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Underrated Card of the now: No Entry!!

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Guest PikaPerson01



Change all Attack Position monsters to Defense Position.


On the down side, it's a little more situational (I'm startling to see a trend here. <_<) when compared to Threatening Roar, a little less versatile in comparison to Enemy Controller, and it doesn't negate face up effects like Book of Moon.


On the plus side, it's more all encompassing to stop swarms compared to E-Con and Book of Moon, and it sets up for the possibility of a comeback like Threatening Roar does not. (Since most monsters in the meta have less Defense then Attack)



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Roar is better.

Besides' date=' why are the officers facing behind?

You can get away with more fun stuff when they can't see you...



They were pretty ugly so decided to not show us thier faces...


Also this card has an agregate that makes it different from Roar and it is that changes battle position...considering that many Lol ATK lol Effect monsters has more ATK than DEF it will be easier for you to kill them later....But that's just a side effect.

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Wait isnt Zero Gravity better then this as it changes all modes on all monsters

Ex: Flip all of your creatures to defense and activate

Most times they end up doing the same thing. Only thing Zero G can do is work with those crappy monsters that go to defence after they attack, but their crappy so no one cares.


On Topic: An over all decent card. One of those cards that people could play if they wanted, but they rather stick with the crowd.

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