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Lenting, anyone?


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Of course it is kind of pointless and the best thing would be to never ever eat animal products/drink alcohol/do anything unneeded again.:3

But the woman over here explained it well:

Everyone is talking about what we should consume in order to be a "better person". If I can afford it, I'll go for organic fairtrade coffee, organic free-range eggs and meat of course...so while riding the wave and going for every cliché of the organic bourgeoisie, I can buy myself free? Why doesn't anyone say: "abstinence helps"? Just consuming a little less... And showing your solidarity with the less fortunate and really doing something for the environment - this can be lenting too. It won't necessarily turn me into a better person, but maybe it can free me from consumer pressure that I don't even recognize as such in my everyday life. And I can re-define my life according to my own personal values. It's worth a try, every year during those 40 days.


At least in my country it's not just a religious thing anymore and many people are doing it, especially car lenting is pretty big here.

[b]So if you're going with the wave, what do you abstain from?[/b]

For me it's mostly alcohol. I don't smoke but I'd include that if I did.:3

I have my phases during the year where I'm living almost entirely vegan (because 100% animal-free never really works, even for someone who thinks he's doing it), sometimes a few days, sometimes weeks and now I'm using the lenting season for that again.=) I do eat dairy products during that time (because I could never go without it for more than 2 weeks =.=), but much less and just in the form of grated cheese on my pasta.

I also don't buy any cosmetic products during that time (yeah that's my dirty habit) and try to finish at least 10 open tubes lying around.

So aaaaanyone else?=D
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I'm obviously not Christian or Catholic or whoever lents now, but back when I used to go to a Catholic private school (granted, this is when I was like five), they used to always force me to do something for lent. And seeing as my dad is Christian (or Catholic, whatever), and seeing as I was a five-year-old who didn't know about atheism, I always complied.

However, I was a sneaky little boy, and I would always tell my teachers that I gave up ice cream for lent. Which worked out perfectly, because everyone thought that I loved ice cream, when in fact I would rarely eat it. So I gave up something that I didn't even eat that often anyways.

Yeah, but I don't lent anymore. People in my school gave up like meat and stuff, which is kind of weird, because everyone in my school don't like no vegetarians. Huh. I know one kid who gave up video games, but I thought lent was related to consumable items, like food and drink. Whatever, as if I honestly care.
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Wow, do some people have a hard time reading or what?>_>

Lenting started off as a religious tradition but it's not about proving your faith (anymore and I doubt that it ever was). The woman I quoted doesn't seem very "religious" either but she's doing it as a kind of...reviewing your daily routines and re-defining yourself and what you want.

Entirely pointless, I don't think so, because it's mostly for you. If you try to live vegan just for a while, it can be pretty pointless, but you can try and see if it works for you. Even if you go back to using your car everyday after it, the days that you didn't use it count.

Bah I'm not realling caring about the whole lenting season but just wondering if other people were trying to abstain from something for while.

I rack discuprine so I often try to do something even though I can never carry it through.=D I already slipped back 2 or 3 times but it gives me something to work for.
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[quote name='PikaPerson01' timestamp='1301187818' post='5099076']

On-topic though, you're supposed to give up something you do everyday or something you enjoy doing for lent, not something you never do anyway. Just sayin'.

[s]Screw the rules I have money![/s]

Fine then. I'll give up MW2 and play more BO :D

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