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[DISC] Ojama Archetype

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So, we know 'em, we make fun of them, and we hate their lockdowns; the Ojama family. Recently, we've seen new cards in the latest sets that used to be JP promos only. Now that they're in the US, are these guys playable? Let's take an in-depth look at each of these guys in the entire archetype.


FIRST: The "Originals"


Ojama Yellow, Green, Black

All Light, Beast, 2 stars, 0/1000.

Basically useless except for the fusion(in some cases). They're all stupid and useless by themselves, as we already know, of course.


Ojama King

Light, Beast, 6 star fusion(you know what it's made out of), 0/3000

The start of many potential lockdowns in good conditions, IMO. Taking 3 monster spaces is nightmarish, and Ground Collapse can devastate an opponent comboed with this. What you guys think is up to you.


Ojama Kinght

Light, Beast, 5 star fusion(you should know this too), 0/2500 Combined with the Magical Hats strategy I'll briefly explain with Ojamagic soon, and two polymerizations, you have the opponent's field locked down. Protect the fusions with some S/T support and you're set.


SECOND: The Spells and Traps


Ojama Delta Hurricane!!

Normal Spell, destroys all cards on op.'s field if you control all 3 originals. But how often will this be possible? Summoning all of them is one(really agitating)thing. But finding a place for this card in any deck? Not very possible.


Ojama Trio

Trap, special summons 3 non-sac'able tokens that take 300 lp when they die. Isn't it annoying? I ran this card last year and made several people hate me, but then again everybody(including me)sucked as we were in a Middle School cafeteria when we played. But if you think like me, I think you really don't wanna go up against this card.



Spell, adds the originals into your hand when discarded. Basically it's an instant fusion with good timing. Use it with Magical Hats to get SIX WHOLE OJAMAS! Yay...



Spell, destroys all Ojamas on field(including Ojama Trio tokens)and gives 1000 ATK to OKing for each one. I guess it could be used(never).


And now, what we've(possibly) been waiting for...




Ojama Country


Field. Switches ATK and DEF of all monsters if you have an Ojama, and once per turn you can discard an Ojama card(even a Spell or Trap, like Ojamagic...) to special summon an Ojama from your Graveyard. This is what many Ojama players(I think there were four) were waiting for. There's so much you can do with this thing, especially since most good monsters these days are lacking in the DEF department. Watch as Ojama King plows through your opponent!!


Ojama Blue


Same stats as originals, but has an effect!! When he's destroyed by battle, you can add two Ojama cards(even S/Ts)into your hand from your deck. This idea is MAYBE hard to pull off, since your opponent may see this coming(if they know of him), but this sets up WAY too many good strategies with the archetype. Think of the possibilities!


Ojama Red


Same stats, but A DIFFERENT EFFECT!! Normal summon him and you can special summon up to four Ojamas from your hand. If you discard Ojamagic for Ojama Country's effect, then use Ojama Delta Hurricane, your opponent's kinda... f*cked. Instant 5000 if PULLED OFF CORRECTLY. There are many variables with this strategy, as well as VERY simple counters. If you use it at the wrong time, you're screwed, but the aforementioned strategy can be pulled off with some Ojama Blue help.


Now, as we've seen here, the three new cards take these guys onto A WHOLE 'NOTHER PLANE OF EXISTENCE(to some, maybe one 'cool' level higher. To others, 2-4). Many more combos are possible thanks to these fugly little guys and their new home. What do YOU think, dudes? And dudettes.

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cool. Now all they need is Ojama White, and then you could fuse Red, White, and Blue to create Barack Ojama!


Bad joke aside, the Ojamas did get some support, but they are still too weak to use competitively. I don't know what could make them competitive.

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Everything that could be said about these cards has.

They need a win condition.


DNA Surgery


Limiter Remover


Best thing they have going for them.


The best thing they have going for them is a 2-card combo where each part is a dead draw without the other, one part is Limited, and neither part is searchable?


I think not.

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