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Deck Deck Deck Deck Deck!!!!!!!!

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Ok i have made a deck i need someone to tell me what i should change or add to my deck and i would like a rating for it please.



D. Hero - Dasher

E.Hero - Clayman

E.Hero - Sparkman

Skull-Mark Ladybug


B.E White Dragon

Man-Eater Bug

E.Hero Wildheart

Sage Of Silence

Rapid-Fire Magician

E.Hero Neos

N.Spacian Flare Scarab

The Six Samurai - Kamon

The Six Samurai - Yaichi

The Six Samurai - Zanji

The Six Samurai - Yariza

The Six Samurai - Irou

Sanga of the Thunder

Sage of Stillness

E.Hero Bladedge



Pot Of Greed

Mystical Space Typhoon

Tribute to the Doomed

Monster Reborn

Heavy Storm

Shien's Castle of Mist

Cyclone Blade

Cyclone Boomerangx2

Legendary Ebon Steed



Swift Samurai Storm!

Jar Of Greed

Magic Cylinder

Call of the Haunted

Sakuretsu Armor

Drop Off

Just Desserts

Cemetery Bomb

Negate Attack

D - Counter


Please rate me and leave me tips on how to make it better please thank you.

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