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YCM King Of Games IV [Finshed/Monkey is your King]

Legend Zero

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Welcome to YCM King of Games. This will be the 4th edition of this tournament. There will be 4 rounds.


Judges (PM me to judge)

1. Legend Zero

2. The Flying Platypus

3. comanderikari



1. DesCrow 7.8, 8.2, 9.4, 8=8.35

6. Genius Sage 8.4, 9, 8.3, 8.5=8.55

8. Monkey 9, 9.3, 8.7, 9.6=9.15

14. Poisonedbite 7.8, 8.4, 8.8, 9.4=8.6



1st: Title of King of Games/ 240 points 3 rep

2nd: 170 points 2 rep

3rd: 130 points 1 rep



[spoiler=A digitized Flash Set by Yangninja]

This contest is certified to offer a Digitized Flash Set.

What is it?: If you've played Yugioh Power of Chaos. It basically shows a card list gallery with your cards in them :)

Example?: you can see a simple example HERE!!!

How Rare is it to find one?: This prize is placed in a contest about once a fortnight and only first prize can receive it so yeah It is pretty rare.




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4 empty spots left.

hope some good challengers will join ^.^



Comanderkari said:

i will be a strict judge that jughes OCG as 90% of the cards worth muwahahahaha.....lol jk tnx for leting me be a judge lz


so...if we write : Draw 1 card from your Deck.


So..no mistake,taht menas 90% of the points are in. 90/100 ;p



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