, crying. Kevin and the others were shocked...


Alucard woke up. He felt searing pain in every inch of his cursed body. His wrists were tied up in chains, and his arms hanged lifelessly at his sides. A man dressed in a white cloak and hoodie appeared in front of him.

"Alucard..." he said with a deep voice. "You are here for answering to your serious crimes against The Catholic Order, do you confess?"

"No way in Hell..." Alucard moaned. He suddenly felt a searing pain in his neck. Something was melting away his flesh, and it hurt like hell. They were pouring Holy Water on his neck, but quickly stopped. Alucard fell down as much as the chains allowed him to.

"Do not challenge the power of the Catholics!" the man roared, and Alucard stopped struggling. "Now then, tell us where Hellsing keep those......abominations of Satan!"

"No..." Alucard said. "And even if you may have found the Hellsing Mansion, you will never be able to breach it!!" the man smirked under his hood.

"Oh, but I think we will..." he chuckled, as a girl stepped up next to him. It was that Stephanie, and she smiled at Alucard.

"Hi, Mr!" she giggled. "You wanna play?" rose petals rose from the ground, and Alucard was about to feel REAL pain......

=====Back To The Hellsing Mansion=====

"What do you mean 'Alucard is gone'?!"

Doarigan, Kevin and Rena had asked Hellsing about Alucard's whereabouts, only to be replied with that he had went missing since lastnight.

"Yes." Hellsing replied short-termed. "All we know is that he has not been found around the mansion, nor in town. He may have been kidnapped..."

"That's impossible!" Kevin interrupted. "He is Alucard! He can't be kidnapped!" Hellsing stared coldly at Kevin.

"He sure CAN!" she snapped at him. "That ol' vampire is getting rusty! His fangs worn-out and all..."

"But now, we should focus on bringing him back!" Doarigan filled in, and everyone nodded. "Where's Agas?"


Agas was sitting on the roof, crying for all she was worth. After having to repeat the death history of her sister, she had to be alone. She stared down on the streets below. If she wasn't dead already, she had thrown herself off the building, and ended her life, just to be with her again.

"No...I have to accept her death..." she sighed, and stood up. "I have...to move on..." in that moment, Kevin and Doarigan stepped up to her.

"Hiya..." Kevin said carefully. Agas looked at him and smiled.

"Hi..." she replied sadly. "I was just...looking on the city..." the others looked as well. The city looked like a sea of stars, with all the lights illuminating it.

"Wow..." Doarigan sighed. "It's amazing..."

"Yea, you tell me!" Kevin filled in. "But wait now! Agas, we need you to get back inside! Alucard is missing!"

"What?! I'll be right there!" Agas replied, as they rushed inside...

To be continued...[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Chapter 11: A Pirate's Life For Me!] As Dominic, Rena and Agas had been given their orders, they nodded and went out of the Hellsing Mansion. It seems as at the exact moment that the news of Alucard's kidnap spread, another report came in of a Generic Factory creating Krakens on an island in the middle of the Atlantic. Dominic seemed to be eager with the mission, as he ran faster than Rena and Agas.

"Whoa! Wait up!" Rena implied, as she turned into her Harpy Form and flew after him. "What's up, Hotshot?"

"Nothing..." Dominic replied, as he and Rena stopped. Agas appeared next to them, and they looked in front of them. There was a vast sand beach, and beyond......was the ocean. Dominic sighed a bit, as he stepped out on the warm sand.

"What's up now?" asked Rena.

"Well, it's just......" Dominic stopped awhile. "As a kid...I have always been in love with the ocean. It is just like my flowers..." he took up his rose and stroked the petals. "So quiet...but still...so beautiful..."

"I...see..." Agas sighed. "But how are we supposed to cross THAT?" she pointed at the ocean.

"Well, I can fly..." Rena replied, "But you, Dominic?"

"Hmf! You really think that I was THAT unprepared?" he scoffed. He walked up to the center of the beach, and slammed down his palms into the sand. He muttered a few words under his breath, and without warning, several bones and rotten flesh pieces bursted out of the sand. They levitated in front of Dominic, and seemed to attach to eachother, creating some kind of construct. When it was finished, a magnificent ship made of bones stood idly in the water.

"Wow....." Rena gasped. "Amazing!" Dominic stood up and bowed.

"Why, thank you, M'lady!" he said politely. "Now, all aboards!" as they got up on the ship, Rena and Agas noticed a crew of skeletons making the ship ready for departure.

"What now, Master?" one of them asked Dominic. "Which waters do we course?" Dominic smirked, as he stepped up to the wheel and grabbed it.

"Now, we sail towards Pirate's Bay!" he announced. The skeletons obeyed their master's command, and the ship moved out of the shallow bank, and out on the open sea......

===About 30 Minutes Later...===

After 30 minutes on the sea, Dominic felt like he was home. Rena flied above and scouted ahead of them. After awhile, she landed on deck and pulled in her wings.

"Dominic!" she shouted. "I found an island!" Dominic was exited by the news, and looked into the horizon. And there it was. Pirate's Bay.

"So long since the last time..." he sighed. "Alright, everyone, we will make port here for the duration!" he smiled, and began to sing a song for himself:

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYD9vWPuigc&feature=related]The Beast of Pirate's Bay[/url]

[spoiler=Lyrics][i]~Gather weary travelers,
I have a tale to tell.
It might just save your lives but only if you listen well.
'Cause there before the breakers
And just around the way,
There's a sign that says,
"Beware The Beast of Pirate's Bay!"

Some say he's a guppy a kid threw in the sea.
He ate so many sailors, now he's bigger than a tree.
His teeth are sharp as scissors
His claws, they are like knives.
And if you think he's ugly, wait 'til you see his insides!

Oh, don't you sail and don't you row and certainly don't you swim,
'Cause if you aren't careful you'll end up inside of him.
He'll eat you up, he'll spit you out. You'd better stay away.
Heed the sign that says, "Beware the Beast of Pirate's Bay!"

Some say he's a serpent that came straight from hell,
He came to eat the souls of pirates and other ne'er-do-wells.
Some they don't believe it, as for me I've got a hunch.
'Cause they used to have some pirates here.
But he ate them all for lunch!


Well, Captain Hook, you've heard of him, he came to Pirate's Bay.
It seems his little nemesis had nearly got away.
He reached into the water to grab at Peter Pan.
There was a crunch and a scream!
And now that scurvy captain's got hooks on both his hands!


Well, Blackbeard the Pirate, you know for what he's feared.
It's mostly for the dark, imposing color of his beard.
He saw the beast and now nobody's scared of him because,
His beard turned white and all agree,
He looks like Santa Claus.


Well, now the tavern's empty and there's only you and me.
And if you care I'd like to share how this song came to be.
So come a little closer if you really want to know.
This very sad and woeful tale happened so long ago.

Well, I was just a little boy when I went to Pirate's Bay
And there I saw a creature that was very much dismayed.
With a harpoon in his dorsal fin and a hook stuck in his side,
This mighty whale was in such pain, we both began to cry.

I pushed and I shoved, but he wouldn't give way
Into the deeper waters off our shallow Pirate's Bay.
All I could do to help him was to keep people away,
So I wrote a sign that said, "Beware The Beast of Pirate's Bay!"
And what did it say?

Don't you sail and don't you row and certainly don't you swim,
'Cause if you aren't careful you'll end up inside of him.
He'll eat you up, he'll spit you out. You'd better stay away.
Heed the sign that says, "Beware."
Hell I should know, I put it there!
Heed the sign that says, "Beware the Beast of Pirate's Bay!"~[/i][/spoiler]

"Huh?" Rena got interested, and walked up to the wheel and stood beside Dominic. "Who's the Beast of Pirate's Bay?"

"He's the monster that killed my friend..." Dominic sighed. "I just hope we don't meet it..." as they got off the ship, they stepped inside the local Tavern. It was filled with shouting and laughing pirates, as they drank and enjoyed their lifes. "Pitiful humans..." Dominic sneered. The pirate's began to sing:

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wT8ZNsKNZc&feature=related]Yo Ho(A Pirate's Life For Me)[/url]

[spoiler=Lyrics][i]~Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me.
We pillage, we plunder, we rifle, and loot,
Drink up, me 'earties, yo ho.
We kidnap and ravage and don't give a hoot,
Drink up me 'earties, yo ho.

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me.
We extort, we pilfer, we filch, and sack,
Drink up, me 'earties, yo ho.
Maraud and embezzle, and even high-jack,
Drink up, me 'earties, yo ho.

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me.
We kindle and char, inflame and ignite,
Drink up, me 'earties, yo ho.
We burn up the city, we're really a fright,
Drink up, me 'earties, yo ho.

We're rascals, scoundrels, villans, and knaves,
Drink up, me 'earties, yo ho.
We're devils and black sheep, really bad eggs,
Drink up, me 'earties, yo ho.

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me.
We're beggars and blighters, ne'er-do-well cads,
Drink up, me 'earties, yo ho.
Aye, but we're loved by our mommies and dads,
Drink up, me 'earties, yo ho.~[/i][/spoiler]

As the pirates continued to sing, Dominic, Rena and Agas sat down and ordered a glass of rum each. Dominic looked over his shoulder and noticed a shaded figure sit behind them. He had a pirate hat over his head, and was dressed in a black leather jacket, a white shirt beneath, and had a red bandana across his dreadlocked hair.

"Who is that guy?" Agas asked, as she and Rena looked at him suspisciously.

"Dunno, but he seems to have an eye for us..." Rena replied quietly.

"I'll make him stop that..." Dominic stood up and walked over to the man. "Hey, you! Why are you staring at us, and if you don't answer quickly, I will pierce your throat right here and now!" the man just smirked.

"No reason, really..." he replied, and drank up his bottle of rum. "But if you're lookin' for trouble, you've come to the right place, matey..."

"Why is that?" Dominic raised an eyebrow.

"Well, mate..." the man stretched a bit. "Seems as ol' Davey Jones has sent more of 'em Krakens to terrorize us Pirates, so we just hang 'round here as long as they're out 'ere."

"Kraken[i]s[/i]? But according to the legends, there's only ONE Kraken..."

"Well, not accordin' to the reality! I've seen 'bout a dozen of 'em at the same day. But I don't think they're real. REAL Krakens are vicious, ruthless. But these Krakens retreat as soon as they grabbed the treasures of the ships they sink. Tell ya what...You...and your little bonny lasses over there...join me an' my crew, and we go on a Kraken Hunt, 'savvy?"

"Well, alright then!" Dominic shook hands with the man. "Then what's your name?"

"My name......Is Captain Jack Sparrow..."

To be continued...[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Chapter 12: The Rose Nightmare: Revisited...]Dominic, Rena and Agas sat down next to Jack. In the meantime, back in N.Y, Doarigan, Kevin, Dern and Cassandra were on their way out of the Hellsing Mansion.

"So, what were we supposed to do again?" asked Dern.

"Dern...." sighed Cassandra. "We will go to the Catholic Church nearby, and see if Alucard is there, remember?!"

"Oooh, yeah. I forgot." Dern replied a bit embarrased.

"Let's just go, already..." Doarigan sighed. The other agreeded and rushed outside......


The Catholic Soliders had gathered in the church, and Father Dernius stepped up to the altar.

"Great Crusaders of The Light!" he announced, and the soliders saluted him. "Believe in the path you have chosen, let faith be your strenght! The Great Lord, The Holy Spirit, and The All-Mother Maria will bear witness to your deeds today! Amen!"

"AMEN!" the soliders replied.

"Now......I sense the Creatures of Darkness closing up on us! They are here soon! Prepare your weapons, and may God be with you!" he prayed for the soliders, as they rushed out of the church...


Dern, Doarigan, Cassandra and Kevin arrived at the church. It seemed abandoned.

"Man! And here we actually thought that he WAS here..." complained Cassandra.

"Hey, don't be so harsh on yourself..." Doarigan replied. "I do think they are here...." suddenly, a rose petal cut his cheek. "AGH!" a giggle was heard, and then, a cloud of rose petals appeared in front of them, and there was Stephanie.

"Hehe! Here I am again! Where is Dominic?" she demandingly asked.

"Uuuh...why do you want to see him?" asked Dern.

"None of your business!" Stephanie snapped back. "Where is he?!"

"We don't know, okay!" Kevin replied. "We are here for Alucard!"

"The Vampire?" giggled Stephanie, returning to her childish mood. "He's fine...for now..."

"Well, where is he?!" shouted Dern, as he was getting impatient. "We're here to free him!" Stephanie just giggled, as rose petals began to swirl around her. Suddenly, they merged with her skin, and formed some kind of Cyborg suit, her hands were blades, and she had a helmet with a windshield on it.

"You have to get past me first!" she smirked, as she charged at Dern blindingly fast and stabbed him ten times in the chest, and kicked him into a wall. Dern coughed up blood.

"Dammit! YOU B!TCH!" he roared, as he transformed into a Minotaur and charged Stephanie. She smirked, as the Cyborg Suit fell off her, dissolved into rose petals and then, formed five exact copies of her! All of them lashed their hands forward and formed clouds of rose petals which flew against Dern. He was pummeled backwards by the impact, and the petal masses crushed him against a wall. He screamed in pain.

"DERN!" shouted Kevin. "You DAMN..." he pulled out his gun and fired a few rounds. But they just went straight through Stephanie and the clones. "Damn it! She's too powerful!"

"That is true..." Stephanie replied, grinning devilishly. "You are nothing to me! I can destroy you with a snap of my fingers!"

"Well I won't let you!" shouted Cassandra, and her eyes changed to reptile eyes, and her nails grew to claws. She lunged at Stephanie. "EAT THIS!" she lashed at one of the clones, but it dispersed into petals and turned into a massive hand which crushed her.

"CASSANDRA!" Kevin shouted. "WHY YOU!!!" Kevin suddenly began to snarl and growl like a wolf, and his muscles grew bigger and bigger. Soon, his clothes ripped up, and his fingers evolved to claws. His teeth grew to fangs, and his eyes turned yellow. He was now a werewolf.

"Oooooooh! A little Lycan!" Stephanie grinned in a baby-like tone. "Time to trim your pelt!" the clones turned to petals, and they formed to a thick cloud that charged at Kevin, each petal sharp as a knife. Kevin jumped above the cloud, and he saw something.

[i]"That's it!"[/i] he thought inside his Lycan mind. He saw that Stephanie had some kind of strange device around her head. [i]"If I can just remove that thing, she'll be normal!"[/i] he landed, and charged at Stephanie, who was suprised. Kevin slashed, and the device was turned to shreds. Stephanie gasped, and then, fainted. The rose petals in the air cringed a bit, and fell lifeless down. Kevin growled awhile, until he reverted to human, and fainted as well...

To be continued...[/spoiler]
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Name: Kevin Stout (aka Lone Wolf or Damian Lican)

Human Age: 18

Race(Look in "Allowed Races" for more info): Lycan

Normal Appearance(For Vampires, do only fill in this form. PLZ use Pic):BlackCat1.jpg


Transformed Apppearance(For all the other races. PLZ use Pic):Werewolf.jpg


Biography: He was just a regular human who exceed in the art of hand-to-hand combat by training in many different martial arts styles. On his way back from one of his class he took a path through the woods to get to home quicker but that's when he was attacked by a Lycan and was scratched right across his body by the beasts claws, he did escaped the creature but that was only the beginning of his problems. he did eventually learn to control himself through training in another woodland area, not long after that a group of lycans came to his house to ask to join the group they were in to help murder supernatural and non-supernatural beings alike but he rejected and they attacked him and his family, he was the the only one to survive the attack and sworn vengence on the one who ordered the attack. he gives his alias name to people he doesn't know or trust. he has leant to use a strong handgun so he doesn't have to use his lycan abilities all the time.


The reason why he/she joined the Hellsing Organization: Vengence

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Name: Agas Constentine

Human Age: 23

Race: Hybrid (Half Ghost, Half Human)

Normal Appearance(For Vampires, do only fill in this form. PLZ use Pic): http://s264.photobucket.com/albums/ii182/AnimeDeath54321/Gothic%20Anime/?action=view&current=DarkAnime.jpg

Biography: Agas is a smart one, some people think shes the smartest person in the Hellsing Organization, but thats there opinion, not hers. she has the ability to change from spirit to body, she has been apart of the Hellsing Organization since it began, nobody knows why she joined.

The reason why he/she joined the Hellsing Organization: Unknown......

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Thanks' date=' Fallen Hero! And Kylarnatia, your character is accepted, although it is a little cheating that she can turn from ghost to human without some kind of power restriction. MAybe I could add that she can only do it for a couple of minutes, then she has to rest?



Yeah, i think thats a good idea :)

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