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Wish Corruption


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How many of us have seen those programmes where one person gets a wish-granting genie or djinn or whatever, and the person wishes for their wildest dream, money? The genie snaps his fingers and the person realises he has just stolen from a bank. He tries to hide the money, but fails. He is sentenced to a lifetime in prison, and the lamp is passed to someone else, thus repeating the cycle.

In Wish Corruption, you are the both the djinn/genie and the wisher.
An example:I wish for an omlette.

Next Person:You burn your fingers. Maybe you should have wished for a plate as well.

I wish for an unlimited amount of time for my project.

Something like that.
Right, I'll go first.

I wish I had the jumping abilities of a frog.
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[quote name='Paint Thinner For Blood' timestamp='1310125869' post='5337654']
you should have wished for a guillotine, it's a quicker solution

i wish for solid potatoes.
You should have wished for them to be a little softer, you'll never eat those brick like potatoes.

I wish I had more money.
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[quote name='ƒ Spaz ƒ' timestamp='1310146436' post='5338126']
Granted. The next pack will completely destroy that balance.
I wish everything in the world was shiny AND I was wearing sunglasses.

You get radiation sickness from all of the shiny radioactive things.

I wish I was a pokemon.
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