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Flame Dragon

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[quote name='burnpsy' timestamp='1321221736' post='5638665']
The only reason I'm considering buying this is for Phoenix Wright. Needless to say, that puts it way near the bottom of the list of stuff I need to buy.
Phoenix is cool. He has a very special playstyle and is the type of character you need to back up with the right assists. From what i've seen Haggar and Doom make solid teammates for him.

And yea, with so many big games coming up, you have a lot of things going after your money. Nice that it is only $40 though.

[quote name='Βlack Knight' timestamp='1321222319' post='5638690']
I like how Wright's Level 3 is the strongest Hyper Combo in the game.
I think Vergil's level 4 is just as strong.

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