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If you could Ponify any Anime...


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...which would it be?

I got some Fanfic inspiration, thus this.

Well, its basically replacing every single character in an anime with MLP FiM characters, or simply turning them all into Ponies 4 teh lulz.

Me... I'd go for Fairy Tail.
Natsu: Twilight
Happy: Spike (Remember, Spike is always either Twi's pet, slave, or familiar. If applicable)
Lucy: Pinkie Pie
Gray: Rainbow Dash. Although I probably said that twice now...
Erza: Rarity. Duh
[s]Mirajane: Fluttershy[/s]

Or Hayate the Combat Butler
Nagi: Twilight, duh
Hayate: Spike (See above)
Maria: Owlicious (Twilight's OTHER slave, thus a candidate.)
Hina: Rarity (I support Hinahaya, thus Rarity)
Yukiji: Sweetie Belle
Hina's [s]slaves[/s]Student Council Trio: Rainbow Dash, Applebloom, Scootaloo.

And the rest. I can't fit Applejack anywhere...

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Tsukune: Twilight
Moka: [s]Fluttershy[/s] Rarity
Yukari: Pinkie Pie
Kurumu: [s]Rarity[/s] Fluttershy
Mizore: Applejack
Ruby: Night Mare Moon/Princess Luna
Gin: Rainbow Dash
Kokoa: Sweetie Belle
Kou: Spike (Now he's Sweetie Belle's slave)

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[quote name='madchurro' timestamp='1321500609' post='5647906']
Probably some sort of mecha manga like Gundam, Zoids, or others.
Seeing their hooves on the control panels would be comedy in itself.


My hawn, is teh hawn....

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