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How to earn easy money on ebay with yugioh cards

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1.0 Intro

2.0 Supplies (Supplies that you should use)

3.0 Tips and tricks (Package ideas to get people to buy your cards)

4.0 Q&A (where I will copy and paste any questions in this thread and answer them)

5.0 Suggestions (If you have a suggestion that I'm not sure about adding to the rest of the guide, I will put it here until I decide what to do)




1.0 Intro


Hello fellow YCM members. This is a guide for helping you make money on the popular auction site ebay. If you have any ideas for me to add to this guide, don't hesitate to mention them. This guide is made up of different stuff that I have seen on ebay. I hope that this guide helps you earn more money off of yugioh than ever before.



2.0 Supplies


Any yugioh-sized card sleeves


or if you don't want to pay $4.00 for a pack of yugioh sized sleeves, you should buy these UltraPro sleeve series card sleeves for $0.97 for 100 sleeves at your local walmart.





Ultrapro Toploaders (for extra protection)




3.0 Tips and Tricks


Throw in: You can put a newer holo card up for auction, and promise one extra holo rare from LOB-RGBT. example: Gold Rare DARK ARMED DRAGON with bonus holo from MRD-CRMS


Grab bags: You promise 1 Ultra, 2-3 Supers, around 5-10 rares, and 20-50 commons.


4.0 Q&A


5.0 Suggestions

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What exactly are you asking us to do? Rip people off by just sending them packets? Send our cards in packets? I don't get this topic at all.


No' date=' you send seperate cards too. But everyone knows that idea. I'm just trying to help people earn money. Send some good cards too. I don't mean that for the ultra you should pick something like Armormaster. Just don't send the worst holos you have. At least sned them good cards.[hr']

TC is bieng captain obveious.


Grab bags are' date=' and always will be, a scam.


And numorous people do them. not just TC(I think).



1. I haven't done a grab bag before, and I never will. In fact, I haven't created an ebay account yet. I will soon.


2. These are just card packages that I've seen before.

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Best way to sell stuff on ebay.


Be legit, and very clear in your description on what your'e giving away (i.e. You are bidding on Great Shogun Shien STON-123, card is in near-mint to mint condition and will be shipped in a toploader blablablalbal) or go the simple way and for every auction just post "You are bidding in the item listed in teh title and featured in the picture, all cards are in near mint to mint condition.


Use pictures. As both a buyer and seller on ebay, I don't get near anything that doesn't have a picture attached to it. In the case of YGO, pictures from the wiki worked fine for me.


Ship quickly, don't let things pile up that need to be shipped, always try to get items that are sold out of the house within 2 days after they've been payed for.


Use the PM system on ebay. People are very responsive to it and it often makes things go much more smoothly.


And if all else fails, threaten people with neg rep =P, they're like the plague on that site.

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When I read the title of this thread, you got my attention.


When I then read the TC's username underneath it, I lost most of that attention, but decided to look anyway.


When I read the topic itself, I noticed it sucked, but wasn't amazed because of who the TC was.



E-bay's a rip-off.

I've never even checked for Yugimonz.


Quoted post does not make sense.

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