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(Digging up old topics!)


Yeah, I decided to dig this up because I started playing again, I'm now level 20 and I have a pretty awesome Dragon with 9 points in Mage.


(Here's some info on my dude)


Level: 20

Class: Mage

Gender: M

Race: Human

Gold: 12156

Dragon Amulets: 0

Created: 8/9/2006 7:29:00 AM

Founder: 0





Aeris PvP Trophy

Elemental Essence

Defender's Medal

Dragon Chow

Ring of the Keep

Wings of The Hundred Flames

Thursday's Cape

Thursday's Belt

Thursday's Necklace

Thursday's Hat


Battlespire Novice Staff

Clouded Deathgem


Rod of Reflection

Flamestone Staff

Superior Luster

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I used to play adventure quest. dragon fable' date=' and runescape. I hate them all. sorry



To me, they're all easy to get into, but once you lose your focus on the game for a second, you realize that they're repetitive and pretty boring.


For me, they're really only good in short doses.

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(sry for double posting)


Who here is participating in the war?


I've done over 120 waves and I've only gotten 1 unlucky doom essence (Although it isn't much use since I don't have any kind of Doom Weapon, I'm poor T_T)


Anyways there's only 12% left. So I really hope it will be done by the morning.

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