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Man, this is just too good. Just goes to show the kind of people that play online, no?


Currently reading the full document, but for those who don't want to read it (or the website), lemme put it shortly:



55-year old college professor David Myers did an experiment to see the interaction between online gamers by creating the hero Twixt (the above character) in City of Heroes/Villans. He often fought other players (only villains, though) by teleporting them to a, in a sense, "robotic firing squad", which finished them off quickly. This led to him making mass kills while rarely being killed himself. Athough deemed ok by the game's standards, it was settled by gamers that such tactics were cheap and unfair. What happened? By playing by the game's rules (over the course of a year, I believe), he became notorious and hated among the community, receiving threats and slurs, having people band together to try and kill him, and even being accused of being a pedophile and racist.


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"...by teleporting them to a' date=' in a sense, "robotic firing squad", which finished them off quickly."





Twixt's power is to teleport nearby enemies to nearby locations. SOOOOO it's not cheating.

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We sometimes borrow a DS from my Sisters friend, amd me and my Sister play New Super Mario Bros. I beat her sometimes (she is surprisingly good) but when she is winning, i just jump on her character. She gets so annoyed she turns the DS off and throws it away.



Surprisingly, the DS is still working. XD

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