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Welcome to Team Gurren. When people talk about Team Gurren's badass leader, they mean me! Do you think you have what it takes to be part of Team Gurren?! Here we discuss anything related to anime, hold competitions, and show just how badass we can be.


[spoiler=Members of Team Gurren]

- Shradow: Metabee {Leader}

- Roxas: Naruto Uzumaki {Co-Leader}

- Nazello: Kaitou Kid {Co-Leader}

- galesonic: Hirano

- KWLegend: Tsuna

- Finale Shot: Nora

- Ramanga: Reborn

- Xirno: Son Gohan

- .:Mídníght Thíef:.: Edward Elric

- Fire Haze: Shana

- :.Untouched.:: Ovan "The Rebirth"

- X-31 Fighter: Xerxes Break

- Kira the Ultimate Force: Light Yagami

- Sakuya Izayoi: Simon

- Pmac: Monkey D. Luffy

- TitanKing: Lordgenome





[spoiler=Application to Team Gurren]


Favorite Anime/Manga:

Anime/Manga Character You Would Like To Be:





[spoiler=Team Gurren Team Mates (Affiliates)]If you want to team up with us, just ask!



- Otaclub! The Otaku Club of YCM!





[spoiler=Team Gurren Guidelines]

- Standard YCM rules apply.

- Members will be removed from the club list if banned on YCM.

- Removed members, unless on the ban list, must re-apply to be included in Team Gurren.

- My Co-Leader(s) has complete control about kicking people out, allowing people in, beginning club contests, etc. in my absence.

- When posting, please use spoilers if necessary.





[spoiler=Team Gurren Insignia (Banner)]



^ Made by Kira ^





[spoiler=Team Gurren Competition]






[spoiler=Who The Hell Do You Think We Are? (Warning List)]

None so far, and it better stay that way!





[spoiler=Get The Hell Out Of Here! (Banned List)]

None so far, and it better stay that way!





[spoiler=The 100 Rules of Anime]





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I have now added a feature of this club called "Anime of the Week". Now, we try to keep all topics related to that anime. First, I've chosen the anime, that inspired this club, Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann.


First of all, who's your favorite character? For me, definitely Kamina. If you don't know who he is, look in my sig.

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