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Pics to be used for cards.


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Sometimes I have Members coming up to me and asking "Why do you always say Pic from a Hentai Site?" Well they're not far from the truth. I often find the Pics I use for my cards using Sites filled with Hentai. Then a idea came to me. I thought to myself "Why not share the Pics I find with YCM?" So I zipped around 40 Pics up and posted it on Rapidshare. I will try my best to post Images for each Type.


The Rar files are hosted on Rapidshare and are completely free from Viruses and Trojans. (I made sure to Scan the file myself before Uploading) Also all of my Rar files will be set out like this "*Insert Type here* YCM" This is to let you know that I uploaded the file. Please have fun, I went out of my way to get these. Will be uploading more soon.




For people who love to Browse Photobucket, I have a great Alternative for you. I recently rediscovered the YCMArchives I designed, which was split into different catergories

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Guest JoshIcy

Well i'm sick of seeing Pixelatted Dragon Pics or God Awful TV Screen Caps. No biggie if they are overused. I always keep another stash seperate.


So... Personal Peeve will be the end to unique images? Riiiiight...

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