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[DISC] SephirothKirby is almost as epic as Crab for figuring this out.

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You're blind if you haven't realized by now that Blackwings are dudes in bird suits. The Kirbzmeister figured out who's inside Shura.




You can tell me you don't care all you want, but to keep this from getting locked, discuss Shura.

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Kagemusha wishes he could be Shura. -.-

OT: Shura is a great BW. All he has to do is destroy a monster' date=' get Gale out, Halve a monster.[/quote']




Shura negates the effect of the monster that he get's out fool.

I know. You could summon another.

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[fog king image]

[king fog image]


1 question. WTF happened at Konami when that happened?


Appearently Mist King was renamed to Fog King.


Wait' date=' according to Konami's logic. Then it will be "Giant Thunder Awesome Bird from [s']Mist[/s]Fog Valley"

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