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Pretty sure this had something to do with it:


But it wasn't even that good.
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[quote name='slayer_supreme' timestamp='1300760539' post='5088681']
I think it might have been because of the Soul Absorption stall strategy and the potential to OTK afterward. I can't remember completely why it's at 1.
God, don't remind me of Soul Absorption. A computer in Decade Duels kept using that card with this and Gold Sarcophagus. And gain 5000 Life Points like nothing. And then afterwords, add it to their hand, then Allure of Darkness on it, drawing 2, and gain another 5000. With Messenger of Peace, I was unable to attack over anything. And Gravity Bind made Gren Maju (I think) a Level 3 beatstick that we can't attack back with.
It used an outdated Banlist, so this was at 2 in that game.
The only computers that used this in Decade Duels were named "Nelly", and "H.S.", the most hated computers in that game. Everyone said it, and agreed to it, that H.S and Nelly are horribly ANNOYING to beat.
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