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The Death of Genius


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As you all know about the earthquake & tsunami in Japan a couple days ago, theres been a tragedy of a genius. The Creator of [b][u]"Poke'mon!" [/u][/b] died in japan the other day. I was told this today by a friend of mine. I thought this was baloney, but I read about it.

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First, we already had a thread on this like the day or so after the earthquake. Second, from what I heard, it was a rumor spread around by a bunch of goddamn idiots. He's fine and "in good health". I even think Nintendo and/or Gamefreak said all their staff is fine. So no need to worry.

(Note, this is from what I've heard. Unless more news came out which I haven't heard of, don't even pay me any attention.)
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Why does this man deserve more attention than any other person who died in Japan? If he died at a normal time, fine. Be extra sad for him. But this is a disaster, dammit. He is one man who deserves the same attention as everyone else who died.

Yes, I know he is alive. I just tire of this whole thing abouT "OH NOES! teh creators ov pogeymanz ees daed"

He would be no different than any other who died.

And, yes, I am a fan of Pokemon.
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pokemon really got out of hand after american got a hold of the right to show the american verison of pokemon (there at least a japanese verison and american version)

japanese allow alot more stuff to be air and what they consider "kid stuff" is not consider "kid stuff" in america so the american version was censored edited certain parts taken out
and the change alot of what the characters say

(the above is mainly about the "khanto" pokemon and then the "jhoto" and "honen" parts)

so moral of the story ??? watch the jap version is way way better

so if Satoshi Tajiri's really did died he rolling in his grave RIP Satoshi Tajiri's your version of the first part of pokemon was the best

(im american and i grew up watching the american version so that alot comming form me)
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