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Mystical Cards Of Light


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on the wikia I chose "Random Page" And got this...
LORE:[i]You cannot use 1 of your Spell & Trap Card Zones. During your Draw Phase, if you control another "Mystical Cards of Light" face-up on the field, you can draw 2 cards instead of 1 for your normal draw.[/i]
Discuss it...
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[quote name='.Kowalski' timestamp='1299861110' post='5066685']
Black Knight Dark is a kind of Monster Mash, abusing Birdman
Not quite.
BKD is more centered around Birdman, while also being primarily DARK, as it also benefits from cards like Ally Genex Crusher for more field controlling.
But of course, it contains a few LIGHTS for chaos Sorcerer shenanigans.

At most, the only non-monster card in the deck is Treacherous Trap Hole.
Since the deck has to be able to abuse Gallis, you want mostly monsters. So your free to run a few Spell/Traps, but you dont really want more then 5.
So in theory, you could run 3 of this in a monster mash.dek for more draw power.
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Am I right in thinking you can choose the same card zone for both copies of this card to be unusable, so you can have 2 other free zones?

Card Trader + Volcanic Shell >>>>>> This simply because both Trader and Shell are usable on their own for when you don't get the combo off. Cards of Light is the definition of dead card when you don't have your combo. Maybe if this card had some payoff the moment you draw them like being able to be placed on field as a quick effect during draw phase and could use the effect at that point.
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