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The Spriters' Club™ (Accepting ALL Kinds Of Splices, Fakemon, Ect.!)


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[align=center]Welcome to the Splice Club.


I Am your club leader, bobo. Have a grand time.


Also, you can show your splices at any time to be rated.


[spoiler=[color=#800000]Notice[/color]]All important rules will be in bold.

[spoiler=[color=#800000]Rules[/color]] No stealing

No Spamming

No Flaming

No Harassing Other Members

All Other YCM Rules Apply

[spoiler=[color=#800000]Breaking Any Of These Rules Will Result In:]Breaking 1 Rule: A Warning

Breaking 2 Rules: A -Neg

Breaking 3 Rules: 2 -Negs, You Will Be Banned Form The Club, And you Will Be Reported.[/color]




[spoiler=[color=#800000]Form[/color]]YCM Name (Needed):

What You Would Like To Called:

Splice (Needed):


[spoiler=[color=#800000]Notice (The Squeal)[/color]]You can talk about (ALMOST) anything


[spoiler=[color=#800000]Ranks[/color]]Will be added later



bobo (bobo)

Master (Gonlax)

The Kiwi Master (ilikesharks2020)

Andrew{Durkee} (Andrew Baker)

Force (Force_Flex)

QuimicVital (MatiManyMow {Soon To Be:QuimicVital})


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when it comes to spliceing, i've yet to meet my equal. my splices have been called everything from epic to the best damned piece of art they've ever seen. it hink it's apporpriate i join.


YCM Name (Needed): Golnax

What You Would Like To Called: Master

Splice (Needed): my first splice ever.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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