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MegaMan ZX-The Biometal's Power(Started)(Still Accpeting)

Super Chaos Sonic

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[spoiler=Theme Song]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWOgIBLIJgk



[spoiler=Plot]After the fighting of what can be termed as the Second Maverick War comes to an end, Ciel and her research team begin doing research in an area known as the Outlands- a generally uninhabitable area outside of Neo Arcadia. The team comes across the remains of Doctor Weil's core from when he had merged with Ragnarok a decade earlier, and when the team comes into contact with it they begin to experience severe migraines. This core, which Ciel calls the W Core, begins to turn members of Ciel's team Maverick, mainly a Reploid named Serpent. Serpent ends up destroying the research team, and possibly Dr. Ciel, so Alouette, a young Reploid raised by Ciel, assumes command of the Resistance (who later become the Guardians).Your someone who has been touched by the Biometal,now you can use it to save others lifes or end them.You chose.



[spoiler=Website to help you]

Use this site to help you:




[spoiler=Biometals to choose from]Good:

Model X-Vent(Chaos Sonic)

Model Z-Zeke Tranis(KWLegend)

Model A-

Model OX-Daisuke(Genius Sage)

Model V-Raiko(Rucario)

Model G-Geo Tranis(KWLegend)



Model H-

Model F-Luster(Pragboy1)

Model L-

Model P-Alex(The Omega)

Model W Fragments (more than one can have it)-Clow,Reed,Claw,Jeraln(Rucario)




RP Name:




Weapon:(Depends on the Biometal)




[spoiler=My App]Username:Chaos Sonic

RP Name:Vent



Biometal:Model X

Weapon: X Buster





All rules apply


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