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They cannot be Normal Summoned OR Set' date=' and they can only be Special Summoned from your hand by tributing 3 Monsters on your side of the field, so no.



What are you talking about.


The God cards can be NORMAL summoned by sacrificing 3 monsters. BUT THATS NOT THE ONLY WAY. If you have a god card in the graveyard you can Special Summoned it from there. Sure, it will only remains on the field until the end of the turn of which it was special summoned, but it's still an alternate way of Summoning a God Card.


They can't be summoned' date=' because they can't be used in duels, duh. I swear, people who still use Gods honestly need to get outside and LIVE THE TRUE GAME![/quote']


On YWCT 2008 you can have one Banned card after 95% of the game is completed.

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That's a game' date=' they're not legal in the actual card game, for gosh sakes! It says "This card cannot be used in a duel" on the card!



WoW. Listen to you. I'm cracking up right now. Ha HA!!:lol:


I don't find the joke really. I find it funny that you play cards that are illegal in both formats.

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Guest Saboooom

My friend hits me with Obilisk all the time.


I want to rip it up so bad. He also stacks his deck...


3 Words:




Sure, the God Cards can be cool for collecting purposes, but NO ONE should use God Cards EVER!




"Why Not, Saboooom?"


Because they are ILLEGAL!!



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