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My boosters for the upcoming challenge w/ Chidori


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Why can't you do it why ours is going on? ~ Chidori-kun is in my contest as well, but the more contests the better. I was thinking of taking on kale next. It's better to have a contest right next to one another so when people CnC you you can fix it. Then go to your next contest. Plus you get prizes back to back. ;D

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TCG Booster

1) Outer glow is too much

2) Sparkles are wrong shape, they are round not stars

3) Konami logo is missing stroke

4) Tech circle is way too dark.

5) Centre of circle needs to be darker compared to outside

6) Render doesn't take up enough room

7) Light effects are too low down.

8 ) 1996 logo stroke is too much

9) Text/Bar effects are wrong.

I could go on.



1) Petals missing just coz I cut them off doesn't mean you have to.

2) Render is not large enough.

3) Hatching too high up

4) I still see some render on that logo.

Needs alot of work to be a decent remake.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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