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Half-Breeds Vs. Death Whisper 2 (Finished|Lock Please)

Big Bad Pennar

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Notes: This is a RP run by me and AfterlifePaladin


Generic Rules:

1. No Spamming

2. No Godmoding, If you are Godmoding, You will be Negged and Kicked out of the RP if you do it twice

3. You can control a Max of 5 Characters, No more than 2 being from the Same RP Code(An Example: (HB)O is an RP Code, (HB) Is the Series Code) This Rule does not apply to me


Death Whisper Exclusive Rules:

1. No new Strains without my Permission

2. If you use a Custom Strain, You are Required to use an Avatar before RPing


Half-breeds Exclusive Rules:

1. Half-breeds are not immune to Death Whisper and can still have it or be infected with it, to be immune to it without permission is Godmoding(Except if it is the strain's fault, There can be strains that cannot infect Half-breeds and Strains that can only infect Half-breeds)



While They were Searching for the Demons that had made the Death Whisper, Yata-Darsagu had Split up from Ryko and went into the Half-breeds Universe, Assuming they were Reinforcements of the Xeius(Half-breeds Ryko changed his Name as he planned a sneak attack on Zylar), Zylar and his Cronies, The Dark Army, sent an Attack against Yata-Darsagu and were Quickly Defeated and scattered all over the Universe, and the battle has Merged the Half-breeds Universe with the Death Whisper Universe, However, Yata-Darsagu also Plans to take over the Merged Universe of Half-breeds and Death Whisper, In addition to this, Zylar is Trying to Counterattack against Yata-Darsagu while trying to take over the Combined Universe as well, Can all the residents of the Newly Created Universe defeat Yata-Darsagu and Zylar, Or will Ryko(From the Death Whisper Universe) find the Death Whisper Universe.....Destroyed.


[spoiler=About Death Whisper:]


There are 8 Stages in this Disease, After the 8th Stage, you Die Instantly, This Disease is not only Airborne, but are Transfered from Knives of the Same Name, Which are Spawned from the infected's Hand, Multiple Strains of this disease are Confirmed, here are the Details to Each Stage


Stage 1:

Symptoms: Dark thorns spread from one part of the body, commonly the Face

Powers: None

Duration to Next stage: 1 year


Stage 2:

Symptoms: Dark thorns spread from 2 parts of the body, commonly the Face and Arms

Powers: Minor Psychokinesis

Duration to Next stage: 1 year


Stage 3:

Symptoms: Dark thorns spread from all over the body, a weapon appears, Which they keep for the rest of their Life

Powers: Minor Psychokinesis

Duration to Next stage: 1 year


Stage 4:

Symptoms: Dark Thorns Break off of the Arms, Revealing Black Tatooing

Powers: Medium Psychokinesis

Duration to Next stage: 1 year


Stage 5:

Symptoms: Dark Thorns Break off of all the body except the face, Revealing Black Tatooing

Powers: Medium Psychokinesis, Mild Telepathy, if the Victim has the Shikinang Strain, they get an Extra Weapon

Duration to Next stage: 1 year


Stage 6:

Symptoms: Dark Thorns Break off of the face, Revealing Black Tatooing

Powers: Heavy Psychokinesis, Mild Telepathy

Duration to Next stage: 1 year


Stage 7:

Symptoms: The Black Tatooing Clumps together, Showing Symbols

Powers: True Psychokinesis, Heavy Telepathy

Duration to Next stage: 2 years


Stage 8:

Symptoms: The Black Tatooing Spreads all over the Body, turning the Victim fully black

Powers: True Psychokinesis, True Telepathy

Duration to Death / Next Stage: 15 Seconds


[spoiler=These Stages are Restricted to a Specific Strain]


Stage 9(Shikinang, Wolf Fang, and Psuedo-Shikinang only):

Symptoms: a Fire Surrounds the Victim, except that he isn't burning, Wings

Powers: True Telepathy, Beyond True Psychokinesis, Extra Weapon

Preequisite to Next Stage: Challenge 1 Stage 10 Victim With Real Shikinang(Which is Generally denoted as the King) and Kill him, if not a normal Shikinang, 1 Year, Wolf Fang Infected Dies a Half of a Year after this Stage takes Place


Stage 10(Shikinang(all Co-strains) or Psuedo-Shikinang only):

Symptoms: Eyes Turn fully Red, a Horrifically Intimidating Aura, a Cloak of Darkness and Wings, a Freshly Crowned King will have Vines Growing out of his Hair

Powers: Beyond True Telepathy, Beyond True Psychokinesis, Ability to Kill off the Disease when there is no other Shikinang Infected person

Preequisite to Next Stage: 1 Year (Transcendance only)


Stage 11(Shikinang(Trascendance) only):

Symptoms: Eyes gain a horrific Gaze and Feathery hair grows off of the Person

Powers: Beyond True Telepathy, Ridiculous Psychokinesis, Minor Death Whisper Manipulation

Duration to Next stage: 1 year


Stage 12(Shikinang(Trascendance) only):

Symptoms: Gaze Gets Worse, Dragon Horns Grow off of the Person's Head

Powers: Ridiculous Telepathy, Ridiculous Psychokinesis, Medium Death Whisper Manipulation

Duration to Next stage: 15 Seconds


Stage 13(Shikinang(Trascendance) only):

Symptoms: Gaze turn into 4 eyes

Powers: Ridiculous Telepathy, Ridiculous Psychokinesis, Heavy Death Whisper Manipulation, Strain Sense

Duration to Next stage: 2 years


Stage 14(Shikinang(Trascendance) only):

Symptoms: Eyes have a Charge in them, Metamorphosis

Powers: Ridiculous Telepathy, Beyond Ridiculous Psychokinesis, True Death Whisper Manipulation, Strain Sense

Duration to Next stage: 3 years


Stage 15(Shikinang(Trascendance) only):

Symptoms: Scales, Extremely Demonic

Powers: Beyond Ridiculous Telepathy, Beyond Ridiculous Psychokinesis, Beyond True Death Whisper Manipulation, Planar Manipulation, Strain Sense




[spoiler=Strains of Death Whisper]

1. Normal

2. Akuetsu - a Rare Strain which doesn't spawn a weapon, but enhances Psychic Powers, It causes white hair to grow off of that Person as well

3. Shikinang - A Very Unique Strain of Death Whisper, Only 2 People can have this Strain at a time, Instead of 8 Stages, there are 10 Stages, Stage 9 can only be Passed by Killing the Current King in a battle, Stage 10 is where that person is the King, At Stages 5 and 9, that person gets an Extra Weapon, and their Psychic Power Shoots up Dramatically, a Stage 10 Death Whisper can only be killed by a stage 9, and have the power to Eliminate this disease, they are Denoted with Pitch Black Hair

4. Transendance - A Co-strain to Shikinang that is so Rare, That Every 1 in 6 Million Shikinang Victims have it, Instead of 10 Stages, the affected has 15 Stages, When they Reach Stage 15, Their Disease Is Permanent, and they cannot Die of old Age, They also can use Any Weapon and have Ridiculous power, The Strain is Prominent if the Victim had been Crowned King once before, and Comes in Contact into a Demon, If they can Survive to Reach Stage 15, He can go to any Plane at will

5. ???

6. ???

7. 666 - This strain is one of the most deadliest, the one who has this strain will almost constantly cough up blood, unless they keep fighting. As the more blood is lost, the shorter the Life Span is. The strain also allows the user to suck blood from the enemy, to keep them alive. Despite this side-effect, this strain enhances the powers to Almost the level of a Shikinang Stage 10. With this power, it would take about an army or two to defeat this Strain. Legend has it that there was once a infected boy that was called Rokujo, who had this strain, and had these effects. This was known as Strain six because there was 3 main things of the human: Body, Mind, and Soul. With three main things, and a Six to each of the three, this was known as 666, standing for Strain 6 of Body, Strain 6 of Mind, and Stage 6 of Soul

8. Fury - a very rare strain that Gives the Victim the ability to control electricity

9. Dark Heart - A rare strain, it let's the dark side of the victim's heart come out. After a few times, this becomes at will. If in darkness for long, the body is damaged, and can only be healed by a loved one. Typically never Reveals Tatoos and stops in the Earlier Phases

10. Infernal Soul - Similar to Dark Heart, But it also has the ability to Create Fire and Dark Fire

11. ???

12. ???

13. ???

14. ???

15. ???

16. ???

17. ???

18. ???

19. ???

20. ???





Half-breeds Universe Form:



Side(You can pick Zylar's Side since Zylar wasn't Killed by Yata-Darsagu):



Half-Breed Appearence:

Bio(optional, not needed for original Half-Breeds or Half-breeds X characters):

Other Info(optional):


Death Whisper Universe Form:



Side(Anyone using from this Universe cannot be on Zylar's Side):

Strain of Death Whisper:

Favorite Weapon(Choices include: Bow, Sword, Claymore, Spear, Scythe, 2 Bladed Sword, Whip, Flail, Staff, Ragnarok, and Halberd):



Other Info(optional):


Characters(Format: Name(Initials of the world the character Resides)Initial or number of What Series they Debuted(examples is X for Half breeds X and 2 For Death Whisper 2)

Ryko's Side:

Kyko(HB)O - Me

Andrial(HB)X - Me

Xeius(HB)X - Me

Ryu(HB)O - Afterlife Paladin

Kouta(HB)X - Afterlife Paladin

William(DW)1 - Rushing Diamond

Zylar's Side:

None as of now

Yata-Darsagu's Side:

Yata-Darsagu(DW)2 - Me


Ryko(DW)1 - Me

Kaze(HB)O - Grim the Wanderer

Tarren(HB)VDW2 - Freeman43

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Name: William Michaels(His Last Name)
Gender: Male
Side: Death Whisper
Strain of Death Whisper: Transendence/Fury(From Death Whisper 3)
Weapon: Claymore
Appearance: http://thepocketletters.deviantart.com/art/True-Love-71523407 (He's different from last time)
Bio: William is from the orginial Death Whisper, & a three-time survivor too. He has gone through many things, from Gender Changes(During a part I DON'T wanna talk about) to strain changes & body changes. Andy, his friend, was killed by Yata-Darsagu during his "Reign Of Terror".
Other Info: He is a main Death Whisper Character.
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Name:Tarren(Tarr) Tortaliolish


Side): Neutral

Half-Breed: Harpy... (Half Human/ Half Bird)


Appearence:Appearance: She mostly wares a brown robe covering her entire body. but under it is a in mythological terms a Harpy... She has short sharp Talons on her hands making her ware gloves. and has long wings on her arms with blond feathers covering her back forming a some what of a tail, parts of her legs and all over her arms with the wings. On her the very edge of her arms and legs she has scales on her hand to her elbows but her feathers cover most of it. but on her legs she has scales from the knee to her feet with sword sharp talons. But other then the bird attachments she is a normal woman. Blond hair hazelnut brown eyes


Bio: An Orphan at birth not knowing who her parents where, but all she new was she was founded by a trade caravan on Eagle Pass(A Former Enclave Base). For awhile she was raised by that Trader, but she was orphaned again at the age of 5 after a group of Raider killed him. But as fate decided she was found, By a man that goes by Free-Man. She lived with him knowing him as a Father and Him knowing her as a Daughter. For years the spent together as a family, but with one mistake Tarr never know his past. A close secret it was, a secret she would never know. At the Age 17 on a cruel fateful day He diapered. Now she search for him, looking for clues for a father that she knows nothing about, but she remembered one thing. A story about his travels, it lead her to a place called Alpha City.

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