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[DISC] Dark Freaking Nephthys [DISC]

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Remove 2 DARKs in your Graveyard from play, get a free Special Summon 1 turn later, and destroy a Spell or Trap Card? Along with the added bonus of being Trade-In-able and Allureable.


Seems pretty good to me.

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for those of us paying attention, please note that dark nephthys nukes an mt /any/ time hes special summoned.


run in an a fun lil dark removal deck that trolls out with escape from the dark, return from the dd, ddr, and all those fun little cards, this could be an mt nuking 24 beater back n forth.

hes not terrific, but hes not bad.

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Well' date=' he's a complete failure compared to his big bro (or sis?)



Sacred Phoenix of Nephtis:


-can be Summoned from hand or Deck with "Hand of Nephtis"

-destroys all s/t when Special Summoned that way

-good with trade-in

-doesn't target


Dark Nephtis:


-can be Special Summoned from hand by its own

-destroys only 1 s/t when Special Summoned in any way

-Graveyard control

-good with trade in

-good with allure

-you decide what to destroy


it seems like I'm in "Dark Nephtis"s side here...... but they are both pretty good... not tournament winners but they are good...

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