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Lock making a new and better rpg

D. Gray Man

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A person tryed to create a cure a cancer she tryed it on over 200 ppl and time passed they were reported to have runaway and soon enough people saw them at night and the cops though they were missing and more and more people started goin all untiil there were only some surviors...







Weapons: (u have 3 heavy light and meduim weight weapons(no rocket launchers)




[spoiler=wat happens if u get bitten]

infection type 1:no symptoms(1st day)

infection type 2:rabies(the 4th day)

infect type 3:rabies and your teeth start becoming sharp(5th day)

infection type 4:rabies,lost of hair,teeth becoming sharp,canibal,eye color changes(1 week)





Apearance:has black hair and blue eyes wears a black jacket with a red symbol and always has hoodie on and has black pants and shoes

Weapons:knife,machine gun,sniper

Bio:one of the surviors hhis parents die and he ran off in an ally and almost got bitten until he saw a car and it was some more surviors to help him...

anyone goin to join?

PG-13 because..

intense violence


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Apearance:has black hair and brown eyes wears a black jacket with a mysterious symbol and always has black hoodie on (face is darkened out so you can't see it) and has black pants and no shoes

Weapons:Two swords and a metal pole(like a 1/2 in. thick, 3 ft. long pole)

(I use the pole by holding it by the ends or the middle)


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kaden-hes dead....

infected-jumps on the mongoose making it sprang out of cotnroll and hit a pole*

kaden-*grabs his machine gun*and*shoots through the windows*

infected-*jumps on chris*

kaden-*shoots the infected*

infected-*jumps on the roof of the apartments*

kaden-*shoots everywhere killing the zombies one by one*

infected-geee!!a crowd of them come toward chris

kaden-this is my only chance..*shoots all the zombies making them die*

kaden-*grabs chris*

infected-*breaks the walls of the house*

kaden-*runs downstairs and puts chris through an escape route witch leaves undergroudn that fulls of light*

kaden-*closes the metal door*

kaden-they cant get in..

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