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Sorcery wars


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If this is supposed to be in fan-fic then by all means move it, but the only relation this has to Yugioh is the card game element.


Anywho, this is a game I've created myself, based loosely off Yugioh but with an entirely different set of rules altogether, unfortunaly they're on my brother's laptop so I can't show you, for now I can only show you the anime I've been writing for it...


Episode 1:


A small village sat in a valley underneath a bright blue sun. The people in it would usually be farming, selling, buying or raising their children. But at the moment everyone was in utter panic. They were running in and out of the houses trying to get out of the city. A man and a girl ran down a street, the girl tripped and fell down and the man stopped and turned around, then gazed up in horror unable to move.

The giant foot of some reptilian creature crushed a house down the street. The man looked up and saw it was a massive grey dragon as tall as a skyscraper, it roared menacingly. On the other side of the village a large round robot with mechanical arms and flew into the air on a jet pack; it was much smaller than the dragon. The dragon opened its mouth a blast of fire flew from it obliterating anything that stood in its path and hitting the robot blasting it away. The man and the girl covered their faces in vain and yelled in pain as the fire enveloped them along with half the city. The attack left a smoldering crater that left the city in ruins, the few survivors gazed up in horror at the dragon.


?Take that!? Kai said ?moon dragon versus android #1, you?re toast?

It was a normal Monday afternoon by most standards, school had just finished and Kai and his friends were playing a popular card game known as sorcery duelers, the basic aim of the game being to take out all of your opponent?s treasure cards. Kai was about medium height but very thin with brown hair that went down to his shoulders at the back with a pair of sunglasses on his head to top it off. The boy opposite him was at least 6 foot, black hair and large muscles, almost a complete opposite of Kai.

?Your move Bane,? Kai said ?you?d better make it a good one.?

?Hey I taught you this game,? Bane said ?I always have a card up my sleeve or in this case in my deck.?

He placed his hand on the deck set to one side and drew a card. He smiled and put it down on the field.

?Try this on for size,? he said ?Cyber dragon.?

The card had a picture of a black robotic dragon, along with its stats which were offense; 1900, defense; 1500 and health; 1000. It also had its card primary type and secondary type, which were cyber and dragon (hence the name). It also had its celestial alignment (Mars) and its ability. The card on Kai?s field was the moon dragon. Its offence was 1800, its defense was 1500 and its health was at 2000, it was a dragon type aligned with the moon.

?Come off it there?s no way you could defeat moon dragon with that thing,? Kai said ?you need to do some research.?

?Tough luck,? Bane said ?I activate Cyber dragon?s special ability, by discarding a cyber monster from my hand, its bye, bye moon dragon.?

?What!? But he?s my favorite card!? Kai said.

?You snooze, you loose,? Bane shrugged ?by the way I?m attacking your last treasure card, you lose again.?

?Man, what am I doing wrong?? Kai said ?I play all my best cards.?

?Well you could try activating their abilities.? Bane said ?each card has an effect that can turn the duel around in a tight spot, it can give newbie?s a chance for a proper game.?

?Now you tell me,? Kai said looking at his moon dragon ?hey, he gets 500 points for every moon aligned creature in play, that?s good?

?Yeah,? Bane said ?but my decks mostly machine creatures, they?re mainly aligned with mars. You need some more undead in your deck to power up moon dragon.?

?All I got is this mystic ghost.? Kai said ?and he?s aligned with Venus.?

?Who cares about Venus? Bane said.

There were 3 other people in the room with them too who had been sitting quietly watching, Sara, Liz and Matt; Matt was about the same height as Bane but he wore glasses and had short brown hair, Liz was shorted than Kai but much older and had dark brown hair down to her shoulders and wore mostly black and Sara was tall, with long brown hair and a blue top that she wore all the time, the collar nearly came up to her chin and was creased in several places.

?Well what other surprises have you got in that deck of yours Kai?? Matt asked ?perhaps Orion himself??

?Nope.? Kai said ?Not a sausage.?

?Come on, like you could get Orion in one starting deck? Bane said.

?Well let?s go,? Sara said ?Watching Bane kicks your butt?s entertainment enough for one evening, plus its miles for me to walk home, see ya?

Kai packed up his bag and followed her muttering a quick ?see ya? to the rest.

?Do I really look that bad?? He asked.

?Um, yes.? Sara said ?from what I?ve seen you?ve been creamed by all of us.?

?Well, what can I do?? Kai asked.

?Tell you what,? Sara said ?there?s a game shop on my way home, just opened yesterday, I couldn?t wait to see what it was like, and we could take a look on the way home.?

?Sure okay,? Kai shrugged ?anything to improve.?

They walked out of the school and started down the street.

?Wonder if I?ll ever be a good player,? Kai said.

?You act like it?s life and death,? Sara said ?you shouldn?t take it so seriously you know, it?s only a game. It?s not as though you?ll need to fight for all our lives or anything like that right.?

?I suppose so,? Kai said ?but when I duel it feels so real to me.?

?Dude it?s only bits of card and fancy pictures,? Sara said ?there?s not another world where the monsters are really fighting each other.?

They passed down the street where the shop stood. It had a dark blue front with a black door and a large window adorned with posters, the font seemed unearthly and alien.

?The world of games,? Kai read ?modest aren?t they.?

?Completely,? Sara said ?come on.?

She pushed the door and it opened with a chime.

?Hello!? Sara called ?anybody home? Yo cheap shots I?m talking to you!?

Kai noticed that the counter was made of glass and there was an assortment of rare cards on the stands, all with price tags on. There were also shelves with booster packs for multiple card games and starter decks and even Role play games here and there.

?This place gives me the creeps.? Kai said.

Behind the counter were a few unopened boxes and a doorway covered by beads. A man walked through it.

?Good afternoon.? He said ?welcome to the gaming world.?

The man was tall, taller even than Bane and Matt. He had white hair down past his shoulders and dark eyes. But his voice was slow and charming.

?You may call me Kaiza, it?s my surname.? He said.

?Nice to meet you Mr. Kaiza,? Kai said ?how much are the boosters??

?About ?1.20 each,? Kaiza said ?very cheap.?

?Fair enough,? Kai said picking two up ?I?ll take these then.?

?Thank you.? Kaiza said taking the money.

Kai opened the first one and looked through it.

?Let?s see,? he said ?Trubuter looks rubbish?

?On the contrary he?s a very useful card,? Kaiza said ?Tributer?s special ability allows you to sacrifice him to summon a guardian that can only be special summoned regardless to what it says.?

?Nice,? Kai said reading the card ?small is powerful, as if.?

?You?ll see,? Kaiza said ?look at the rest.?

?Okay,? Kai said ?let?s see, Cerberus puppy? And Evolution? Man Evolution doesn?t even have an effect.?

?It goes with the Cerberus puppy,? Kaiza said ?Cerberus Puppy is an evolution guardian card, after it?s on the field alongside evolution for 1 turn you may summon adult Cerberus, and that has the same effect, the chain goes on to summon great Cerberus and ancient Cerberus.?

?Yeah,? Kai muttered ?first I have to actually get the, whoa!?! That?s too good to be true!?

?What is it?? Sara asked.

?I?ve just got the entire Cerberus chain in one pack,? Kai said ?that?s gotta be the luckiest thing ever.?

?Nice,? Kaiza said ?now look at the other pack.?

?Sure, okay,? Kai said opening the other ?hm, Skeleton angel. It controls all undead type cards on the field get in there.?

?And?? Kaiza said.

?And, Shadow knight, Sword of Orion, Skull, Reforge and shroom? Kai said ?hey, the sword of Orion?s good?

?Rare card,? Sara said ?it?s even shiny.?

?Oh yeah,? Kai said holding it up to the light ?hey Kaiza you give pretty good cards.?

?Thank you,? Kaiza said ?but it wasn?t me who gave them to you.?

?Huh? What do you mean by that?? Kai asked.

?The cards chose you,? Kaiza said ?they have souls of their own and ensure that they get into the hand of their destined owners.?

?Please,? Kai said ?cards are placed randomly in the packs.?

?Maybe,? Kaiza said ?bit odd though that you got the entire Cerberus evolution ladder in one booster pack and a very rare and powerful card too.?

?Er yeah,? Kai said ?well you?re a nutter but at least you give good cards, see ya.?

?Wait a moment,? Kaiza said.

Kai stopped with his hand on the doorknob.

?If you come by Saturday, then I may be able to show you what I mean,? Kaiza said ?and bring the rest of your friends too.?

?Huh? How?d you know about them?? Kai asked.

?I?ll tell you, on Saturday,? Kaiza said.

Sara and Kai exited the shop.

?What do you suppose he meant by that?? Kai asked.

?No idea,? Sara shrugged ?we?ll probably find out next Saturday.?

?Man, I can?t wait that long.? Kai said.


The next say after school Kai and Sara told the rest about the new game shop and what Kaiza had said.

?He sounds like a nutter.? Matt said sitting backwards on a chair.

?He was,? Kai said ?completely barmy, he gives good card though.?

?Well why don?t we go there now!? Bane said.


?The sooner we find out the better,? Bane said ?and it?ll be way more crowded on Saturdays.?

?He?s got a point,? Liz said.

?I suppose so,? Kai said ?wonder why he said Saturday anyway.?

They got up and walked out of the classroom and out of the school onto the streets.

?It?s weird,? Kai said ?he said those cards were destined for me, that they chose to be with me.?

?He was a nutter.? Matt reminded him.

?Yeah,? Kai replied ?but I can?t help feeling, all those good cards in only one booster. It?s too much to be chance.?

?We?ll worry about your good luck later.? Bane said ?right now we have some nutters to meet.?

They came up beside the shop and looked in.

?Looks okay to me,? Matt said ?let?s take a look.?

They entered the shop along with the tinkle of the bell.

?Er, hey Kaiza!? Kai called ?little early but the place?ll be swarming at weekends.?

Kaiza emerged from the back room.

?Quite right,? he said ?you must be an eager leaner.?

?Er, I do stay awake in history class a little longer than everyone else,? Kai said ?but what were you going to show us??

?Follow me.? Kaiza said going into the back room.

Kai looked up at the others and shrugged, they walked passed the counter and into the room at the back. It was dark and dusty and shelves filled the spaces, a door at the back closed.

?He must be in there,? Kai said ?come on.?

They walked through the door and stared in awe at the sight, it looked like a coliseum, large and gold with an arena in the middle.

?Wow,? Bane said ?what do you use this place for??

?Dueling,? Kaiza answered.

?With this must wasted space?? Matt said ?you should stick to tables man.?

Kaiza chuckled under his breath.

?The way I duel is different to yours Mathew,? he said ?let me show you, Kai if you?ll kindly stand over there.?

He indicated the other end of the arena.

?Sure okay,? Kai said standing at the spot Kaiza had indicated ?now what??

Kaiza positioned himself at the other end of the arena.

?Now we duel,? he said.

?What? This far apart?? Kai said ?dream on.?

?Believe me,? Kaiza said ?this will blow you away, quite literally?

Kaiza produced a deck of sorcery dueler?s cards from his pocket and outstretched his arm.

?This is the magic I was talking about,? he said.

He let go of the cards, a purple aura floated around them and they remained in mid air.

?Hey, how are you doing that?? Kai said.

?I told you,? Kaiza replied ?magic, now draw your deck and let?s duel.?

?This has got to be a trick.? Bane said.

?Yeah I know what it is,? Matt said ?your cards are on strings aren?t they, there?s no way they?re floating on their own.?

Kaiza smiled and waved his hand over the deck, they didn?t move.

?No strings,? he said ?and no trick, I assure you this is all quite real, now are you going to duel or what??

Kai reached into his pocket and took his cards out.

?Well how do they stay up?? He said ?some kind of spell??

?The cards have will of their own,? Kaiza said ?they will float by themselves?

Kai put his arm out and let go of his deck, a blue aura surrounded them, they wobbled for a second but soon stopped and remained suspended in mid air. Kai stared at them in awe.

?How am I doing that?? He asked.

?The cards are destined for you,? Kaiza said ?that is the same magic that keeps them aloft, now?

Kaiza drew 5 more cards from his pocket and showed them to Kai.

?Produce 5 treasure cards to begin the game,? he said.

?I know how to play,? Kai said pulling out his 5 treasures ?although I?ve never played like this.?

?Don?t worry,? Kaiza said ?you?ll get used to it in due time.?

?What do I do now?? Kai asked.


Kaiza threw the card out, they scattered and then glowed forming into real life treasures taller than Kaiza, they were golden hemispheres with three legs coming from the top, curving and joining above in a triangle keeping aloft a large purple sphere, the rest of the treasure was dotted with other purple gems here and there.

?What on earth?? Kai stammered.

?Do what I did Kai,? Kaiza said ?soon you will learn to play the game like it was meant to be played.?

?What do you mean?? Kai asked.

?For generations this game has been played in a variety of ways,? Kaiza explained ?a card game is only its most recent development, once upon a time, in another world entirely dark sorcerers, known as the toon keepers, used real monsters, real magic, and real fights to win one another?s magical items, know as the toon treasures, the fights destroyed whole cities, mountains crumbled and the very earth itself has never recovered, that world was scared beyond recovery and nothing will ever repair it; But these sorcerers then traveled to our dimension using their magic, their strongest magician known as Chaotira the darkened one, had used a magic able to let him travel between the different worlds, he cast a curse upon the world. As for the rest of the toon keepers, they tapped into their magic and created this game in so many new ways. So Chaotira helped them to use his power to cross dimensions and they returned to that dimension, but they?ve left their mark on this world. Now because of them every duel has been perfectly real, Kai, but I think this one is experienced first hand.?

?There?s another world where the monsters are really fighting? Sara said ?oh the irony.?

?You mean the monsters are real?? Kai said ?man you are a nutter, a clever nutter but still a nutter?

?Just throw in your treasure cards and let?s begin!? Kaiza ordered.

Kai glared at him and scattered his treasure cards, they mimicked Kaiza?s only his shone with blue gems rather than Kaiza?s with purple gems.

?You don?t expect me to believe all that nonsense about this game being real do you?? Kai said defiantly.

?I think the evidence it clear,? Kaiza replied ?for you can see the treasures are real, but the best is yet to come.?

?Fine,? Kai said ?I?ll go along with it for now until I work out what you?re really up to or weather or not this is a dream.?

?Ready to play?? Kaiza asked drawing 6 cards ?I?ll go first and summon this card. Horned beast tiger!?

Kaiza threw the card onto the field past the treasure cards, it lit up and transformed into a black tiger with a scar across one eye and a pair of horns growing from its head.

?Oh man,? Kai said ?this is all just a dream, it?s gotta be.?

?Is it?? Kaiza said ?or isn?t it? Show him the truth; Horned beast tiger attack his treasure!?

The tiger leapt forwards ramming its horn into the first of Kai?s treasures, it cracked and shattered and turned back into a card.

?Real enough?? Kaiza said.

?Hey, you can?t attack on your first turn.? Kai retorted ?even if this is real.?

?On the contrary,? Kaiza replied ?Horned beast tiger attacks on my first turn as long as I discard another card with ?Horned beast? in its name to the graveyard. So I send Horned beast Stallion to the grave.?

Kaiza held up one card, it glowed in his hand and vanished.

?That?s gotta be unfair,? Liz complained ?how does this work anyway? Mirrors??

?It?s no illusion,? Kaiza said ?and now it?s Kai?s turn.?

Kai drew a card from his floating deck.

?There?s got to be a trick to this,? he thought ?but for now do I have any cards that can defeat that thing??

He looked at the cards in his hand.

?Hm, this is another card I got from the booster packs,? Kai thought ?the sword of Orion, hey that sounds familiar?

Kai suddenly remembered that Matt had mentioned Orion, the most powerful deck leader in the game, if this was his sword it was bound to be of some use.

?Well I won?t use it just yet,? Kai thought ?I?ll play a guardian to protect my treasures, it may not be able to defeat that tiger on this turn, but next turn for sure.?

?What?s he doing?? Sara said.

?I think he?s playing a card.? Bane said.

?No, you think.? Matt said sarcastically.

?Fine then,? Kai said ?I figure I?m going nuts but I?ll go through with it for now. Let?s go, I summon Moon Dragon!?

Kai threw the card into play and the giant grey dragon appeared towering to the top of the giant arena, it leered down at the Horned beast tiger.

?Let?s see,? Kai said ?I know moon dust flame attack now!?

The dragon drew in a long breath and then blew fire at the tiger, it recoiled from the attack as its health decreased but it wasn?t destroyed.

?Ah, a moon dragon,? Kaiza said ?a very good card, I?ve got a dragon of my own though?

He drew a card and looked at it.

?Hm, but for now my Horned beast tiger shall attack your moon dragon!? Kaiza said ?horn strike!?

The tiger leapt into the air striking the moon dragon it the chest, it recoiled but wasn?t destroyed.

?Not the brightest of moves that was it? Kai said.

?On the contrary,? Kaiza said ?your dragon?s health has just gone down.?

Kai looked up at the dragon; it seemed more tired than before.

?Well it?s my turn now.? Kai said drawing.

?Moon dragon attack horned beast tiger!? Kai said ?moon dust flame!?

The dragon fired at the tiger again and it collapsed and shrank back into a card. Kaiza clapped slowly.

?Very good,? he said ?the horned beast?s defenses are too low compared to their ultimate attack strength, but my next card has no such flaw! I call upon the dragon soldier?

Kaiza threw the card into play, it glowed and transformed into a small but humanoid dragon with armour and a shield and sword to match.

?And now I?ll play the spell card cloning factory,? Kaiza said ?it allows me to summon two cards from my deck with the same name as my weakest guardian in play, and that?s the dragon soldier?

Two cards floated from Kaiza?s deck and appeared on the field as two more dragon soldiers.

?Ah, and now I?ll activate another spell card, soul infusion!? Kaiza said.

?Uh oh? Kai said.

?By combining the dragon soldiers, I can use this magic card to summon the Hydra soldier!? Kaiza said.

The dragon soldiers appeared to mix together like runny ink and then they vanished in a flash of light, Kai covered his eyes as an armoured dragon with three heads appeared.

?No way!? Kai said.

?And best of all,? Kaiza said ?he can attack twice so long as I have another guardian to sacrifice for it, but seeing as I don?t I?ll just destroy the moon dragon?

?Oh no!? Kai said.

?Go Hydra soldier, attack!? Kaiza ordered ?triple blast attack!?

The hydra fired three bolts of purple energy at the moon dragon and it collapsed turning back into a card.

?How am I supposed to beat that thing?? Kai said.

?Well if you think one?s bad, then how about two more?? Kaiza said ?I?ll play another cloning factory spell and summon two more Hydra soldiers?

Two more hydras appeared leering down at Kai.

?Can you stand up to three?? Kaiza said.

?I can try,? Kai said ?those things are strong but everyone knows the strongest card in a deck is the deck leader?

Kaiza raised and eyebrow.

?To start with I?ll summon shadow knight!? Kai said.

A knight in black armour appeared from its card.

?And I?ll also play a spell card and a weapon card,? Kai said ?freeze and the sword of Orion?

One of the Hydra soldiers was suddenly encased in ice and a golden sword appeared in the shadow knight?s hand.

?Now I play the ancient treasure ritual spell,? Kai said ?by discarding on spell, weapon, magic and treasure from my side of the field I can summon my deck leader. Come on out Ancient treasure guardian!?

A bright flash of light appeared, Kaiza covered his eyes and a tall, strong golden knight appeared with jewels encrusted into his armour.

?And to finish off,? Kai said ?I?ll play reforge, allowing me to summon a weapon back from the graveyard, and I choose the sword of Orion and combine it with my ancient treasure guardian, and his offence increases by 1000 for every treasure I still have in play! So now my ancient treasure guardian attacks with golden sapphire slash!?

The ancient treasure guardian leapt forwards and struck one of the hydras; it collapsed and shrank back into a card.

?Yeah I did it,? Kai said ?you?re for it now.?

?Not so,? Kaiza said ?I play my own weapon, triple blast helmet.?

?What?? Kai said.

?I can equip it to my Hydra soldier and once per turn it can use one of three blasts to obliterate one of your treasure cards, and I?ll use the first one now? Kaiza said ?attack!?

A helmet appeared on each of the three heads on the left Hydra, energy charged around the middle head and it let loose taking out one of Kai?s treasure cards.

?Never mind,? Kai said ?I?ll just destroy it this turn.?

?Not so,? Kaiza said ?I summon barrier ghoul.?

A black ghost appeared; it had no legs and a purple outline. Its surface looked like space.

?Big deal,? Kai said ?Ancient treasure guardian attack!?

The treasure guardian leapt for the Hydra with the helmets but the barrier ghoul moved in its way and was cut to ribbons.

?What happened?? Kai asked.

?The barrier ghoul can block one attack made by one of your guardians,? Kaiza said ?guess you can?t destroy him, but just to make sure I?ll equip my other Hydra with triple blast helmets too.?

The first Hydra fired and another of Kai?s treasures was destroyed.

?But my other one can still attack too remember?? Kaiza said ?and that?s just what he?ll do, attack his treasure card now!?

The Hydra fired and the treasure shattered leaving Kai with one left.

?Face it, next turn you?ll be defeated and I shall be victorious,? Kaiza said ?but if you surrender now I?ll spare you the torment.?

?No way,? Kai said ?I never surrender even when the odds are against me, for all you know the winning card could be the next one in my deck, I play treasure map. It allows me to take one of your treasure cards and add it to my set, neat huh??

?This is still a little harsh don?t you think?? Liz said ?first Kaiza freaks him out and then uses a ton of rare cards, this can?t be fair.?

?Well I haven?t lost yet,? Kai said ?I?ll just have to play my best, treasure guardian attack!?

The ancient treasure guardian leapt forwards slicing his sword across the Hydra?s chest, it collapsed and turned back into a card, Kaiza sneered.

?Guess I still got it,? Kai said.

?Maybe,? Kaiza said ?but you?re about to lose your next treasure card, attack!?

The Hydra soldier fired taking out the treasure card leaving only one treasure card left.

?I?ve got to take that thing out,? Kai said ?treasure guardian, attack!?

The treasure guardian leapt forwards and slashed at the Hydra but it wasn?t destroyed.

?Oh no!? Kai said ?my guardian?s too weak; there aren?t enough treasures in play?

?Quite right,? Kaiza said ?now my Hydra can destroy the last one, attack!?

The Hydra fired.

?This is it,? Bane said.

?What happens if he loses?? Sara asked.

?I wish I knew,? Liz answered.

The blast hit and the treasure shattered.

?That?s it,? Kaiza said ?game over.?

He put his hand out but the cards didn?t return.

?What? What?s going on?? He said.

?What?s going on is that you forgot about my treasure guardian?s effect,? Kai said ?while on the field it?s counted as a treasure, spell and weapon as well as a guardian.?

?Hm, I see now.? Kaiza said.

?Now to take out the Hydra permanently,? Kai said ?attack!?

The Hydra collapsed and shrank back into a card.

?Well, it seems I?ve underestimated you? Kaiza said ?so I?ll just have to play to the best I can?

?What? That wasn?t your best?? Kai said.

?No I was holding back because I though this duel would be an easy picking, that wasn?t my best play but this, is!? Kaiza said drawing his next card ?first I summon dark sentinel!?

A large bulk of a monster appeared, it looked like it was made of metal, two red eyes glowed from a helmet and its muscles were about the same size as its body.

?Now I will also play this spell card know only as blacksmith?s spy,? Kaiza said ?it allows me to mimic one weapon in play, and guess what I choose.?

?Oh dear.? Kai said ?the sword of Orion?

?Correct, Kai, and now my sentinel is powered up by 4000!? Kaiza said ?more than enough to destroy your guardian, attack!?

The sentinel ran forwards punching the treasure guardian and slamming him into the wall; several cracks spread deep into the stonework and Kai?s ancient treasure guardian collapsed and shrank back into a card.

?No, I lost.? Kai muttered.

The cards floating in mid air next to him lost their aura and fell to the ground but Kaiza?s returned to his hand. Kai pick up all his cards.

?Well see you around,? Kai said ?nice illusion, you really had us all going for a second.?

?It?s no illusion,? Kaiza said.

He raised his hand and the door closed and locked itself.

?Hey!? Sara said ?let us out!?

?Remember I said this would blow you away?? Kaiza said ?well, it will. Wormhole?


The ground beneath Kai?s, Sara?s, Liz?s, Bane?s and Matt?s feet began shaking and cracking.

?What?s going one?? Kai said ?more magic??

?Correct,? Kaiza said ?and this one is played directly on you, you?ve lost our game, so now I?m sending you to the world where the monsters dwell.?

?What, you can?t do that.? Matt said.

?I just have,? Kaiza said ?I?m sending you to meet your destiny.?

The ground collapsed revealing a dark void beneath them; they fell down into the darkness below them. Kaiza walked to the edge of the hole.

?Enjoy the world of games,? he said and laughed ?and say hi to the other toon keepers for me.?


Constructive critisism only please.....

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