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The 15 word limit


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Well, the reason i want this to happen is because most people in YCM are posting stuff like "Cool" or "Make more". This happens the most in The Realistic Section, nowadays people just copy the post of people who have said the same thing. I want the 15 word limit rule to happen. Who's with me? (Prolly not much.)




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This would make some forum games impossible. So I don't support.


Also Character count limits would be far easier to enforce. How can you get a machine to do this accurately?


Actually, i do not want this to count everywhere, the only Sections where it wouldn't count like Roxas said are Games, and/or Questions.

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I agree with Blood Rose. A character counter would be better since it would prompt a user if their post does not meet the minimum character requirement - not to mention that it would cut on spam and could support itself. Having to enforce a 5 to 15 word minimum would make more work for moderators to count each word - and I don't think they would wanna do that.


I don't support the 15 word limit, but do support the character counter idea.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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