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New Text and Tech Circle, Come and check it out!!!


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[align=center]Thx to a great friend I have better, more realistic looking text. I also have a better looking tech circle, beacuse of something he gave me.


Here is a new booster to show you.





Everything on this booster is mine.


If you have any suggestions on how I can make this better tell me.


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Render seems to dominate it way too much.


Yea' date=' I'm going to post a new booster with a different render.


Like what Blood Rose said, shrink the render a bit.


Nice text/BG though :D


Thank you.


LQ render. The steel look should be only on the dark grey parts. The text should have a STROKE not a glow man.




Yea, I know but I saw it on another Tech circle and thought it looked great. The text acutally has a stroke of 1 and the outer glow is at 100 instead of 75. I've been making my boosters like that for sometime. I'll try it your way.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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