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Render Pack

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OK, Everytime i Render a pic, I Will put it in a Pack, i have 5 spots, And you can Use any Render from it, Every time i Update the Pack, i will give U the New Pack. Only 3 stars and up Members can Have.

HR: 10! Well, You can Use them for GFX, No Selling, No Giving, Must give credit

FR: 250; U Can Use for requests, Your Stuff, Normal FR.

FOR: 600; well, Use for Anything, GFX, Shop orders, Selling, ( Must Give Half of money to me, must Sell at THESE Prices^ ) U can Say its Yours, but cant say U Rendered them, Dont have to Give credit.

Lol, AOHPOR ( Absolutely 100% Owners right ): 5000! ^ Those Rights, but If Selling, U can Keep all money, Still have to Sell at these Prices, and can Say U Made it.

People with it:



i Will PM U the Pack,

If this doesnt go here, Move it to Where it DOES Belong. and, BR DOESNT HAVE THESE RENDERS, ONLY I DO.



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