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[quote name='AggroDrago' timestamp='1321063151' post='5633975']
Talk to Reina Soho, [size=6][b]she's[/b][/size] a very dominant user on the wikia (YRPOtaku)
[quote name='AggroDrago' timestamp='1321064605' post='5634015']
I see [size=5][b]him[/b][/size] in the RP section more than anywhere.

Um... Yeah... Just pointing out your mistake there I'm sure you can figure it out yourself.

Wiki is useless, unless it can be moderated well.

Even then who in there right mind would want to read articles about members that will just talk themselves up or make themselves better than other members? (besides themselves and their friends of course)

I'd rather see it be used for good cards that were created by members, and then those members could have an article written about them with inside interviews on how they made the card (or cards depending on how many featured cards they've made), what ideas they thought of when making the card or cards, how their cards could be used in the actual game etc.

It's a lot better than having all of us write pointless articles about ourselves that's for sure.

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