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[Anime] Brass Devil Meromero Melody

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Kazuki Takahashi!!!
You know those Xyz Monsters Yuma has been collecting for the past 20+ episodes?!?
Yuma has #17! That's the only Rank 3 he should need, unless he wants to use his opponent's monsters against them, in which case, he uses #34!
Thank ZONE he is using #61 next duel!!!

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Seriously, this is what Yuma should've done:
1. Use his Gagaga pair to summon #17.
2. Use G-Girl's effect to make Red King's ATK 0, then detach an XM from #17 to give #17 +500 ATK.
3. Attack Red King. (Hosaku: 1400 LP)
See? Now, Yuma has field advantage!
Also, another question:

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His opponent was obviously drunk or high of too many vegetables.

And, once again, why did this super secret amazing lodge deck come with these stupid Music Xyzs?

It's really sad that they refuse to let Yuma use most of his Numbers and now even refuse to let him use one of the two they actually let him use. He also never summons Terror Byte even though he actually considers it.

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Hi guys, anyone remember us?


We're coming back in Xyz form, and it makes no sense at all.

The entire band will never be seen again once we FINALLY get back to an actual plot and Numbers start to reappear.

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