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Magic God Cards


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Throne of Rebirth

-You lose 4 cards and gain 3 (-1). Still, summoning any 3 monster from your graveyard to the field in 1 turn is broken. Also, I would change the name, after all, a throne only fits 1 person, lol.


Spirit of Grace

-Discard 5, tribute 3 mons, and you lose this card (-8!!!). You gain life but you completely loose your field advantage. This card is practically a suicide machine. I recommend changing it to: ?Tribute 1 monster with an ATK of 2000 or more. Increase your Life Points by 3000.?


Demon of Greed

-You loose 3 cards and gain 5 (+2). Overpowerd.

Recommended Change: ?Tribute up to 2 monsters you control. Draw a number of cards from your deck equal to the number of monsters tributed +1." This will allow you to draw 1 to 3 cards for an equal cost.


Summoning Mage

-No need to keep the life point cost because of its rare any player has more than five cards, other than the opening hand. So, because of the opening hand, I recommend the following change:

?Discard 5 cards from your hand. Search your deck for a Monster Card that can be Normal Summoned and Special Summon it to the field.?


Sage of Power

-This is ok I guess. The high cost guarantees a short stay.


Total Checkmate

-Yup, this is ok too. It?s so incredibly situational one would ever be able to pull it off frequently enough to abuse it.


Hope these suggestions help.

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