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zork black dorm


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i am making a clan of my own for this website, and its called zork black. this dorm is a dorm for a couple of people from the forum to join. if you become a member we can share deck idears, deck help with decks as soon as you post so no waiting, prvate stagies, duel online, trade cards, help with card creating. their will be five spots avalible at first then ill recrute again. pm and ill tell you how to join zork black. also you will need a http://www.tektek.org/dream/ zork dorm avatar to show your in the clan aswell. if you have any questions plz post them ere.


current members

maddog mat - dorm leader


Evan20000 - first member


Death12328 -second member


elsandero -third mmber

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yer sure just send me the link of ur sprite and ill add you to the dorm, also BS our clan is going to be abit different to yours since we will will make priority to our clans deck idears, card creation, card trade ect. this will mean less waiting around

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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