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This is my favorite Ritual Monster. But it's terrible.

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According to the Wikia, Chakra (the coolest yet absolutely terrible) Ritual Monster in the game is going to be released in Ancient Prophecy. My question is, why now? It's like seven years old, and it's absolutely terrible. Anyway, does anyone know if this is true?

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It's good to release it now as it's an alternate win condition.


Chakra OTK:

This OTK needs no setup.

1. Say: "You know what I have in my hand?"

2. Your opponent may guess anything, or say "No."

3. Then you scream: "CHAKRA!" and shows him the picture of this card.

4. Your opponent becomes unconscious by the terryfying picture and forfeits the duel.


Best OTK evah?

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Allure bait with Preparations(still there are better options) and um....other than that....no real uses at all....well, not much to really discuss about this card. Norsewemko is pretty much superior as a level 7 ritual as is Legendary Flame Lord and Demise is still superior over every other ritual at this point. This beats out things like Hungry Burger and Performance of Sword however so at least he can take pride that he is not the most fail ritual ever.


Though he looks so damn awesome I'm kinda tempted to make a just for fun deck off of him now.


Hmmm, I had a weird idea with him if only Dimension Fusion were still legal.

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