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New Sucky Game- I Call It, Count To 20


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This game might be really stupid, and if it is i apologize. The object of the game is to count to 20. EXCEPT different people have to say a number, and if a number is repeated, you must start back at zero. Also, when you say a number, you have to wait for two different people to say a number before you can post another number. i know that probably doesn't make sence. srry if it dont, i tried my best.


e.g. Horus says 0, SomeGuy says 1, Tkill93 says 2, Bastionsgirl says 3, Someguy says 4, BS says 6, Horsus says 7. but if two people post the same number cause they were makin the post at the same time or they're just stupid, you must start over again. There cant be any discussing of whos gonna say the next number on this thread. the only thing that should be on this thread is numbers 0-20.



and just one more thing before you guys say how bad this game sux, i realize it might but i thought i'd try it anyway.

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