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Im slowly dying...


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anyways, now that your in this thread, please help me. I've been really screwing around with my Sleep Cycle nowadays(summer, lol), and now im f*cked. I cant go too sleep during the night, and its really hard for me not to go to sleep during the day. Whaddya know, im nocturnal. I've been trying too get my self too sleep by reading and shiz, and thats not really working out well. I've read 3 books of Harry Potter already. so if you guys know any ways of changing your sleep cycle that dont have anything too do with





~The Opera



Then please tell me. I really need too change my sleep. D:


Guess what the time is right now at my place. 6 am. Havent gone too sleep yet. Damn Sirius Black! Damn him!

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Dude, SAME HERE. It's 6 AM and the only thing I can think to do is troll the poor kids in Role Play.


I woke up at 5 PM today too. Embarassing.


Dude, just force yourself to go to sleep. Stop posting, just force the computer off and force the sleep.

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I wish i could do that. For some reason if i did just turn off the computer all i would do is just sit in bed and have my eyes closed for about an hour then get back up. Thats whats been happening to me for the past couple days.

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no the real awnser is

take some strong anti hystimene tablets = Strong Heyfever tablets

some people with mild insomnia do it and it sends them to sleep just be sure

to take it at 8 and you will fall asleep by 10:00 I've done it before bud ;D





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I know what you mean.

During the school season, I was about to close my eyes and the school bell rang.


The only way to get through this is to not think about it.

The more you concentrate on wanting to sleep or such, thoughts of the past or the desire of the future will come to mind, having the mind not rest.


So in other words: don't think too much or you'll be up at night thinking and not dreaming or whatnot.

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Guest Morpheous Erebos

Just take a daily Valium. It's safe and effective. Its sole purpose is to help you sleep! Or just calm down enough so you can...

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Well, here is what you should do...

-Drink milk.

-Do a couple exercises.

-Eat leftover turkey or a bunch of carbohydrates.

-Get rid of all stress.

-Put a fan on.

-Knock yourself out.

-Buy a little sound making device that has the options of beach, rainforest, seaside, and white noise.


That's about it.

You probably were thinking this was going to turn into the 40 or more option lists I always do, weren't you? XD

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