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Yu-Gi-Oh! New Genesis! [Chapter 2 up]


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This is the new fan-fic i am working on.

Kyo's Deck so far: http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/thread-128733.html

Haruka's Deck so far: http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/thread-128005.html

[spoiler= Chapter 1:] Duel!

Kyo’s duel disk lit up, and displayed a glowing “4000” along the side. This was it. Kyo had been training since he was 10 to win this duel, the duel that would get him accepted into Duel Academy. He’s challenged everyone he knows back at Domino City. Slowly getting better so he could finally join the ranks of the Obelisk Blue students here at Duel Academy. Losing was not an option, and neither was Slifer Red. Win or leave, that’s what he promised to himself and that’s what he was going to do.

“Hey! You gonna make a move or just stand there with a dumb look on your face?”

Kyo looked up at the training instructor standing a few feet in front of him with an annoyed expression on his face.

“Sorry! Draw!”

Not a bad hand…

“I summon a monster in face-down defense position. Then ill set a card. Finally, I’ll activate the Continuous Spell card: ‘Neo Generator’, by your confused expression, I’m guessing you don’t know what this card does. Let me explain, every time you take battle damage, I gain the same amount you just lost, pretty cool huh?”

“Sure, you finished?” It seemed like the instructor was in a hurry.

Kyo didn’t want to disappoint him, so he ended his turn with a confident smile.

“Wipe that smirk off your face, you’re not in duel academy yet. Draw!”

He looked at his cards, then looked up. “I summon my Luster Dragon in Attack mode!”

A giant blue dragon appeared, then Growled, displaying a set of razor sharp teeth made of sapphire. “Attack his face-down monster with Sapphiric Fire!”

The dragon reared its head back, then coughed up a blue fire-ball.

Kyo grinned. “You call yourself an instructor? My face-down monster was ‘Neo Hero – Golem’! [EARTH/LVL3/500/2200].

A Behemoth made entirely of rock with gold trimmings appeared, carrying a giant Shield which deflected the fire-ball with ease. “You take 300 damage since my Golem has more defense then your Luster Dragon’s attack.” Kyo said “Which, thanks to my ‘Neo Generator’ spell card, also increases my Life Points by 300”. [Kyo: 4300/ Instructor: 3700]

Kyo’s opponent didn’t seem to mind that much. “I play two cards face down, and end my turn”

Kyo was happy. His training has done its job so far, and he was beaming with joy. Then he remembered not to get cocky, for he had lost a duel with his brother once for thinking the victory was his, before his opponent’s Life Points had hit 0. He was not going to repeat an error like that, especially in one of the most important duels of his life.


Perfect. “I summon my ‘Neo Hero – Plasman’ in attack position! [WATER/LVL2/1000/600]”

A humanoid-looking creature made of gelatinous goo appeared.

The instructor put on a fake expression of fear “I’m shaking…”

Kyo couldn’t help but get excited, duels do that to him. “You will be.”

“Plasman can act as a level 3 monster as well, so now I Synchro Summon! ‘Neo Hero – Glacier’, in Attack mode!” [WATER/LVL6/2200/2400]

Golem and Plasman disappeared, giving way to a massive Hulking creature with Ice erupting from its shoulders and head. For the first time, the instructor looked somewhat worried.

“Why are you so scared, you have two face-downs, right? They are traps aren’t they? You should be well protected from my attack…unless I have already thought of that, which I obviously have! I activate Giant Trunade!”

A giant hurricane washed over the Field, returning every spell and trap card on the field back to the owners hand.

“No! My traps!” The instructor looked quite flustered now.

Kyo’s smile widened. “now I am going to activate my ‘Neo Generator” spell card again.”

Kyo took a card from his hand, and placed it on his Duel disk. “I also activate ‘Neo Synchronization’!!” I pay 1000 Life Points to activate this card. When I do, I can Special Summon 1 extra neo hero monster from my hand each turn, and I Summon ‘Neo Hero – Static’!” [LIGHT/LVL3/1800/400]

[Kyo: 3300/ Instructor: 3700]

A black and yellow haired man appeared with gold armor and lightning stripes running down his black and blue suit.

“For every ‘Neo Hero’ on my side of the Field, Static gains 100 ATK. I don’t know about you, but I count two!” [LIGHT/LVL3/2000/400]

“He’s stronger then my Luster Dragon now!”

Kyo was getting into Obelisk blue, no question.

“Neo Hero Static, attack his luster dragon! Neo Shock!”

Lighting shot from Static’s hands, obliterating the sapphire-clad dragon.

[Kyo: 3400/ Instructor: 3600]

“Now, Glacier, attack his Life Points directly! Arctic Slash!”

Blades made out of ice came out of the massive creature’s hands, and it charged at the instructor who was wide open. “And, thanks to my Neo Generator, I gain however many Life Points you lose.”

[Kyo: 5600/ Instructor: 1400]

“Damn!” The instructor had gritted teeth and arched eyebrows now. “You’re not gonna beat me that easily you little punk!”

Kyo’s smile vanished, “we’ll see. I end my turn.”

The instructor drew a card. “I’ll start by getting rid of your Neo Generator! I activate ‘Mystical Space Typhoon!”

A small tornado blanketed Kyo’s spell card, leaving nothing behind.

“Now, I summon a monster in face-down defense position, place two cards face-down, and end my turn.”

Kyo sighed “that’s all? Well, ok, if u really want to lose, ill finish you off”

The instructor was back to his serious expression “Make your move.”

“Don’t mind if I do, draw!”

That’s when Kyo realized his new card was the only one in his hand. *Darn* he thought. *I better be careful*

“I will start by summoning my ‘Neo Hero – Gust’ in attack position!” [WIND/LVL3/900/900

A man with large green wings and one massive claw where one hand should be appeared.

“Now, Synchro Summon! Neo Hero – Gust, and Neo Hero – Static, to summon ‘Neo Hero – Stormshock’!”


A tall man with spiky black hair and large wings made of lightning came forth.

“Thanks to his effect, I can wipe out your two face-down cards when he’s summoned, so Ill guess I’m getting rid of those traps for a second time. He also gains 200 ATK and DEF for every neo hero I control.”


Both of the instructor’s face down cards were revealed, but neither of them were traps, just a couple of useless spell cards.

Kyo was shocked, “what?? I thought you would at least try to defend yourself! Looks like this’ll be easier than I thought! Glacier, attack his face down monster!”

The icy Giant lunged at the face down card with his blades, and the defending monster was flipped face up. It was a soft, small glob of goo.

Kyo’s eyes widened “Marshmallon!”

The instructor smiled. Glacier’s attack came down on the puffy opponent, only to be dodged.

“Marshmallon can’t be destroyed by battle. Also, when he’s attacked in face down defense position, you take 1000 points of damage!”

[Kyo: 4600/ Instructor: 1400]

*I can’t make another mistake like that, or it could cost me the duel!*

“I’ll end my turn” said Kyo.

“Good, I draw.” The instructor grinned. “I activate Hammer Shot! It destroys the monster with the highest ATK on the Field, which means your Stormshock is out of the picture!”

A giant wooden mallet appeared out of nowhere and slammed the top of Kyo’s monster, smashing it to bits.

“Now I summon another monster in face down defense position. Care to guess what it is? I’ll give you a hint, it’s another Marshmallon.”

Kyo frowned, “you’re a regular riot”

“I know. I end my turn.”

“Draw!” said Kyo hesitantly. He doubted it was another Marshmallon, but that doesn’t mean it’s something he wants to attack. He looked over the card, and smiled. *Looks like I don’t have to attack it after all.* “I summon my ‘Neo Hero – Booster’ in attack position! He gives all other Neo Heroes on my side of the Field 300 ATK giving my glacier 2500 ATK points. Now I switch him to defense position.”

The instructor threw up his hands, “oh no! Anything but that, please, put him back in ATK position, anything but DEF position.”

Kyo ignored the remark. *you won’t be making jokes after this*

“I activate my Neo Hero Glacier’s special power! While in defense position, he can attack your life points directly by cutting his ATK in half!” [1250/2400]

The instructor’s smirk turned into a worried frown.

“Now, Glacier, attack his life points directly!”

[instructor: 150]

“150 life points?! Damn!”

Kyo smiled. “I end my turn”

The instructor hesitated, and then drew a card. “You’re not gonna have a chance to make an ATK like that again, I assure you. I sacrifice my Marshmallon to summon my Luster Dragon #2!”

Kyo was un-impressed. “Big deal. He still can’t destroy my glacier”

“not right now, true. But I activate the Field Spell ‘Mountain’!”

Suddenly the ground began to tremble. Huge peaks emerged from the ground and grew to amazing sizes.

“With mountain on the field, all dragons gain an additional 200 ATK and DEF! Now, my Luster Dragon #2 has 2600 ATK. Destroy his Neo Hero my dragon!”

At that moment, Kyo stopped his surprised expression, and burst into a cry of joy. “I’m getting into duel academy!”

The instructor stood there dumb-founded. “Um, don’t you have to beat me first?”

Kyo stopped. “Huh? Oh, right! Remember the card I placed face down on my first turn? I activate it! Neo Signal!! When a neo hero monster is destroyed I can special summon another from my deck!”

The green fireball from the emerald covered dragon hit its target, and glacier tumbled down.

“Now!” said Kyo, “I summon my ‘Neo Hero - Firebird’!!” [FIRE/LVL3/1300/500]

The instructor still looked confused. “Did I miss something?”

Kyo chuckled “yes, yes you did! When my Firebird is summoned, you take 400 damage for each neo hero on my side of the field!”

The instructor went silent, “What?! No! That isn’t possible!” [Kyo: 4600/ Instructor: 0]

“it is!” Kyo was happier than he had ever been, he was getting into Obelisk blue for sure. Or at least Ra yellow, which he could also deal with.

“Congratulations. You dueled superbly, if not a little cocky…I am proud to accept you to this academy, not only that, but I welcome you to Obeli—“

“Slifer Red!”

Kyo froze. Both he and the instructor looked in the direction of the voice. Standing with his arms crossed, a guy with green hair and green eyes, wearing an Obelisk blue duel Jacket and a black turtleneck was frowning.

The instructor appointed the mystery intruder. “But Mr. Yoshida, he passed the duel exam with extra Life Points, surely he is fit for at least Ra Yellow?”

“No, I saw his duel, Obelisk Blue doesn’t need cocky, ignorant Duelists. And I would rather not Force Ra yellow to deal with him either. People like him belong only in Slifer red.

Kyo was filled with Anger. How dare this person, whoever he was, stop Kyo from fulfilling his dream. He wouldn’t stand for it.

“Who the hell do you think you are?? I earned Obelisk Blue! You can’t take that away from me!”

“First off, I’m Haruka Yoshida, owner of Duel academy, so you better treat me with some respect. Second, I CAN take it away from you. You would give Obelisk blue a bad name, and I can’t allow that.”

Kyo couldn’t believe this. He’d never met this guy in his life. He wasn’t going to stand by and let this jerk push him around. “Hey Haruka Yoshi-jerk! I challenge you to a duel! If I win, I get a higher ranking dorm. If you win, I go to Slifer red, no questions asked.”

“Why the hell would I accept that challenge? I can put you wherever I please.”

“Because everyone would know you rejected a duel from some Slifer slacker.”

Kyo could tell this struck one of Haruka’s Nerves.

“Fine, you insolent brat. After I beat you, you can rot away in that shack of a dorm and I’ll never have to hear from you again.”

Kyo grinned. He had his chance to hit two birds with one stone.



[spoiler=Chapter 2:] Kyo stood ready, no joking around with this guy. He was going to beat him, and earn Obelisk Blue for a second time. This was his first duel against a real duelist using a real deck, and Haruka was supposedly one of the best.

Haruka stood a few feet away drawing his cards. Kyo did the same.

“As you have an automatic disadvantage, you can go first. We both know who is going to win.” Haruka said, with an unchanging expression.

“Very well, I draw!”

Kyo was happy with his hand, and started. “I summon a monster face down, and then I activate ‘Neo Generator’! Every time you take battle damage, I gain that amount. I end my turn.”

“Do you have any originality? Oh wait, you forgot to set a card like you did last time. I think your brain is dying under the pressure of dueling a pro like me.” Again, Haruka had no expression as he said this.

“Oh do you ever shut up? Honestly, your ego is bigger than this stadium!”

Haruka frowned, “I draw; now I activate ‘Nobleman of Crossout’! This removes one face down monster of my choice from play, any clue as to which card I pick?”

Kyo Frowned, “I can think of one.”

“Well, what do you know, this kid has a brain! I select your face down monster!”

Kyo’s card was revealed and ‘Neo Hero – Golem’ was removed from the game. “You also have to remove any other Golem’s in your Deck!”

“Well good thing for me I don’t have any more.” Replied Kyo.

“Then I guess I’ll carry on with my turn, I Summon my ‘Memory Breaker’ in attack position!” [LIGHT/LVL4/1200/2000]

A pale man with a long pointed hat and a long black robe appeared, carrying a rounded staff with a glowing ball of green energy at the tip.

“Now I activate his effect! I can pay 1000 Life Points to destroy every card in your hand! You then take 500 damage for each spell card lost!”

“What?!” Kyo didn’t like this, he had planned his strategy, and now it was ruined. He sent his 4 cards to the grave, 2 of which were Spell cards. “Excellent” said Haruka “now you take 1000 damage!”

[Kyo: 3000/ Haruka: 3000]

*Damn! I don’t have any cards in my hand!*

“There is a slight drawback to my memory breaker’s effect. You now get to draw 3 cards from your deck, not that it matters.”

Relief washed over Kyo. At least he wouldn’t lose in 2 turns. He drew his cards.

“Now” said Haruka “Attack him directly!”

Memory Breaker lifted his staff, then shot green energy at Kyo.

[Kyo: 1800/ Haruka: 3000]

Kyo didn’t like this at all. Haruka really is a pro.

“I’ll end my turn by placing a card face down.”

Kyo was relieved it was his turn again. “Draw!”

“I’ll start by summoning my ‘Neo Hero – Guardian’ in attack position!” [EARTH/LVL3/400/1650]

A crimson armored man with gold shoulder plates appeared.

“When he is summoned, I can automatically summon another neo hero from my hand! And I’ll choose ‘Neo Hero – Gust’ in attack position!” [WIND/LVL3/900/900]

Haruka didn’t seem to mind “Neither of them is strong enough to destroy my memory breaker.”

Kyo grinned, “I activate my Neo hero – Gust’s effect! I can destroy a spell or trap card on the field by giving up 500 Life Points, and he gains 400 ATK for each one! I’ll destroy your Face down!”

[Kyo: 1300/ Haruka: 3000]

Gust flew into the air, and fired a bolt of green energy from his wings at the face down card.

Haruka gritted his teeth “You’ll regret that.”

Kyo couldn’t help but smile, “I doubt it. Gust now has 1300 ATK. Just enough to kick your Memory Breaker all the way to the Grave. Attack!”

Once again, Gust flew into the air, and hurled a bolt of emerald energy at Haruka’s monster.

“And since my Neo Generator is still on the Field, I gain however many life points you lose.”

[Kyo: 1400/ Haruka: 2900]

“Now guardian can attack you directly! Neonic Charge! “

Guardian lunged at Haruka and jabbed a fist into his stomach.

“Dammit!” Haruka growled.

[Kyo: 1800/ Haruka: 2100]

“I’ll end my turn.” Said Kyo triumphantly.

Haruka drew a card. “About time.”

“I’ll start by placing a monster face down on my side of the Field, and then I’ll set a card, and end my turn.”

Kyo didn’t like all the face down cards. “Draw!”

“I summon my Neo Hero – Static! Now I Tune him with Gust, to Synchro summon ‘Neo Hero – Stormshock’! You know what he does don’t you! When he’s summoned, I can destroy all spell and trap cards on the Field. I lose my Neo Generator, but you lose your face down card!”

Stormshock shot into the air, and hurled 2 lightning bolts, one for Kyo’s neo generator, the other for Haruka’s Face down card. Both were smashed to bits, and removed from the field.

“He also gains 200 ATK and DEF for every neo hero on my side of the field [2800/2800]. Now, attack his monster! Neonic Storm!”

Kyo’s Neo hero brought his arm back to charge his attack when Haruka’s face down monster was revealed. A pale lad with spiky black hair and a long black trench coat. [LIGHT/LVL4/1600/1000]

“Ha! You’ve triggered my ‘Telepathic Mind Crusher’s Special ability! When he’s destroyed by battle, I take control of the monster that destroyed him!”

Kyo’s eyes widened “what?!”

Telepathic Mind Crusher disappeared and gave way for a new monster. Stormshock hesitantly moved across the Field, and turned to face Kyo.

“Now you can witness the true power of my telepathic deck!”

Kyo hated to see his Neo Hero in the hands of a jerk like Haruka, but there was nothing he could do. “I’ll switch my neo hero guardian to defense position, place one card face down, and end my turn. Remember, since Stormshock is on your side now, he loses 200 ATK and DEF points. [2600/2600]”

Haruka shrugged. “Big deal, he won’t be here for long.”

He drew a card and looked up at Kyo. “You lose, punk. I hope you get acquainted with your new friends at Slifer red.”

Kyo didn’t know what to say. “You’re bluffing!”

“Am I?” replied Haruka “I first activate the spell card, Double Summon! This lets me normal summon one extra time this turn. Now I summon my Telepathic Mage! [LIGHT/LVL4/1900/1200] His effect prevents you from using Spell cards so long as I pay 500 Life points each time you try. But I’m not finished, I tribute Neo Hero Stormshock to summon my ‘Trap Telepath’! This makes all Trap cards useless as well.”[LIGHT/LVL6/2400/1000]

Kyo shuddered, “No!”

Haruka smirked, “yes.”

“Time to put you in your place! Telepathic Mage, attack his Guardian!”

Haruka’s monster raised his staff and shot a stream of green magic at Kyo’s Neo Hero, leaving nothing but dust.

“Now, Trap Telepath, attack him directly! End this!”

The tall magician twirled his staff and pointed it at Kyo, releasing jolts of energy at the same time.

“Gah!” Kyo screamed.

[Kyo: 0/ Haruka: 2100]

All the monsters disappeared, leaving Kyo and Haruka. “Damn it!” Kyo couldn’t believe he lost. Especially since he would have to either join Slifer Red or leave duel academy.

The instructor was in awe from the duel he just witnessed then stood up straight. “Shall I escort Mr. Kimora to his dorm, sir?”

Haruka had his back to Kyo. “Yes, put him in Ra yellow.”

Kyo looked up in surprise “what?”

Haruka looked back and grinned. “Don’t be so quick to judge someone.”

Kyo couldn’t decide, should he be happy he would be put in Ra yellow and not Slifer red, or should he be mad that the only reason for this was because he had lost a duel. “Hey, Haruka.”

Haruka paused, “what?”

Kyo thought for a bit. “I thank you for the offer, but I must reject. I will go to the red dorm. However, I will train and get stronger, and I hope that when I am ready, we will duel again, so I can rightfully earn my way into Ra or Obelisk. Deal?”

Haruka started walking away, “whatever, your loss”.

The instructor looked at Kyo then said “Well, if that’s settled, ill lead you to your dorm so you can get unpacked.”

Kyo replied with a smile “Why would I unpack, I won’t be in Slifer red for long.” He gathered up his things and followed the instructor out of the training stadium to a small shack by the beach.

“Well” he said, looking at the make-shift dorm “Time to meet my temporary room-mates.”




[spoiler= Characters so far] [spoiler= Kyo Kimora] 358aurl.jpg

[spoiler= Haruka Yoshida] 2l9tpap.jpg



the pics were drawn by me.

so tell me what you guys think. ^_^

this is my first fan-fic btw :D

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nice chapter...i love your cards....just you synchro summoned Neo Hero - Glacier and Stormshock but he is a Fusion monster...lol

this could be a good fic...just i didn't heard for a Neo Synchronization...could you post it?


yea' date=' dont look at that thread, that was the old neo heroes, i am going to post the upgraded versions soon. they will be synchros and tuners instead of fusions. and im also going to post neo synchronization.


I like it so far. Maybe space it out a bit for so it isn't so messy.

it was spaced out a lot, but when i copied it over from microsoft word, it crammed >.< lol

thx though! ^_^

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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster

Where is the originality? Honestly, my GXR is more original than this, and it actually admits that it's a remake. It would seem you've just changed the names...

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the only similarities are duel academy, and the main char dueling an instructor to get in.

i rlly dont see how its an exact copy.

maybe u are saying that be cuz you saw the neo heroes thread. they are almost exactly like jaiden's e heroes. thats why i changed them to synchros and tuners.

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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster

Kimora and Yoshida are exactly the same as Jaden and Crowler...


Man, that's weird. I still think of Yoshida Kazumi. O,x


Although, to be honest, if I ran a dorm, I'd hesitate to accept Kimora...

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Kimora and Yoshida are exactly the same as Jaden and Crowler...


Man' date=' that's weird. I still think of Yoshida Kazumi. O,x


Although, to be honest, if I ran a dorm, I'd hesitate to accept Kimora...




i dont think kyo is that much like jaden, they just have the same color hair.

yoshida is nothing like crowler xD hes more of a zane/kaiba

why wouldnt u accept kyo? :P xD

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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster

Kimora and Yoshida are exactly the same as Jaden and Crowler...


Man' date=' that's weird. I still think of Yoshida Kazumi. O,x


Although, to be honest, if I ran a dorm, I'd hesitate to accept Kimora...




i dont think kyo is that much like jaden, they just have the same color hair.

yoshida is nothing like crowler xD hes more of a zane/kaiba

why wouldnt u accept kyo? :P xD


No, he does behave in a much similar way.

They certainly play the same roles.

Because his personality and dueling style remind me of Goku and Naruto. I loathe Goku and Naruto.

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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster

Less double-posting?


Also, Kimora's ego is bigger than the stadium he plays in. Unless, of course, typical Slifer Red conditions aren't exposed. Yoshida's getting better, though. Good judge of character, if one with far too great an ego.

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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster

Meh. I'm more for the Ryo-esque "egotist bastard with a sense of honor." Mostly because I am one, but...

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Okay I just finished reading both chapters, and I really like haruka, and no it's not cause the way he acts, I kinda think he's a wise ass, but I love the telepathic monsters so ya, kyos ok but I only like two of the neo Heros, freezer And flammer, and he acts kinda childish

So far I like the story line I'm just axious to who his roomates are, cause I want to find one who has my personality so I can really get into this fanfic :)

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well duh, did the duel academy tip u off? xD

i think YGO GX had a wierd modern feeling to it (the original YGO was still better of course) but i like the monsters and art of the new YGO cards. i tried to get that feeling into this story. hope it worked xD

thx for commenting sleepy! ^_^

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