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My 2100th Post, YAY! (Some Anime E-Heroes)

Flash Flyer - Sakura

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Here are some new Elemental Hero monsters I made. Hopefully all the cards I post are Anime-related but if it's in wrong forum, feel free to move this, Icyblue.





NOTE: Most of these cards were made a couple months back, when I still was new to the forum. So OCG may be kinda off, so don't comment on that.


Credit goes to Photobucket for the pictures.


Rate, Cnc, comment, critique, etc.

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I agree these are good cards' date=' can I suggest Elemental Hero Negi (wind monster from NEgima) Hero Edward and Al (full metal) Kenshin (Rorouni kenshin)



Sorry I don't watch those animes. I only do ones I've seen before, which are Naruto, Yugioh and Pokemon.


Normals needs effects pics are awesome 9/10


Well I made some more vanillas


Nice but cursed Sasuke is evil.

It would be cooler to write Evil Hero Sasuke.


Well it's an evil version of Sasuke, but the original Sasuke is an E-Hero

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