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Best Zelda Villain?


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I'd have to give it to Ganon/dorf. Not only is he literally the King of Evil, he's the only one who ever has anything to do with the Triforce, and while Link has beaten every single villain (unless you suck at Zelda games), Ganon/dorf just keeps coming back. Also, in Wind Waker when he finally reveals his legit reason for trying to take over Hyrule, it makes him more sympathetic and likable.


And let's not forget:






I mean, how many times can a guy get stabbed like that?


Plus, he's a clone of Captain Falcon, so that automatically makes him the best.

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Guest Clear Vice Dragon

Um, Ganon? Isn't he like the only one?



I mean really, who's his competition, Zant? lol




Dark Link


Chancellor Cole and Malladus

That aforementioned guy who I have no idea who he is since I don't know much about Skyward Sword at the moment.

The above are the villains who worked on their own without being involved with Ganon (technically, Vaati worked with Ganon in Four Swords Adventure, but he did become his own in Minish Cap).

My personal vote goes to Vaati, as of now.

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Ganondorf is just only the king of evil when he wields the Triforce of Power. Without it, he's nothing but a sorcerer (albeit he is a powerful sorcerer, but not enough to beat the other villains). Most of the other villains, however, don't need outside power to be evil.

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I rather liked Majora. Sure he himself only had a few direct lines of dialogue at the very end, but it was creepy as f***. And he was manipulating the Skull Kid the entire game and caused all this f***ed up s***.


But, I have to give it to Ganondorf. Wind Waker Ganondorf to be specific. Sure he had been a rather generic villain in previous games, but in WW he actually had quite a bit of character development. And I actually felt bad for him a little bit. Also WW's final boss fight was just absolutely amazing in every way.

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