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Favorite Language?


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American' date=' because it is spoken in the greatest country in the world.





You are like a mini verison of Bandit Keith. Please stop. =\ In America!


I like English with a strong British accent. Think Bakura.


Sorry for all my YGOTAS references. I was bored. And it was YouTube. Meh.

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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster

French is a really good Language. I saw "Fairle maboosh(however you spell it)". In French' date=' it means "Shut your mouth!" :lol:

Plus, my mom took French, so it's easy for me to learn n' crap.


It's fermez la bouche. I'd like to tell you to do that now.


Isn't American English English?

A dialect.



Latin; quidquid latine dictum sit altum sonatur. Followed by English for its absolute precision.

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