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Which is better?  

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  1. 1. Which is better?

    • Coke
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    • I dont like neither at all

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This thread is spam :wink:


Please visit FrunkSpace Industries!


Please note: The following message is almost entirely sarcastic, but FrunkSpace is still real. I voted yes in the poll. :lol:


In an attempt to sub-publicly ridicule that MySpace s... Um, stuff... I have created FrunkSpace. FrunkSpace is a select community of YCM members who are Frunk's friends. To become my friend, you must do something... I don't know what yet. Erm, anyway, if you want to be my friend, you must make a post in this thread, I don't know what about, but something that is more than "Can I be your friend?". The purpose of FrunkSpace is... unknown. I sort felt like deleting my entire signature and putting something new, which has been inspired by BS, literally, and metaphorically. As the creator of FrunkSpace, I hereby reserve the right to not let you make any clubs similar to FrunkSpace, and will enforce this using my Super Moderator Black Magic.


Recently, after a two-month closure, FrunkSpace is back, bigger, and better, quite literally. Azmania2260 has created FrunkSpace Industries in an attempt to self-promote, no doubt. Currently, FrunkSpace itself is still quite useless, but you can still feel free to join the list of Frunk's "friends" below, by making a reply that is atleast slightly entertaining, amusing, or interesting. Once you have passed this very simple prerequisite, you may apply for a fantasy job here at FrunkSpace, and there are many example below, and currently, you are only bound by your imagination.


Cheers, Frunk, founder of FrunkSpace.


Frunk currently has 53 friends. :D


HORUS - Frunk's Lawyer

KA Flame - Executionist

BS - Frunk's Right Hand Man

Max - Masseur

free2rhyme -

Tkill93 - Female Body Inspector

the Slime Lord - Slime Retailer

darkguy00000 -

Danilus - Frunk's Personal Bodygaurd

danman -


Weather Duelist - Weather Man

Falling Pizza - Pizza Delivery Man

SomeGuy - Chilli Sampler

elsandero - Architect

Paranoia_Survivor - Item Holder

Tiaga3 -

pie -

Wicket02 - Axeman

bastionsgirl - Frunk's Right Hand Woman

Poc - The Troll


OldMaster - Hamster tamer

donpatch101 - Brain Surgeon

happybunny gogoboots - Mood Enhancer

static -

Yorobot - Chief Video Game Consultant

Cyber end Dragon Ruler - Crazy-Warehouse Guy

Shaymin -

Big Boy -

DuelingHorus - Game Show Host

Bdiddy -


xbon -

Azmania2260 - FrunkSpace Industries CEO

RainbowNeos -

itasashin - Emo kid

Yami Cookie1145 - Barmy Army General

Azuh - Dentist and Stripper

rowan_thewolfgod - Toilet Flusher and Pixie Swatter

bennyman -

Bloodrun -

Dark_Vortex - Frunk's personal "I agree, Frunk" man


Yankeefan07 -

altemon -

cyberdude - Frunk's personal escort

Flame Dragon - Building Contractor

da clown of hell -

JK Rewrite - Spam Artist

Darkness King2007 -

Dragon Master -

Serrenox -

Anarchy07 -


nukyasu -

daxinator -

D-Vader -

Derek_Whaley -

bobscholtz911911 -

Darkthorne -

Byakuya_Remixed - Proffesional Coffee Drinker


Unless you're a MySpace fan, vote 'Yes' in the poll, that is the point.

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Yay! I'm just realising this entire thread is spam, oh well, if we had a Rant section, it would fit in perfectly. 8) Basically, to become my friend, you have to make a post that contains;

A. Something I find amusing

B. Something I find intereesting

C. Something I find cool

D. All of the above

E. Write a short paragraph on why you are my friend

F. None of the above (Wing it if you wanna)

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im you friend right if not i will attack your side of the moon!


Okay' date=' it would be suicide though... :twisted:


Frunk currently has 2 friends :(


Yep, Im pretty much awsome. Add me up Frunk.


Pretty lame post, but because of your new avatar...


Frunk currently has 3 friends :(




Nice, in the Dark Side of the Moon collection, there will be a card named "Frunk" and a different one that uses that pic. Oh, and the card would better be Dark Attribute, but anyway...


Frunk currently has 4 friends :?

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yes i will join. it would be an honor and a privilege to be a friend you frunk.




Frunk currently has 5 friends.


I want to be your friend too


You can do better than that, can't you? :lol:

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:P I wanna be your friend because runescape rocks' date=' and we used to be the most awesomness clan ever? lol


ps. What level are you on runescape? I remember you used to be like 40[/quote']


We totally owned, none of our members even died during PKs. :lol: (We didn't have any)


I took a break and trained a side account for a month, which got to level 40. Now I'm back on my main, which is a member now, and it's... Well, I may aswell show you... I took these this morning, and I'm ranked on Hiscores for fletching.




Frunk currently has 6 friends. :o

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Your stats are trained exactly like mine. (balanced between str. def. and atk. )


Yeah' date=' pures suck, unless you are a pure, cause it's good for them. :lol:


i have a level 82 account. anyone wanna buy it from me?


I'll give you ALL my points for it. :lol: I'm serious though.

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