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I have a feeling we're going to be seing a lot of these


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Tribute Monsters


Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder

Cyber Dragon x3



Non-Tribute Monsters


Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus x3

Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth x3

Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger x3

Crystal Beast Emerald Turtle x2

Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat x3

Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle



Spell Cards


Mystical Space Typhoon

Heavy Storm

Rare Value x3

Crystal Blessing x2

Crystal Beacon

Crystal Promise x2

Smashing Ground x3

Premature Burial

Ancient City - Rainbow Ruin x2


Trap Cards


Last Resort

Crystal Raigeki

Call of the Haunted

Mirror Force

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Are some of those from Force of the Breaker or something?



actually, pretty much all of them are.





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I have a suggestion instead of just flooding you with praise for making a deck using new cards. Not that this is bad.


Run Rescue Cat and THREE Amethyst (well, you already are). Since this is a Hamon deck, you'll like that. Its' effect allows you to special summon 2 level 3 or lower Beasts (not Crystal Beasts, BEASTS, as in the monster type) from the deck, which are destroyed at the end of the turn. I don't think I need to elaborate.


As for purchasing or trading a Sapphire Pegasus: its' an ULTRA RARE. Its' worth $30-ish. Be prepared to fork out a bit, in either cards or cash. That really sends me for a loop... all of them are commons, yet the KEY of the deck is Ultra. Until the next few packs, I dunno if Crystal Beasts will see ANY competitive play. Without Sapphire as a Rare or Common, I don't think it'll be a solid decktype.


Also look for Rainbow Ruin on the restricted list next time it rolls around. Basing off the last banlist, I think we'll be getting Chaos Emperor Dragon back next one, along with Snatch unrestricted and Polymerization banned. Ruin is a horribly broken card. It is far too powerful.

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Actually, in your point about getting all of the needed Pegasus cards and Rare Values; I got 3 more Pegasus cards and 3 Rare values for next to nothing, That brings me up to 4 Pegasus cards!



I must disagree with your presumption about Crystal Beasts not getting any competitive play. Although they're kinda combo-centric, their combos are a lot easier to pull off, and are a lot more affective. I wouldn't be surprised to see it top 8 in the next SJC.



I must also argue your choice of unbanned cards. With the release of the Dark Sky Scourge, there is no way they'd bring back a monster with a greater effect, with less of a cost. Also, Snatch Steal, is virtually in every single deck, there's no way they'd make it unlimited. Polymerization isn't all that good, and with tons of cards more powerful than Polymer, I don't see any reason to ban it. I could see Rainbow Ruin being limited to 2 maybe

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Shaco, the last paragraph was a joke. You want me to start using [sAR]? XDDD


I basically meant we lost cards like Last Will and Breaker only to get Snatch unbanned, Sacred Pheonix unlimited and bloody Injection Fairy Lily along with it (but judging by our previous BYOND duel I think you're aware of that.)


As for Top 8'ing SJC. I'm sure there WILL be people who will try it, but as for right now having a draw engine, a destruction card (Crystal Raigeki), Promise, Bless, Guidance and the NEW OTK *shudders* Crystal Abundance, having an OTK, draw engine, field spell and 3 more cards does not constitute a winning decktype in my opinion. When Rainbow Dragon comes out, along with some other support, it'll definitely see more play. As of right now, its' not Top-8 material ON IT'S OWN.


With some hybrid deckmix where some insane genius with nothing better to do pores over it until he's come up with some way to abuse it, it does have a chance.


Oooh, yeah, I just thought of a card. Anteatereatingant is something to playtest.



As for getting your hands on Sapphire and Rare Value, congrats. Traded them, I suppose?

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:oops: sorry, it's just that the first part of your post seemed serious, so I just took the whole thing as your actual opinion.



I think the drawing engine, the almost costless destruction, and the profusion (big word) of support for these cards, will create a winning deck type

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