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Pokemon Platinum - The Review


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The Review.



The second most sucessful video game franchise in history, outdone only by Mario. Mario has been around since 1980, Pokemon since 1998.

So overall, Pokemon is more succesful for the amount of time it's been around.

It's that big.



This is going to be a difficult review to write. My love of Pokemon is huge, I have played every single game to the death since I was 4, and I have beaten Diamond/Pearl in the space of 8 Hours and 52 minutes.

In short, I am dedicated.

But this isn't about bragging. No, it's about Platinum.


The Old Pokemon Rabbit Hole

Platinum is an absolute milestone. It is wonderfully in depth, highly entertaining and a joy to play. Game Freak, give yourselves a pat on the back. Despite it's similarities to D/P, there's enough difference to make you want to do it all over again. A new Pokedex, new Formes, new storyline. It's great. But the similarities are still there.


Deja Vu, Pikachu!

For starters, the starters. They are the same. The entire prelude to your adventure remains almost unchanged. The only difference is you battle your rival straight away (winning or losing makes no difference to the game) and that you don't steal 'em from Proffessor Rowan's briefcase, he gives them to you. That's it. To some, that may sound like a lot, but it is nothing when playing the game.


The controls and battles remain unchanged also. Again, you run through tall grass to find 'em, weaken 'em and throw balls at 'em to catch 'em, and then retreat to the Pokemon Center PC to check on 'em. Apart from the battle screen and attacks looking a tad more polished, they remain the same. The SAME. SAME is the key word.


The graphics again, are........you guessed it, the SAME. Dadadada-dada! The pseudo-three dimensional graphics, despite looking nice, are the same, yet again. The towns are identical to the D/P towns as are most of the people sprites. The PokeSprites, on the other hand, are interesting. Their battle animation/cry rountine has been reversed. The mouths of Hippowdon are closed, the heads of Luxrays are now bowed. This gives the illusion that battles are different to D/P.



Distort my world, baby

Then we come to my favourite part of the game, the DISTORTION WORLD. It looks the physical embodiment of a Beatle's song, or an LSD dream. The gravity and platforms are all messed up, you can surf up waterfalls, the laws of Physics are mocked and spat on. It's absolutely beautiful. The graphics are now three-dimensional, the sound effects are wonderfully polished and the music is a work of computerised art. This is pure gaming gold.



Drop the drums, add bass

The music. Oh, the music. It's some of the best videogaming music I've heard. When you reach the Pokemon League building, just stand outside it (this must be during the day) and listen. It brought tears to my eyes. The complex bassline, the sweet, gentle melody, it's art. It's pure art. I have only heard better gaming music in MGS4 and Mario Galaxy.



Connect your world!

The Global Terminal (formerly GTS) and the Battle Frontier are great. The connection quality is great for the DS, it's addictive and fun. The Battle Frontier gives the game a much-needed distraction and lots of fun for all. The Battle Tower has become the Battle Frontier. Though, all of the Frontier challenges are simply variations of the Battle Tower, they are a much needed distraction, and they will surely add another 50 or so hours to the game (if you want to complete them all).



The Final Word

[+] New PokeForms

[+] New Battle Frontier and Global Terminal

[+] Distortion World is EPIN!

[+] Soundtrack and effects are beautiful to the ear

[-] It's still the same!


All in all, it deserves:


My reasoning? It's a beautiful game that's more addictive than processed cheese and the Distortion World is wonderfully psychedelic. The music slides out of the speakers with such grace and elegance.



By Alfred P*****-G****

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I liked that you gave it your own style of review. Very well written. But one part im not getting is this:


that you don't steal 'em from Proffessor Rowan's briefcase' date=' he gives them to you.



I thought Rowan wasnt in Platinum? :?


Very good review though.

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great review. i haven't goten it yet and my friend said it sucked (hehe not a chance) and i believed him. now i want to buy this game. for me emerald was the best game and reading this review bringing the battle frontier to Platinum is great.

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if you want to battle/trade my friend code is 2664-9179-0082 DAWN . if any one wants to trade me cyndiquil or todedile i will give you a lvl 100 giratina, gliscor, or mightyena for either cyndiquil or todedile. just let me know by the 4:00pm or sooner today.

the johto and kento had the best songs

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